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Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by koms20, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. koms20

    koms20 Member

    wtb flash cards for kids aged 3-12. Deal at seng Kang. Pm me with pics and price
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  2. xeronz84

    xeronz84 Member

    Hi i have many flashcards. Am at buangkok.if you keen can arrange a day for viewing. Mine is according to shichida method as my elder one was with them previously.
  3. Hello_kitten_1127

    Hello_kitten_1127 Active Member

    I have this set of shichida cards.
    These flash cards are to enhance the natural ability of high speed learning.
    There are a total of 189 cards with 21 themes.
    Interested? pls contact me. Thank u!
    Collection places : Clementi or city hall in weekdays or Tiong Bahru in week ends or woodlands mrt on Tuesday and Wednesday nights 8.30pm[​IMG]
  4. laughingcat

    laughingcat Member

  5. jfng

    jfng Member


    I’ve the following to let go :

    1. The Abacus Genius - $10
    2. Geniuses Have Good Time - $40
    3. Memory Genius (Set E, F & G) - $10 each
    4. Alphabet Mastery - $10 (Brand new)
    5. Homophones - $25 (Brand new)
    6. Image Training Dots Workbooks (Addition, Subtraction, Division & Mixed Equation) - $25 (Brand new)
    7. Master of Addition (Workbook only) - $8
    8. 63 days Dota programme - $40
    9. Self made flash cards - FOC if you purchase all above

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