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Kkh private & Subsidised

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by LilyG, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. LilyG

    LilyG New Member

    Hi, just sharing my experience incase anyone out there are still deciding whether to choose under private or subsidised with KKH.

    My first child, I went for subsidised throughout the pregnancy. That was back then in year 2013. Everything was fine, check ups and scanning seems fine for me. So far nothing to complain, especially during the labour process, it took me 12 hours to hang on in the labour ward, no specific gynae, but the midwives are doing a great job assisting. During my pushing period, there are a group of students watching, but they did ask me for permission first (if I remember clearly cos im having my busy moment of pushing there). Overall, from check ups, to labour, I was sent to class b ward ( 6 beds with no air cond ). Still not so bad experience, what's important (especially when you have Budget ), it was all worth.

    Currently I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child. I went to private gynae with Consultant Dr Lee Jiah Min. I have to say that, I don't feel worth paying for it. Total cost for normal repeat check up was $80. Scanning was $130. Blood test was $160plus. Worst, they called me again to retake my blood test (which obviously I have to pay for it again) and for my upcoming next check up in March, I calculated total bill will be close to $400. Well, lets go back to why I said it's not worth paying for. My first check up with my gynae, waited for like an hour, and check up lasted for 5 mins ( cos gynae was in a rush ). So far throughout my 7 months of pregnancy, I only met her twice. Second check up with her, I just decided to change my mind . My Daughter was beside me crying cos she wants to see the baby, and my gynae showed her uneasiness and asking me why is she crying and asked her nurse to carry my girl, and then she kept telling her nurse sorry cos her nurse was also pregnant, making me feel bad throughout.

    Trust me, I believe that during your labour, high chances are your private gynae won't really be there to assist. Oh, and the medical bill exclude your medications as well. So I have decided to change to subsidised, with ( I believe and based on my previous experience) we received a much better and friendlier treatment. ( that's what most of those whom I asked for advice before changing to subsidise told me).

    Not just the bill, but I prefer to feel belong, feel that my gynae will show some concern, not just check n go. And in regards to the blood test, twice ( from first pregnancy and second), I got called twice to retook my blood test . And they gave me the same old reason when they already issued me a card in 2013 ,so I assumed that they purposely do so just for money. ( some of my friends experience the same too).

    Went to poly and ask for a referral letter, now I am waiting for KKH to call me for my next appointment under subsidise. Please take note that if they haven't call you within 3 days, download the apps health buddy on your phone and you will see the updated date of appointment there. Hopefully this time round they will give me a peace of mind. Or probably I chosed the wrong gynae ( I opt for female Gynae). Just sharing !

    FYI: went check up under subsidised on 15/3, total cost-
    1) growth scanning: $59 after subsidised.
    2) consultation: $37 after subsidised.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017

  2. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Yup my wife also change from private to subsidies. Better to do so in case of any complications during later stage of pregnancy which may jack up the cost.
  3. LilyG

    LilyG New Member

    Don't mind me asking, how much does it cost for normal check up or detailed scan for subsidised?
  4. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Normal check up should be around $50 or less. Detailed checks will be about $300+?
  5. marlina90

    marlina90 New Member

    hi all and experienced mummy

    i went for my first gynae visit oso had similar experiences with Dr chen at yishun
    the waiting time is about 45mins to 1 hour and the consultation only 5 mins
    first they rush u to measure height and weight
    then immediately do ultrasounds, tell me the size and weight and told me my baby could be one week smaller based on my last menst date. give me some folic acid and medicine to enlarge baby size aka (an tai yao)
    then the charge is $250
    im changing to subsidised route now, went to polyclinic earlier in afternoon, scheduling to see a doc to take referral letter tmr morning. is it true that if i go by subsidised route at kkh there is no gynae around when i deliver????
    can i opt for normal delivery with epidural jab with this route?

    pls share if u know the info as im keen to find out
  6. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    If not wrong subsidied will be delivered by midwife. But not to worry as there are standby doctor around in case of any emergency.
  7. LilyG

    LilyG New Member

    Hi, my first child was under subsidised as well and yes only midwife will be around, but not to worry too cos midwife are experienced and friendly. I, too have birth natural with epidural, so its possible. If i remember clearly, my overall bill total after subsidised ( deduct From medisave and cpf) is $300 plus.

    I went to poly too to ask for referral letter, pls take note that do call KK to update on ur appointment cos they didnt call me until i called them to ask, and then they informed me. Or u download the apps health buddy on your phone and u can check your appointment date From there. Mine will be next wednesday.
  8. LilyG

    LilyG New Member

    And as for the epidural, they will ask u whether do u want or dont want an epidural, and ask to sign a form if u agreed to have an epidural.
  9. ang13

    ang13 New Member

    Hello Mummies, I was with KKH private for my 1st pregnancy. Thinking of going through subsidised for the 2nd one.

    Does any mummy know if the Panorama test is an option for subsidised patient at KKH? If yes, is there a subsidised rate?

    Thank you very much in advance!
  10. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Im with kkh private patients since 2013 n i like kkh service. N my gynae of coz
  11. Rine_YM

    Rine_YM Member

    Hi dear , can share your experience post delivery in kkh? U stayed in which ward? Are the nurses attending to you nice?
  12. ang13

    ang13 New Member

    I feel so bad for answering this so late. You probably already got your answer.
    I was like you with KKH private for #1. Went through subsidised for #2, just to do all the tests.

    There is indeed subsidised rate for Panorama test. They absorb GST as well for subsidised. Inclusive of the other blood tests and the First Trimester screening (part of Oscars), bills come up to about $660.
  13. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    I stayed in ward 81 room 25 the nurses are nice. O feel they are friendly n attentive to you.

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