Healthy Slimming


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Wanted to share my experience with BTB in case anyone wants to know of options for healthy slimming :) Wanted to reduce some weight in a healthy manner so I researched and found Absolute Slimming. Took up a package and managed to lose more than 4kg (to date) through healthy eating and TCM cupping and guasha method. The staff there will guide you into clean and healthy eating to achieve the maximum result possible while going through TCM methods and I felt that it was pretty effective for me! If anyone is keen you can enquire with Absolute Slimming centre more :)


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Hi, I agree with your recommendation on Absolute. I had difficulty losing weight on my own. The cupping and the heat treatment helped to kickstart my metabolism and curb my appetite. Because of this, I lost 6kg within 2 months. But you will also need to be disciplined in your eating afterwards, otherwise the weight will come back. Overall, Highly recommended