Frozen Breast Milk Blessing


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Dear mummies, I'm first time mum of 2.5 month old baby boy. I would like to give away 20-30 packs of Frozen BM as blessing. There are 180ml - 300ml starting from May'16 to June'16.
I'm non-smoker and non-alcoholic.

Reason of blessing : I have excess supply of breast milk (non-caffeine) and my freezer (only for BM) is full. I need to free up some space for storage.

Diet : Eating home cook foods; drink longan red dates tea; taking multi-vit, fish oil, yoghurt, nuts, dried fruits and Enfamama milk.

Self-collection at Simei Area. Please bring your own ice cooler bag or ice pack.

Kindly PM me @ fb account : [email protected] if you are keen. I will share more information if required. Thank you.