GEP (Gifted Education Programme)


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My daughter passed second GEP test..

Happy but worried too... Thinking should we let her go ahead and change school for her...

Some worries:
- worried she will be too stress on her studies if to change her to GEP school
- i might need to stop working as those school with GEP are faraway from the area we are staying, possible to get a student care nearby her school in such short period.
- my friend said school fee is higher compared to neighbourhood school.. not too sure though..

Any mummies or daddies can share your thought?


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If your daughter enjoy learning and passed the GEP test without going through any prep, then why not give her a chance to try it out. But I think you do need to check how your daughter feel about changing to another school.

P4 can try to learn handle herself, especially yours is a girl. With CCAs and other activities, school ends late also.

School fee should be the same for all primary school. Unless your friend is referring to extra cost required for activities.

Your girl's school should have GEP talk, best to attend and clear all your doubts.


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We don prep her for any test including test in school.... I don even know what is GEP when her teacher informed me that she passed the 1st test.. :oops:

At first I thought she refuse to change school, but she is very happy after she knew she passed the exam and look forward to attend the briefing coming Saturday.. cox last month we wanted to change her English tuition timing due to fee increase for Friday night class and she cried till..

Oh ya, CCA and other activities.....