Looking for female piano teacher at sengkang/ punggol

Hi Cathy,

I would like to recommend my gal's piano teacher. She was recommended by a mummy here too & I am pleased with her teaching. She seldom cancel lesson & quite responsible. Full-time with more than 10yrs teaching experience. She has home studio at sengkang. My gal is in Gr4 now. Her number 93635011 Ms Tan. :)
Hi Cathy

I'm Cheryl, a female private piano teacher who has taught for over 7 years. I have a Diploma in Piano Performance from London College of Music. I love teaching kids and have a wide range of students from 5 year old to 45 year old adults. I am well-versed in teaching ABRSM exam from my many years of experience and I can recommend you good, affordable piano brands to buy too (better than Yamaha based on my opinion) as I have tried almost every brand available in Singapore.

I can travel to your place but rates will be cheaper at my place in Yio Chu Kang estate area near Greenwich V and also near Seng Kang. Please contact me at 91706853 via whatsapp or sms.

In June, I will be hosting a piano concert for my students as well.
In early 2019, I am shifting house to Highpark residence, located at Thangam Seng Kang area.
Any mummies living in Highpark residence looking for piano teacher, contact me at 91706853.

I am also currently teaching in The Topiary as Twin Waterfalls.

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Hi, i am a female teacher with years of teaching experience in teaching piano and music theory for young students and adults who are keen to learn piano for leisure on a flexible schedule.
  • Beginners to graded ABRSM practical and theory exams

  • Piano lessons in Punggol / Sengkang / Eastern side of Singapore or teach at my humble home in Punggol Walk on an upright grand piano, air conditioning included.

  • Do PM me for further enquires on rates and available slots.
I was a student of Evelyn Lim from Sengkang, fun with bach. Evelyn has a lot of positive reviews on google which I have found puzzling. I have no choice but to post my review here as it has been deleted on her google review, and I witnessed another ex-student's one star review being deleted as well.

Contrary to the other reviews you may see on google, my experience with Evelyn was objectively less enriching and enjoyable. (Do take note, this was my experience, and not everyone would have had the same negative experience) I was her past student and was a child when this happened.

Her teaching style focuses solely on grades and did not make piano a fun experience for me. Some of the reviews would describe her as “strict”. However, that to me would be an understatement. She is far from being a flexible teacher. I recall going back home from every lesson crying, dreading going to her lessons, and the countless screams (She would scream almost every lesson and wake the whole HDB block. I’m not even joking; I think her neighbours at the time could attest to that). She would often insinuate that I had a low IQ and EQ in my face *as a child*, which I have come to believe could merely be a reflection of her own insecurities. In addition, academics seemed to be (too) important to her. For example, she would say “the girl previously was from XX JC, you know that’s not a good JC?”, “I was from XX JC, you know” and would proceed to ask you about your grades.

To make matters worse, it seemed I wasn’t the only child unfortunate enough to have these experiences. Crying was far from uncommon, and I would often witness the previous students crying as well (all of them were kids). Furthermore, she would humiliate these children by telling the subsequent students why they cried, and criticised and compared them by their abilities.

As mentioned, this was my personal experience and perhaps, my piano playing skills were unable to match her (arguably unreasonable) expectations. However, this did not warrant the traumatic experiences I had experienced in her classes as a child. Perhaps if your child is gifted or if you are able to pick up playing the piano quickly, you would be suited for her classes as she does emphasize on piano achievements.

Just like the music she teaches, I find it rather artistic how she was able to affect the mood of the lessons which fluctuated in dramatic crescendoes, and how her voice had always proven to be a superior instrument when she stretched it to its maximum capacity against her underaged students. Alas, in hindsight, I might have seen more productive results had my parents paid her to give me vocal lessons instead of piano ones.

Note; I am not comfortable with revealing my identity due to the anxiety of the traumatic experiences I faced. However, there are 2 things I can suggest to improve the credibility of my statement.
1. The neighbours living around might be able to prove the traumatic experiences that the children went through, such as the screaming.
2. I do have a certificate from ABRSM that Evelyn had taught me, with her full name on it. If she permits, I will leave my certificate up here on this forumn.
As mentioned, I have left google reviews on her website demanding accountability or at least an apology, but my reviews were constantly removed.
Hi Liang Xuan and public,

I would like to make it clear that these are our own personal experiences and experiences may vary. And let me emphasize this; my experience under Evelyn was traumatising. I daresay that my experience with her was abusive and i hope the neighbours can testify.

Evelyn has deleted both of our reviews on google reviews with no accountability or apology for the events that has taken place. I am not sure if i am the only one that has experienced the arguably, psychological child abuse faced during her lessons. From my own observations, (i can't guarantee) there may be a possibility that other children might have been victims of her tyrannical beast-like vocalizations (screaming) and odd dispositions of Evelyn (scolding children if they turn the tap in the toilet too much without telling them nicely, etc).

If there are any other students out there that has faced similar situations, i would urge you to write your story here. At the same time, like what Liang Xuan has mentioned, we urge you to think twice before joining her services.
That was exactly how she taught me as well. I found her teaching to be extremely inflexible and methodological as well. I really think inflexible is the key word here, and she values working hard not working smart.

When i was with her she was obsessed with grades and perfection. She would also give me side reading to practice at home, like normal piano pieces. If i dont get it perfect, there would be an immediate scolding/shouting/she would even shame me infront of the next students. I also noticed that a lot of children cry during her classes, so i was wondering why she had a perfect 5 star review on google. Until she deleted both of our 1 star review.

I'm going to just say that her lessons are not the fun/enriching kind of lessons for me and i suppose, for you as well. For me, she's there only for the exams and she doesnt care about the process of learning. I hated the piano after lessons with her.

Overall, she was a very odd teacher and i had an extremely bad experience. I would say kudos to you, liang xuan, for leaving early and not wasting more money.
Hi, Liang Xuan. I'm so sorry about your experience. I can completely empathise with you because this was my exact experience as well. You have made the right decision to leave and i am glad your mum is supportive of your decision. I hope you can find a good teacher that can help you to spark your interest for playing the piano again. Unfortunately, ever since my experience as a student under evelyn lim, i have lost all interest in learning the piano again.

I would 100% agree with you, on what you've said about her teaching style. Just blind memorization + work hard not smart, like a robot regurgitating everything taught. Which is very old-school and depressing.

I must say, I managed to get exemplary abrsm scores under her, but i took 2-3 times longer to learn each grade as compared to my peers because of her perfectionistic tendencies. Along with the exemplary scores came emotional and psychological abuse as well, so....the trauma caused wasn't worth the superficial grade on paper.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get any accountability for what has happened to us and both of our reviews were deleted. I wonder if there are more students that have experienced similar issues...
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To the above poster, hopefully you recover from it and pick up piano again! Its definitely no easy feat on your part to have achieved distinctions in your exams!

I'm just wondering if there are any parents with kids learning other instruments such as violin, trumpet, flute etc and would like to participate in my personal studio year end concert, do pm me!

As a teacher, I hope that my students gets the opportunity to listen and be exposed to other instruments rather than as a solo player which can get a little lonely! Also, not many parents have the luxury of time to bring their little one for concert and recitals, so hopefully by inviting another instrumental player, the kids are able to discover different music playing altogether.

Ideally, the instrumental playing will work on a piece or two with a student of mine, or maybe I myself will be the accompanist. If you would like to explore and have fun as a trio or quartet, its fine by me as well! Practice / rehearsals can be held at my cosy studio in Serangoon.

Do PM me for more details on the YE concert to see if we are able to work anything out! :D