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Dr Tan Kai Lit from KKH

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by princess1987, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. princess1987

    princess1987 Member

    Has anyone been seeing Dr Tan from KKH? Is he a careful, skilful, experienced doctor etc. ? Appreciate if you could give me some comment on him...

  2. darennn

    darennn New Member

    Hi, I just had my 1st visit with him. My wife was at her 38weeks and was refer to him by our previous doc.

    Dr Tan gave me and my wife a very warmth and engaging feeling and will always ask if we had any questions. Not rushing kind too. But I do not know if her delivery skills are good though .
  3. the3As

    the3As New Member


    Dr Tan's delivery skill is good. He did c-section for me last nov as my girl was not in position. Went back for wound review in Dec & all is well. He's also very patient & assuring as I had some issues before my delivery & he was able to explain things to me.
  4. princess1987

    princess1987 Member

    Hi Darennn,
    Who is your wife's previous gynae? I was also transfer to Dr Tan. I got appointment with him next Monday..
    Hope he is caring and patient as suddenly get transfer.. feel lost now..
  5. princess1987

    princess1987 Member

    Hi the 3As,
    Thanks for your review;). As cannot find any review from him so far.
    Great to hear that his delivery skill is good..
  6. darennn

    darennn New Member

    My wife previous gynae is prof John tee. Same like u, we were suddenly transfer to doc tan and was worried as my wife is already at her 38weeks and a sudden change. But it turns out the session with doc tan was good :)
  7. AcaciaAoki

    AcaciaAoki New Member

    I reside overases, so by the time I am able to have my first consultation with Dr Tan Kai Lit will be when I am 37 weeks. I don't think I will be able to change to another gyane if I don't feel comfortable. So would like to find out if anyone care to share their experiences with Dr Tan KL?

    My concerns are I really want a doctor who is pro natural birth and try his best to not perform episiotomy.

    Hi darennn,
    Is Dr Tan Kai Lit rushy during consultation? How often did he visited your wife at the ward? If just once, how long was the ward consultation? By the way, how old do you reckon he is? Sorry that I ask a lot as KKH nurses and admin were not able to provide me with any opinion and recommendation.
  8. Rosrosrosalind

    Rosrosrosalind New Member

    Hi, just delivered at kkh and under dr tan Kai lit. Dr tan is jovial and friendly. He's not rush during consultation and will be able to give you detailed explanation on your queries. He even gave me his email address so that I can ask him anything if I have any doubts.
    At first,I decided to have c-section for my 2nd baby as my first was c-Sec as well. Dr tan actually encouraged me to go for natural and I did. It was a success and the wound heeled fast. He's very experienced and I did not regret choosing him at all.
  9. Francesca Khor

    Francesca Khor New Member

    Hi all, Dr Tan Kai Lit was my very first gynae and he followed through with me till my delivery via csection. My pregnancy was one that involved multiple hospitalisations due to low placenta and also an early delivery by 1 month. The whole process at 35 weeks to deliver was carefully guided and adviced by Dr Tan, who did a great job making us feel like we have made an informed decision. Every appt with him is easy, comfortable, and never rushed. I'll choose him again if I have more children in future.
  10. PW Jiali

    PW Jiali New Member

    Hi all, I am one of those who benefited from the reviews I read about Dr Tan Kai Lit. There weren't many but all of them were positive reviews. I would like to do my part now and revive this thread.

    I've been flying for 6 years, and a habit I developed from the different timezones was drinking several cups of coffee and tea in a day. On top of that, being a thalassemia minor carrier, I wasn't taking my supplements regularly. When I found out I was pregnant in Dec 2016, naturally I was worried about the health of baby and started searching for reviews. First step was to decide on a hospital, then look up their panel of gynaes. Dr Tan is under the panel of consultations of high risk pregnancy too (though I am not such a case).

    Throughout the consultations, Dr Tan was fatherly, jovial, friendly and reassuring. My insurance did not go through initially due to low placenta and baby had 2 ecto spots on his heart. Dr Tan reassured me my placenta was not so low that I could not deliver naturally and that the ecto spots on baby will eventually go away. He wrote a note to the insurance company and it went through. During the 2nd trimester, I found out I had borderline diabetes through the OGTT and had to monitor my diet. Dr Tan was still encouraging despite me not following up the glucose checks properly.

    I have delivered a healthy baby in August and am thankful to Dr Tan for all his reassurances
  11. tamjiaksmommy

    tamjiaksmommy New Member


    thanks for sharing! may i ask if u saw Dr Tan as a private or subsidized patient? i was told by kk that for my next pregnancy i would be referred to the high risk team but i’m not sure if that means there will be a fixed dr or still be seen by different drs since i’m a subsidized patient..
  12. PW Jiali

    PW Jiali New Member

    Hi tamjiaksmommy,
    I was a private patient...
  13. Kancheong_mommy

    Kancheong_mommy New Member

    yes, he is a very good doctor. very assuring and patient in answering questions. i had csection last month under him and it was a pleasant experience, not much pain and my wound heal nicely no complication whatsoever. glad that we chose him
  14. Hi mommies, I'm currently week 37, under KKH subsidised package. I requested to have a scan during my last visit. The medical officer told me that there is no need to scan since I am going for csec in 2weeks time.
    I don't feel comfortable and went private clinic outside to have a scan. The private Dr told me not to deliver so soon as my baby weight a bit lower as compared to normal baby.
    So now, I am thinking to switch to Dr Tan KL. But I am not sure if he will do a scan for me as well.

    Any mommies hv experience on this?

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