Gap Factory up to 75% off + additional 50% off clearance

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Gap Factory
up to 75% off (prices as marked), additional 50% off clearance and denims
Banana Republic Factory up to 75% off, additional 15% including clearance with some exclusions

Will place order by 29 Dec 23:59pm

Shipping & Distribution
  • Free local shipping within USA
  • delivery may take up to 2-3 weeks
  • Shipping from USA to SG based on units
  • distribution via registered mail/QXpress courier/ self collection from Sengkang weekends
  • nominal stationery fees applicable to pack items for mailing/courier (50cts)

Order Format & Payment Mode
  • exchange rate: 1.42 (will update according to credit card final bill)
  • first payment is for item cost (kindly transfer & include your transfer reference details in your post)
  • Dbs savings plus 033-4-068265
  • final payment after items arrive will include credit card adjustments (if any) + local mailing/courier cost
  • Name/Nick:
    Email Address:
    I'll get my items via: Registered Mail or QXpress Courier
    (1) Item Name: ??
    Price: USD?? x 0.5 =
  • Total Price in USD:
  • Total Price in SGD: [(price in USD) x 1.42] =?

(1) Post your orders with your ibanking nickname
(2) Edit orders, pls inform me first
(3) No cancellation of orders / editing orders after payment
(4) I will not be responsible for any damage of goods/wrong items sent by merchant but on my part I will ensure my orders are correctly placed
(5) I reserve the rights to decide to refund $ if complications occur with payment to merchant
(6) Past
spree feedbacks for reference

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