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Increase breastmilk supply

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by hayoki, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. hayoki

    hayoki Member

    Hi all breastfeeding mummies,
    My milk supply is low, I can only pump 30 ml each side for every 3 hrs. What can I eat or drink to increase supply ? Thanks.

  2. nvidia

    nvidia Active Member

    How long have u been doing?
    Can take domperidone (need doctor prescription), fenugreek, blessed thistle and other herbs, papaya fish soup, lactation cookies, tea etc.
    But the effect various according to individual. Frankly speaking they won't double up the effect. Different pple can produce a particular amount of milk, all driven by the hormone level u have. You can take note of the timing when yield most for the day and spend a bit more time to pump during that session. Can google pumping techniques.

    Me also low supply, latch not very possible, the turnaround is very slow, even after I pump frequent until nipple cracked n sore, feel disappointed in the beginning, yet feel lazy to pump as it is very tiring.
    So just do whatever I can, pump as i feel comfortable to do. After all we only need to do it for 6 months mostly, spending time and help to develop your bb is also important.
  3. jypchang

    jypchang New Member

    You can try power pump. Pump for 20 mins, pause 10 mins, pump 10 mins, pause 10 mins and pump 10 mins. Do it once or twice a day. It works for many people. If you have just recently gave birth pump when the baby feeds. The best is baby latch, your body will know to generate more milk. Also, make sure you empty your breast each time.

    If all else fails, maybe invest or rent a hospital grade pump.
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  4. 3380

    3380 Member

    Any mummies at west or Bt Panjang need fbm? I have about 20 over packs dated February for bless. Please text me at 97472522 if keens
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  5. girly_ribbon

    girly_ribbon New Member

    Agree! I am also low supply. My lo is close to 1 month old and i have problem latching on my lo. My current yield is 2 oz per pump and i have been pumping 8 times a day. Although I have been taking fenugreek religiously daily, i don't see significant results. Anyway, i also intend to breastfeed for only 6 months as I really can't see myself pumping day and night (especially during office hour). Just try your best and not stress yourself. Ultimately, do what is best for your bb and you! There are many things (other than breastmilk) that can help you bring up a healthy and bright kid. Good luck, mate!
  6. mummyshar

    mummyshar Member

    I also have the same problem. my baby is 2 weeks old and i only managed to pump 60 ml each time and i pumped 8 times a day. I take fenugreek, blessed thistle, mothers milk tea like not really increasing. i saw on web suggested Goats Rue. Dont know how effective it is. anyway i will bf till 8 months just like my elder one.
  7. ilimqy79

    ilimqy79 New Member

    Keep on latching and pumping. I fed my girl pass 2 yo. Mind over body. Our body is amazingly created. Demand and supply
  8. 3380

    3380 Member

    Anyone need FBM? Please text me at 97472522
  9. ysquare26

    ysquare26 New Member

    @hayoki are you exclusive pumping only or DL as well?

    Can try green papaya fish soup, black fungus. I also take instant oats, chia seeds and lactation cookies to boost milk supply.
    Can get them here:



    These are some of the brands I take. You can also find mothers tea and fenugreek on iherb but I suggest maybe you can try taking healthy food choices like oats, chia seed etc first.

    I think latching is the best way to boost supply. But my LO refuse to latch after I temporarily stopped DL for awhile after 1mth plus. She's now 7months and I am exclusively pumping for her.
  10. Jeannen

    Jeannen New Member

    Latching is the best way to stimulate milk production. Some (but fewer I know of) mothers respond very well to exclusive pumping, but not for me. I latch my baby at night too. It was crucial for me, as it helped a lot in maintaining my supply.

    I find salmon and milo a good booster. Occasional bubble tea seems to boost too.
  11. serene8632

    serene8632 Member

    Hi Mummies

    I have just given birth to my 2nd girl on 28 April and is pumping exclusively now. Not that I do not want to latch my baby, but due to my confinement lady eager to let me rest to establish my milk supply, I got no choice. Sometimes I do try to latch her on though. :)

    As of now since discharged on 30th April, I have been pumping around 70-90 ml per session. The least is 60 ml and the most is 120 ml, dependent on the time of the day. I pump every 3 hourly (day and night), including 1 power pump each day. I think power pump helps a lot as it signals to my body to produce more milk.

    Most importantly is to rest and rest and drink plenty of fluids (2 litres at least) and extra 500 calories of nutritious food. Pump diligently too!

    Hope this helps. Jia you all mummies.
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  12. chewcj

    chewcj Member

    I gave birth in mid august and has a problem wih low milk supply. I seldom pump as I find latch on can stimulate more milk and baby seems satisfied after feed. When I do pump out, it is very discouraging, average 40ml only. With a power pump, I can get probably 60ml. I tried almost everything mentioned by other mothers to increase my milk supply - oats, Milo, lots and lots of water, lactation cookies, chia seeds, fenugreek, nursing tea, green papaya fish soup. Nothing seems to help significantly. My pinoy helper shared with me her experience of oversupply and how drinking coconut juice from her own backyard helps. But be careful if you are still under confinement as I understand coconut juice is cooling. Anyway I am no longer under confinement, so I took the coconut juice and ate the coconut flesh. Amazingly, I expressed 95ml in a power pump! It is a 50% increase compared to my usual output from a power pump. The most important part is the flesh as that is also used to make coconut milk. I did not express but could feel more milk when I eat curry cooked using coconut milk too.
  13. Purple Spree

    Purple Spree New Member

    everyone has different milk boosters so trial and error :)

    i make a conscious effort of snacking on oats cookies (which has colostrum, almonds and fibre), drink milo, sprinkle chia seeds in yoghurt/salads/drinks, drink super oats drink etc

    don't despair... keep trying. maybe salmon/fish, fenugreek etc would help for you. oh and lots of water since breastmilk is water-based so that you can produce.

    let me know if you want to try the colostrum cookies. i order it regularly.
  14. pixie ng

    pixie ng Well-Known Member

    my pinoy maid told me eat more clams for milk production. not sure whether it works or not...
  15. chengsl

    chengsl Member

    Dear Mummies,

    There is a few tips that I would like to share it with you to increase your supply when needed. Simple as it is! Let's go!

    Take care of yourself. Try to eat well and drink enough fluids. You don’t need to force fluids – if you are drinking enough to keep your urine clear, and you aren’t constipated, then you’re probably getting enough. Drink to thirst, usually 6-8 glasses a day. Your diet doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to eat enough to keep yourself from being tired all the time. It is easy to get so overwhelmed with baby care that you forget to eat and drink enough. Don’t try to diet while you are nursing, especially in the beginning while you are establishing your supply. You need a minimum of 1800 calories each day while you are lactating, and if you eat high quality foods and limit fats and sweets, you will usually lose weight more easily than a mother who is formula feeding.

    Try massaging the breast gently as you nurse. This can help the rich, higher calorie hindmilk let down more efficiently. Using breast compression is an simple, easy, and effective way to help your baby get more milk. Newborn babies will often fall asleep at the breast when the flow of milk slows down, even if they haven’t gotten enough to eat. Breast compression helps to continue the flow of milk once the baby starts falling asleep at the breast, so the baby gets more hindmilk.

    The best way to increase your supply by using a pump is to double pump
    for 5-10 minutes after you nurse your baby, or a least 8 times in 24 hours. Try to set the pump on maximum unless yournipples are very sore. Most pumps work better on the higher suction settings. Minimum is kind of like the baby sucking in his sleep toward the end of the feeding, and maximum is more like the vigorous sucking he does for the first few minutes of the feeding.

    There are certain food supplements that may increase your milk supply
    . Before using any of these, it is important to rule out other problems such as illness in mother or baby. Some herbal supplements have been used for many years to increase milk production, with the most popular being Fenugreek,Blessed Thistle, Red Raspberry, and Brewers Yeast (containing B vitamins). None of these herbal remedies have been proven scientifically to increase milk supply, but they’ve been used by moms for hundred of years with varying degrees of success. In over thirty years of experience, I have seldom seen any dramatic change in milk production in moms who used these herbs. However, many moms do see somewhat of an increase, and these herbs are generally considered safe, so I recommend that moms try them along with other methods if they want to, but to have realistic expectations about the results. I usually recommend that mothers try Fenugreek capsules (2-3 capsules taken 3 times daily) along with Blessed Thistle tablets (same dosage). You many want to add Brewers Yeast tablets (3 tablets taken with meals, 3 times per day) and Red Raspberry tea or capsules several times each day. I know that seems like a lot of capsules to take, so if you don’t want to take them all, the Fenugreek seems to be the most effective. Fenugreek is rated GRAS (generally regarded as safe), but when taken in large doses may cause lowered blood sugar, so should be used with caution by diabetics. It is in the same family with peanuts and chickpeas, and may cause an allergic reaction in moms who are allergic to them. It has not been known to cause any problems for the babies of the mothers who take it, but shouldn’t be used by pregnant women because it may cause uterine contractions. If the Fenugreek is going to help, moms usually notice an increase in one to three days. Fenugreek is used in artificial maple flavorings, and may cause a maple-syrup odor in a mother or baby’s sweat. That just means that enough of it is in your system to be effective.

    Mummies! I hope the above references does help you to increase your supply :)
  16. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    ooo good good. my MIL has been cooking black fungus for me too. i didnt know there are lactation cookies. LOL
    instant oats and chia seeds also?
    wah good good. coz the manuka honey supplier i always buy honey from has chia seeds too, but i never buy before
    Chia Seeds Nuts Singapore

    ok i go order later with my hubby's credit cards... ^.^
    he cannot complain... heehee
  17. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    wah, damn lucky that all the food to increase production are my favourite food.
    milo, yoghurt, salmon... lol
  18. Rejj1110

    Rejj1110 New Member

    hihi, are you still breastfeeding? will you be interested with a supplement to boost your milk supply and helps you to lose weight at the same time?
  19. xinjie86

    xinjie86 New Member

    I took lots of nuts according to Livestrong, raw walnuts, cashew and almonds for the calcium, folic and omega 3. Bought from snackfirst.com. And also lots of salmon for the proteins. All very tasty luckily!
  20. sjsivfcare

    sjsivfcare New Member

  21. tanghao

    tanghao New Member

    Keep on latching and pumping. I fed my girl pass 2 yo. Mind over body. Our body is amazingly created. Demand and supply for user experience.

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