Gynae recommendations

hi Qubby! i just delivered on 5th Jan at Mt Alvernia (St Michael's Ward) - great choice as the delivery and care team are amazing and I was in great hands. I didn't do the hospital tour prior and had wished i'd chosen a bigger room as the private ward I chose isn't too visitor friendly (but not a dealbreaker since it's only 2 visitors at any one time anyway).

My gynae is fantastic too - Dr Chen Lin Han from Specialist Women's Clinic - I followed him from when his clinic was at Mt Alvernia to his now clinic at Yishun. If you are gunning for natural birth can look for him as he is pro natural birth despite it being challenging to his schedule (my friends going to other similarly popular gynaes were encouraged to do C sect because it makes scheduling easier for the doctors). He delivers at Mt A and is very familiar with the team there as well.

If you are planning to get Epidural would recommend Dr Yvonne Lim as she got it over and done for me super quickly and I was at ease during the labour period.

Hope this helps!
Hi mummies, as a mummy of more than 1 kid, I would strongly NOT recommend Dr Kowa for C-section. And if you have alrdy taken his package, please do your own homework to choose your anaesthesia doctor and not his recommendation! I was given way too much drug that I did not get to experience the post delivery joy with my newborn. I felt so nauseous and dizzy all the way until I was pushed into my ward. And it’s not my first C-section so I know what to expect and this was definitely not the way it should have been!

Not only that, his nurses did not do a good job in the removal of my non dissolvable thread post operation, and left half of it inside my wound for more than 6 weeks and did not even call me to follow up. It all started with them telling me that it’s an urgent need to remove the (wire like) thread by 3rd week postnatal as it’s a foreign object (in their own words), then until they did a shit job, and they changed their story to “it’s ok to leave it in there for 2-3months…” seriously? And I had to rock up to the clinic when I start to feel pain at the spot where the thread got stuck. And all the nurses did was to brush my problem aside and said IT’S OK, not a big deal. Really? This is the care for mummies after delivery?

Anyway based on my experience, I would not recommend him for C-section mummies. FYI he is a pro- c sect doctor and from what I heard from my friends, he likes to have the babies born at his convenience, as he used fear to induce my friend to deliver naturally by early week 39 when all her 3 previous kids were born post 40 weeks.

Based on my experience, I think there are a lot more better doctors than here. And Mount E orchard is not really that great an.