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Give Away My First Skool Uniforms

Discussion in 'Free Items Only' started by pipiet, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. pipiet

    pipiet New Member

    I have these MFS uniforms to give away:
    6x orange polo shirt size 26
    6x orange polo shirt size 30
    6x beige pants size M
    6x beige pants size S
    Self Collection at Bedok Point or Bedok Mall. Sms or WA to 97934952 if you are interested.

  2. adolphin

    adolphin Member

    Still available? I am keen to take them.
  3. pipiet

    pipiet New Member

    Both sets are taken up. This thread is closed.
  4. rahul

    rahul Member

    Sill available? can you send it to me?
  5. pipiet

    pipiet New Member

    No more.
  6. rahul

    rahul Member


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