Gynae at Thomson women clinic Toa Payoh - Dr Tan Kai Lit

Ivy Teyo

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Hi mommies / mommies to be,
I would like to recommend and compliment my gynae, Dr Tan Kai Lit (Thomson women clinic Toa Payoh) by writing this review.
Dr tan is actually not my 1st gynae, he is my 2nd. I did not have a pleasant experience with my 1st where the consultation was always in a rush, questions not answered, help not given etc. It happens that dr tan attended to me once when my initial gynae was on leave. Even though i was not his patient then, he was really patience and warm hearted. At that point, the idea of switching my gynae came across my mind but due to the package that i had signed with the intial gynae, i did not switch in the end.
The 2nd meeting with dr tan was at a baby fair whereby we attended a talk and he happened to be the speaker. My husband and i were really impress by his knowledge and his humorous answers, hence the idea of switching gynae came to mind again. This time, we decided to forgo the package and engaged dr tan as our gynae.
It turn out that our decision was right afterall. Due to my pregnancy was in the 3rd trimester, he was unable to provide me with a package but the warm hearted him had given us a slight discount on each of our visit. It was really pleasant on each visit to him. He is always ready to answer our doubts, guide us along the pregnancy. He will also reply to my question via watsapp during his holidays, i really feel blessed having him as my gynae.
I went through c-section but i was not worried as he was my gynae. After the c-section, my wound recover very well and smooth thanks to his impressive skills. Even till now, i still visit him occasionally to check on my wound and his concern for me and my baby had never reduce. I really hope all mommies can meet such a great gynae to help them through the torturing 9 months of pregnancy hence i will strongly recommend anyone whom needs a gynae to try out dr tan’s service. Thank you.


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Dr Tan did a myomectomy for me last month. When I was diagnosed with fibroid, i was given by my company doctor a list of names to choose from. I ended up seeing Dr Tan as i saw some positive reviews on him from the internet. Indeed, Dr Tan is very friendly and easy to talk to. He answers any doubts and questions readily. My surgery went well without complications and the stitches are neat and clean. Would highly recommend him. Thanks.


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Dr Tan Kai Lit was also my obstetrician and he is wonderful! Both my husband and I are impressed with his patience and warm demeanour. We like his consultation style where he is very assuring and positive. He is more like a friend than our doctor and we always look forward to our visits at his clinic. Now that I’ve already given birth, we kinda miss visiting him and his helpful clinic assistants! We will definitely return to his clinic if we decide to have a second kid :)


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Dr Tan delivered both my gals in year 2017 and 2019.

His always giving us the assurance feeling whenever my husband n I sees him for regular checks.

For both my 2 children, I went thru by the subsidize path at KKH till ard mth 5 before I switched to private under Dr Tan till delivery. And it was very nice of him to be able to accept my case.

During my 1st gal delivery, it was a plancenta abruption. As it was an emergency C-sec, my husband could not be there for me. But luckily, Dr Tan and his amazing nurses were very patient and well trained to guide me through every step. At that moment I know, I'm in good hands. My recovery was well and speedy.

While for my 2nd, I had contractions during wk29, and I rang up Dr Tan for help. He asked me to go back KKH. While at the delivery ward for my observation, the nurses n doctors all asked me if I'm seeing any doctor. Whenever I say I'm seeing Dr Tan Kai Lit, all of them instantly have a shine in their eyes. And it's that expression on their face that tells me, I didn't choose the wrong doctor.

A friendly, cheerful, patient, kind, loving, supportive, assurance, sincere doctor! Never regretted having him through out my pregnancy memories!

Thank you Dr Tan and your wonderful team of nurses.

(PS, if you're thinking how's his stitch skills? My wound is closing very nicely n neatly)


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Hi all mummies, may i know how much is dr tan kai lit antenatal package price?

And how much etimated hopsital bills for c section for thomson medical?