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I want to lose weight after pregnancy, should i try TR90? Testimonial looks great !

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by Sweet921, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. jennytan80

    jennytan80 Member

    So how do you help us lose weight? Through diets?

  2. eyecandy

    eyecandy New Member

    If you are keen to find out more, I'll get my friend to explain to you. No obligation. :)
    Sorry for the late reply. Just login to the forum. You can text me at 9857 9331.

  3. eyecandy

    eyecandy New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm here helping my friend to clear some stocks of the Ageloc Galvanic Spa Facial Pre_ Treat and Treatment Gel

    Each pair is selling at $10

    For more info can text me at 98579331 or email: li_lo77@hotmail.com Thank you.
  4. Danyela

    Danyela New Member

    Hi dear.

    I have the Galvanic Body Spa set and if you would like to have a hands on session, I can arrange it for you. Just for u to see and feel the effect. You may WhatsApp or sms me at 91150705 yah.
  5. Danyela

    Danyela New Member

    Hi ladies.

    I have been reading the posts and quite a couple were about the issue of rebound after taking tra/tr90. I have finished my 3 month programme and I have lost 3kg of fats.it may seem like a small deal but I have been trying to shed fats after I gave birth in 2012. I am in fact still losing weight because I m losing my fats. My visceral fats has gone frm 7 to 5.5.

    So I m grateful that tr90 has opened this opportunity for me to embark on a proper eating and living this year onwards. In fact, I m more disciplined now and ensure that I eat the correct portions of food. Like any other supplements or slimming pdts or slimming centres, they are not miracle magic products which still allow u to maintain ur weight even after eating "junk" food. They are just alternatives for u to get that initial confidence u need to look and feel good, and u urself need to maintain that.

    I mean like what Emily sky said if ur dream to look good is so strong, you jolly well work ur way to achieve it, no matter what.
  6. tinarei

    tinarei New Member

    Hi nicole! yeah i guess at the end of the day it's about changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. For now, I'm pretty sure I don't want to take pills.. considering going to a slimming centre. maybe will take up your suggestion for SHOU slimming centre. Anyone else have any other recommendations?
  7. mum3mcc

    mum3mcc New Member

    Everyone's body is different. The reason we gain weight is also different. So it is only right to say that to lose weight, the method may be different. Thats why weight loss market or industry is a huge market and growing because people keep trying out different methods. Some times the same program does not work as effective as we did the first time. Why? Because our body age, our hormonal balance changes (due to child birth, work stress, food etc), habits etc. most people will continue to look for the next best most advanced slimming program.

    For weight management program, most of them will work if you follow the instructions closely. However, what differentiate the different program is the rebound in weight after going through the program. We do not want to keep on continuing drinking protein shakes for the rest of our lives, right? So you have to look at those who stop the program, see if they rebound in weight and how long since they stop. If they put on 2-3 kg over 2-5 years, I think thats reasonable as our body is also ageing. Also ask them if they are feeling healthier. a good program should have a good track record with testimonials. Research the background of the company. Are the program developed by them or they got some other manufacturers product and rebrand. Some of the companies are just distributors of the products and do not have nutritionist or specialist to help answer your questions when you need to.

    Read my other post How to lose weight naturally and safely
  8. tinarei

    tinarei New Member

    agreed on the rebound part.. that's why I'm being extra careful before choosing a program to go on. Also making sure that I have the discipline first...
  9. nicolettegoh

    nicolettegoh Member

    Agreed.. must really have no rebound to be a good slimming program. But still must always remember that at the end of the day it's whether or not you decide to lead a healthier lifestyle (eat properly, exercise) cos slimming centres and programmes can only do so much!
  10. kimm31

    kimm31 New Member

    I was also looking for a way to lose weight after I gave birth to my son. Being in search of a supplement ... or anything like that that would reduce my appetite, as it was my biggest problem, I came across a forum where mothers were telling how they managed to lose weight with the help of Sibutramin capsules. I was not too convinced that a pill can make you not to want to eat and I ordered it on an online website: http://online-medikamente.com. I can tell you girls that I am really satisfied with this product although I could find also some negative experiences. You can try it, I highly recommend it ;)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015
  11. nicolettegoh

    nicolettegoh Member

    Hi kim, can you share about some of the negative experiences?
  12. kimm31

    kimm31 New Member

    hi nicolette, in fact the negative experiences were not so many. I remember a girl wrote that she had bad side effects: she couldn't sleep and she felt depressed. I don't feel anything like that; I can report as a side effect only the fact that I always want to drink water, but that is not a problem, as water is welcome during a weight loss cure and even for the entire body health :)
  13. eyecandy

    eyecandy New Member

  14. eyecandy

    eyecandy New Member

  15. nicolettegoh

    nicolettegoh Member

    still not convinced >< in fact, in the links that eyecandy gave above, there is a notice saying:
    "Sibutramine is no longer available in the U.S. The manufacturer has decided to stop producing sibutramine based on information from a recent clinical study. In this study, people taking sibutramine had an increased risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke. If you are currently taking sibutramine, you should stop taking this medication and call your doctor to discuss switching to another treatment for weight loss or maintenance of weight loss."

    recommend that mummies don't turn to Sibutramin. I think that's what Reductil is made of
  16. kimm31

    kimm31 New Member

    Yes, Sibutramine is the active ingrdient of reductil and it doesn't cause any side effects if taken in normal dosages, I mean 10mg or 15mg. I heard that dangerous can be the ones in 20mg dosage as there is a bigger concentration of active ingredient. But, as I already wrote somewhere, everybody decides what is best for him.
  17. nicoletan78

    nicoletan78 New Member

    hey fellow mummies, I highly advise against turning to Sibutramin (present in Reductil) pills to slim down. After reading about it on many threads, I went to find out more about why there have been some rumours about it being banned. Here's what I managed to find out:

    In 2010, the Health Sciences Authority made the decision to suspend the sale of sibutramine because of a SCOUT study, in which they found that "patients treated with sibutramine experienced a 16% increased risk of a primary outcome event of non-fatal myocardial infarction, non-fatal stroke, resuscitated cardiac arrest, or cardiovascular death compared with placebo-treated patients. This result was attributed to an increased risk of non-fatal myocardial infarction and stroke." Read: http://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/hsa/e...eductil_Ectiva_and_Reduxade_in_Singapore.html

    In fact, concerns over usage of sibutramine have surfaced since 2002, when there were adverse health effects faced by Italians. Read: http://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/dam/H...dates3-HSAUpdatesReportOnReductil-31Jul02.pdf

    In the short term, there may not be any consequences for the body, but in the long term it is proven to increase the risk of cardiac problems. As such, mummies, do consider alternative ways to slim down such as exercising, eating healthier, or even slimming centres, instead of slimming pills!!
  18. freedom99

    freedom99 New Member

  19. jennytan80

    jennytan80 Member

    that's scary... especially if you don't know what hit you later on in your life! mummies pls be careful
  20. kimm31

    kimm31 New Member

    Hi mummies
    yes, reading here (http://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/hsa/e...eductil_Ectiva_and_Reduxade_in_Singapore.html) it realy scares and you think about Reductil as an awful enemy, but in fact i see it as a simple treatment for loosing weight. It's very hard to be obese and not to be able to loose a single kg for a long period of time is awful. Reductil bought on this site seems to be of a good quality as I didn't feel any side effects but dry mouth. I was told by an operator they sell Reductil manufactured in India and as far as I know India is well-known and famous for its qualitative generic medicines. Also, if a person knows that she or he has heart problems, then in this case I think that it would be better to avoid taking Reductil. The dosage also counts.
  21. eyecandy

    eyecandy New Member

    Please do not use reductil!
  22. Princesspapa

    Princesspapa New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Losing weight is really something that we hope to do it cleanly meaning with no side effect. As long as the supplement buy contains medicine , it alway better to check it out.
    I currently under TR90 last month of the weight management program frm ageloc tech.
    I did quite a lot of research on this TR90 before i jump on it lucky everything went smoothly i gt the weight i wished with no side effect feel.

    J BEAUTY & BODY New Member

    hi ladies, i think when it come to losing weight it has alot to do with exercising and what you eat...
    for example your recommended calorie intake is 1500 calories... you ate 1800 calories for that day... on that day you burn 300 calories from brisk walk, yoga or whatever activity you do... you end up with 1500 calories (your daily rec calorie intake) then you wont gain any weight....
    -as long as you maintain the calorie to 1500 you are maintaining your current weight
    -if you are ending up taking more than 1500 then you will start to gain weight
    -if at the end of your day you have less than 1500 calories then thats the time you lose weight

    no pills can tone muscles... pills/drinks can give you protein to build muscles and repair muscles faster when you lift weights.
    when you want to tone you need to work for it...

    pills only control your hunger/ curve your appetite or help to give you more protein when you lift weights
  24. nicolettegoh

    nicolettegoh Member

  25. ivyquek_84

    ivyquek_84 Active Member

    For me, i don't belief in supplements. Previously, i did use supplements, after i stop my weights bounce back. I tried many ways on diet, running, etc, all no use coz i got no determination at all. I came to a point where my weights is at the highest point, so i decide to sign up gym to take up the classes and the gym facilities. Plus with the change of my diet, it really works. Overall, i still feel the best way to lose weight is still exercise and diet. Good luck to all ladies!!! :)
  26. Applelsf

    Applelsf New Member

    Hi, anyone selling TR90 complete set.
    Got tight budget and seen alots of great testimonial online so just want to try it.Do pm me your best price. Thank you.
  27. danyela devilclown

    danyela devilclown New Member

    Hi dear. PM sent.
  28. kimm31

    kimm31 New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I wanted to tell you that the site I mentioned in my previous comments began to ship its Sibutramine directly from Singapore. I am very happy:). I can order now as many pills as I need and as often as I want...my last order came within 6 days. The capsules are a little bit expensive, but when I see that I finally managed to get into my old shirt I begin to forget about the costs :D
  29. Jojo123

    Jojo123 New Member

  30. Jojo123

    Jojo123 New Member

    Is this reliable ?
  31. zeechun5553

    zeechun5553 New Member

    I believe in Nuskin TR90. It really works. only depends on how you follow.
    Everyone has different body. Some lose fat fast, some are slow.
    persistent and motivation is a must to help you to achieve your goals in 3 months.
    I have a good consultant which help me to get back my dream body.
    Losing fat and increase muscle mass is the purpose of the whole program.
    think about it and proper losing fat is much more important than taking those anonymous pills.
    if you need help, let me know i will forward you to my friend.
  32. Ami zheng

    Ami zheng New Member

    Share your story with me?
  33. zeechun5553

    zeechun5553 New Member

    Hi Ami, ageLOC TR90 is a 90 days weight management program which targeting source of aging and help you to reduce your body mass and increase muscle mass. It combines together with right eating plan, active lifestyle and the advanced products. In this 90 days programs, it will guide you how to eat correctly and what you should consume in your daily meal and what you really want to achieve. Beside of this, active lifestyle is very important as well as what we eat, you need to burn it out before it turns into fat. Also the advanced products are the must for us to look for better result as per ageLOC technology(targeting the source of aging, you may look at the YouTube what is ageLOC about and it's featured in discovery channel)
    There is some of the info, if you want to know more, feel free to text me and I will guide you in that. I guarantee you want get you result if you really follow the program. Good luck
    Here is my contact:- 81713624
  34. tokyogal

    tokyogal Member

    If you use any medication, pl do it only under the supervision of a certified medical doctor. Never try those slimming pills off-the-shelf or medication from slimming centres.

    It takes discipline, the right diet, right lifestyle and exercising to reduce and maintain your weight. No short cut.

    I have restarted my jog/walk routine with a bunch of colleagues, coupled with my daily yoga. It always helps to have a group to cheer and motivate one another. We completed a 21-day weight management Programme from a US brand which comprised diet routine supplemented with normal vitamins/minerals that our body need. It worked for me as we could still eat multiple meals a day and don't need to go on hunger bang. The instructor also teaches us how to cook healthy delicious meals :) All of us saw good results and most importantly, we are motivated to live and eat healthily. Price wise - it's not ex. It cost around 300-400 depending on what you need.

    A new community is starting the 21-day Programme from 17 May. We will form an chat group. It helps when you have people who cheer you daily and share your successes. PM me if u keen to join. Cheers...
  35. chloechan

    chloechan Member

    TR90 is a simple and safe weight loss. This is me taking after taking TR90. PM me if you need information on how it works.

    chloe before after.png
  36. joyce0310

    joyce0310 Member

    im helping my friend to sell her TR90 at low price..I tried TR90 after my 2nd preg and it was effective..Now im trying again after my 3rd preg..I bought mine already if not i will take over my fren's pkg..pls pm me if keen..thx
  37. luycee

    luycee New Member

    I see a lot of post on Facebook groups of People using Dr Kojian. Has anyone on here tried him ?
    at the moment i am on Phentermine Adipex diet pills bought by http//online-viagranow.com , but i am going to try diet pills from DR Kojian, i noticed only good reviews from other people
  38. yanqiu

    yanqiu Member

    I tried Reserve (fruit Juice) from Jeuenesse as i am quite against with pills.
  39. colbietelent

    colbietelent Member

    what kind of juice is that?
  40. yanqiu

    yanqiu Member

    It's Reserve from Jeunesse
  41. colbietelent

    colbietelent Member

    Oh, so how does it work? Is it those kind of diet where you drink only the juice for days?
  42. yanqiu

    yanqiu Member

    Hi colbietelent,

    its a fruit blend that you take 1 packet in the morning, and 1 packet before sleep. My husband took it and he lose down quite a lot..... and he is those lazy ones that don't exercise.

    We did not really believe it at first, and since it was all made from purely fruits and so he decided to take it as no harm trying as long as it's not something medication....

    You can pm me if you will like to know more about it and i can share my hubby pics with you
  43. Sia White

    Sia White Member

    Have you tried to cook? When I gain some kilos I usually stop buying food and start cooking at home
  44. mochachino01

    mochachino01 New Member

    I gained almost 10kg in 2014 when I was pregnant with my #1, after birth I lost 3 kg. But then the weight regained when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism :( (after the birth of my first child). I have been trying to lose weight since, but failed to. In 2016, I was pregnant with #2 and gained another 4kg! So after the birth of my #2, and still didnt lose weight... I started TR90 program. Started in end June 2017, and I'm halfway the program and have already lost 5kg! I'm so happy and feeling so good to finally be able to fit back into some of my old clothes. Feel free to sms me at 96465644 if you wish to find out more on my diet and routine.
  45. elegancez

    elegancez Member

    Anyone has Tr90 to let go at cheaper price?
  46. clye7888

    clye7888 Member

    Am interested too!
  47. DiscoverNuself

    DiscoverNuself New Member

    Anyone who is keen on losing fats, weight and getting leaner body? Proven and it works. Message me @ 92997429. I am most willing to share. I have personally lost 45kg till date.

    No starving yourself...
    No rebound...
    No side effect...
    Healthy after Weight Loss
    Review every weekly during the TR90 program
  48. twinkle little star

    twinkle little star New Member

    Have the following items to let go at lower price
    Brand New and Sealed

    - 1 set ageLOC TR90 (Expiry 2018)
    - 1 set ageLOC ultimate duo pack
    (6 sets ageLOC R2 & 6 sets ageLOC Yspan) (Expiry 2018)

    Do PM if you are interested on any of the items mentioned.
    First come first serve

    Thank you.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  49. Zennnaa

    Zennnaa New Member

    Helping friend to let go her TR90 full set + fibrenet (Fats/oil blocker) at low price

    PM me if you interested
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  50. healthguy1

    healthguy1 New Member

    Try to get nutrition diet and make sure you burn more fats than you gain.

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