Healthy weight gain in babies


Introducing new foods to babies is an adventurous journey and it should be enjoyed by both mommy and baby. Why is my baby not gaining weight? It will be a big challenge for mothers. Healthy weight gain in babies is a primary concern for most of the mothers.
Ensure that you provide a balanced diet which is essential for the babies to grow, and stay healthy. A balanced diet automatically helps babies for a healthy weight. A varied diet also ensures that babies get enough vitamins, various minerals, and nutrients for overall physical development.
The first year of life is important to build healthy eating habits in babies. Try to introduce a new food every week, and it is also important to follow the 3-day rule. Breastfeed the baby until they turn one which is exclusively recommended by many pediatricians. Baby's weight is usually measured within a range and not with just numbers. The baby's weight should be considered across months, and there will be a slight variation from one month to the next. Weight gain foods for babies
Breast milk:- It is an important source of healthy weight gain in babies. Breastmilk contains all the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development in babies.
Ragi:- Ragi is considered as a superfood. Sprouted ragi should be included in the baby's diet once the babies get introduced to solid foods. It is rich in protein, calcium, dietary fiber, and vitamins which are the best weight gaining foods for babies.
Fruits:- Bananas, mango, pears, avocado are some of the fruits which can be included in the baby's food as a puree or thinly sliced or small chunks according to the age for healthy weight gain in babies.
Vegetables:- Sweet potatoes, peas are the best vegetables for healthy weight in babies. These vegetables contain dietary fiber, saturated fat, vitamins A, B6.

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The nutrition requirement of the babies is very much of fruits and vegetables. It is very important to feed the baby in the forms of purees and porridge of combinations like apple oats, spinach pear which will help in the growth and development of your baby. Always buy organic baby food, that do not contain preservatives, salt, sugar, colors.