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KKH Gynae Recommendation

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Leia Pan, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Leia Pan

    Leia Pan New Member

    Hello mummies, i just found out i am pregnant not long ago. Can anyone recommend any kkh gynae?

  2. newbiemom55

    newbiemom55 New Member

    Popular ones at KKH who are highly recommended by people around me are Dr John Tee, Dr CK Khoo.

    I am currently seeing Dr CK Khoo.
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  3. tirameesu

    tirameesu New Member

    Hi @newbiemom55 Could you please share your experience with Dr. CK Khoo? Thanks!
  4. newbiemom55

    newbiemom55 New Member

    Hi @tirameesu,

    Dr CK Khoo is a very jovial and confident guy. However, since he has a lot of patients, his waiting time is a few hours although I am seeing him as a private patient.
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  5. kat.chan

    kat.chan New Member

    Hi newbiemom55
    Can you pls enlighten me e est charges(bill) per consultation at TPS with dr khoo?
    Heard consultation n scanning are charged separately?
    Can i hav an avg bill say, consultation scanning n mayb some vitamin?
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  6. newbiemom55

    newbiemom55 New Member

    Hi @kat.chan,

    I just had my last consultation with Dr Khoo @ TPS.

    I was charged $92 for consultation @ TPS.

    As for the scan done by AMC, I was charged $66.

    Normal urine/weight test came up to $13.

    The 3 basic vitamins amounted to $42.20.

    All in all, I paid about $220 plus after GST...

    Hope this helps. :)
  7. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    Mine is jessie phoon
  8. Leia Pan

    Leia Pan New Member

    i didnt sign up package..just random doctors check me. anyone else same as me? or all of you have specific gynae?
  9. Leia Pan

    Leia Pan New Member

    Anyone of you seen by associate consultants at kkh instead of consultants and senior consutants? how are they? are they as good?
  10. MummieT

    MummieT Member

    hello. my last preg i seen Dr Khoo Ck.. this preg i decided to opt for the associate consultant.. My first appt will be next tuesday.. When would be urs?
  11. duffybub

    duffybub New Member

    Hi @Leia Pan & @MummieT, can you share your experience at kkh with the associate doctor and reason for choosing it? I am considering to go for the subsidy plan. May I know if I will be seeing different gynae on my check ups and I won't have a appointed gynae when delivering? They will just assign whoever doctor on duty that day to take the job? Thanks in advance... :)
  12. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    The hospital assigned Dr Daniel Koh from clinic L to us. My wife finds him very friendly and close to patients. I find him OK too..
  13. Josephine23

    Josephine23 New Member

    Mine is Prof Han How Chuan :) He was my gynae for my #1 and I am seeing him for my 2nd pregnancy as well! :)
  14. Jes5e

    Jes5e New Member

    Hihi, can I know the charges for Dr Han How chuan? Understand that his fees are on the high side
  15. susuhalia

    susuhalia New Member

    Hi I had Dr phoon for ivf n quite liked her.. I didn't know she does delivery too. Did you specifically request for her?
  16. Stargirl2015

    Stargirl2015 New Member

    Does KKH gynae prescribe multi vitamin and fish oil supplement during the pregnancy ?
  17. Stargirl2015

    Stargirl2015 New Member

    Hi newbiemom ,

    All the scanning was not done by Dr Khoo in his office ?

    Will like to have him as my gynae, so i need to know more before deciding.
  18. mimi_june

    mimi_june Active Member


    Yes they prescribe obimin and fish oil for you.
  19. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    Dr phoon do delivery. She do c section for me last year july
  20. Kintra

    Kintra Member

    Is there a package for these kkh doctors? Which week does it begin usually?
  21. Daledale

    Daledale Well-Known Member

    I was told no package charged per visit.
  22. zachybaby

    zachybaby New Member

    How is your associate consultant so far? which doctor? i am unsure how good they are as compared to senior consultants/ at the minimum, consultant level
  23. khaika

    khaika New Member

    Hi Angeline so Far how do u Find Dr phoon ? Ok.. how much was ur Bill? She have any Package? Thank u
  24. khaika

    khaika New Member

    Hi Suhaila, u Manage To get Dr phoon as ur doc?
  25. bingqiling

    bingqiling New Member

    Any reviews for Dr Jessie Phoon? Care to share?
  26. cindyyy

    cindyyy New Member

    I am with her...she’s quite chop chop but will answer any of your queries...quite confident and steady...i have yet to deliver hahah so cant comment on her delivery skills
  27. hanahana

    hanahana New Member

    Is there a package for these kkh doctors

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