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Dr. SF Loh from TMC

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by Cantaloupe, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    Hi, anyone seeing dr loh currently and what is the charges? As in consultation and ultrasound fee? Do he offer also pregnancy package? How is the charges if any. Thanks

  2. schomp5

    schomp5 New Member

    Yes I am...
    charges will depend
    (normal) consultation plus U/S about 100+ close to 200, then if add supplements (prenatal - $8, DHA - $55) and stretch marks prevention cream ($55) then $200+. Charges are about there per visit for his O & G clinic, not the the Thomson fertility clinic <- this one more expensive.
    Difference will be he is at tfc in the mornings, his private clinic in the afternoons.
    Pregnancy package iirc his nurse said begins from 16w onwards if opt in, more value if pregnancy extends to 39 to 40+w (at least that was what the nurse said).
  3. Kelly Ng

    Kelly Ng New Member

    Hi there am new here..would like to know if there's anyone currently with Dr Loh on IVF? care to share any informations?
  4. Bunny33

    Bunny33 Well-Known Member

    Dr sf Loh was my fertility dr and gynae. He gave me lots support n encouragement during my ttc journey. Not everyone can accept his style as he can be quite blunt at times. A very busy and experience dr. I find him humorous n willing to accept new ideas. He is not worried I pull down his success rate despite my age. The cost can range from 12k to 18k depending on dosage. Medication at his clinic is cheaper than TFC.
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  5. Kelly Ng

    Kelly Ng New Member

    Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it. Are you currently conceived?
  6. Shadowleaf

    Shadowleaf New Member

    Hi Kelly, I’m with Dr Loh rn. He’s good and his charge is expensive, but yeah his medicine is cheaper than at TFC. I like him, patient,funny and helpful, he talks to the point not going around to confuse you or what, and he will chose what’s best for u, give you lots of supports which i didn’t feel didn’t have at my first & second IVF at KKH, but i dislike his stuffs at register counter. Idk if they are nurses, one speak too fast, one speak really loud like want to scared you got one time i had to to tell her to lower her voice otherwise i would not remember anything she said!
    Just waiting time to see him is very long, even with appointment still have to wait one, two hours or more.
  7. Bunny33

    Bunny33 Well-Known Member

    Yes I have twins.
  8. Annie Du

    Annie Du New Member

    Hi, I've seen Dr Loh last Oct. He said I have endometriosis and recommended op or IVF. He also prescribed low dose thyroxine for my subclinical hypothyroidism. We went on to try naturally but no success.

    We've decided to go to KKH in Jan as IVF under public hospital allows gov subsidies. They required me to go for HyFoSy which confirms my endo and some other stuff which kind of contradict my blood test w Dr Loh, such as my egg count. At TFC, my blood test (AMH) shows good ovarian reserve but the scan at KKH shows very low egg count, only 4 antrofollicle count (normal is above 10). Scan also shows that my endometrium is only 4mm thick. This was done on CD8. Dr at KKH recommends IUI.

    Any mummies here has similar experience or gone thru IUI without endo op with success?

    Not sure why Dr Loh didn't give me IUI as an option though. Tmr is my CD2, when FSH injection for IUI cycle starts. But I'm starting to have a lot of doubts about this...
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  9. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    This is after Medisave or?
  10. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    Hi, anyone experience IVF with dr Loh? Can share his protocol here?
  11. Jean68

    Jean68 New Member

    Hi, I,ve seen dr. Loh last Nov 2018. He was recommended by my colleague. His Wife successfully conceived twins after IVF. My hubby and I tried for couple years and still no result and we did went for TCM for 2 months but we don’t see the result so I give up. Also, my hubby had high fever after took the medicine from tcm.

    So I make an online appointment through TFC and meet dr. Loh. He did a virginal scan to check said looks normal. And I was opt to do fertility screen for couples. So we went through all the test and all test seems ok. But dr Loh did pointed out that my TSH is at normal range but to be pregnant need to be less than 2.5. My result was 2.64. Then I was ask to do another round of test the thyroid level. In the mean time, dr. Loh also ask me to go for HSG in Thomson medical center to check if any blockage of Fallopian tube. Result was ok. No blockage.

    However, the result for my thyroid was not good and I have to start to take medication and he prescribed me with euthyrox which use to treat hypothyroidism.

    I took this together with folic acid in Jan 2019. And I found out that I’m pregnant in March . I still stick to dr. Loh for now.
  12. yoyoyoyo

    yoyoyoyo New Member

    HI, i did ivf this month for the first time, and failed. :(.. I appoint the doctor next week.... I don't know how long will i take to have my own baby .. this is a hard time....
  13. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    Hi, anyone with dr Loh who experience the same situation as me? Low hcg?
  14. Mrs Lok

    Mrs Lok New Member

    Hi All, need some advise. I just got to know my blood test result is negative for my 1st time IVF. Can I know what to expect? Currently I’m consulting Dr Loh SF. I have spotting only since yesterday evening but not menstruated.

    On 16 May 1st blood test for progesterone result is 315.30 nmol/L. It was extremely high. But on 27 May Pregnancy test was negative. So what’s the next step usually Dr will advise. Do we need to rest for 1 cycle or more before we continue again? I also still have remaining of 2 Grade B embryo freeze there. Previous ET also 2 Grace B but failed.

    What else we need to take care of while waiting for next ET. I am only taking follid acid. Heard that TCM did helps as well. Any recommendations in Sengkang?
  15. Mrs Lok

    Mrs Lok New Member

    Hi there, how is your appointment? What did Dr advise you? I had my blood test yesterday, which is same result as you. So keep positive and share it out. I’m hesitates also now, whether I shall proceed with my tomorrow morning Appointment or shall I rest first. Confusing mind. Btw you visit TFC or TMC.
  16. sasapurple

    sasapurple New Member

    how to engage this doctor? should i go tmc directly to start the test?
  17. ShineShine88

    ShineShine88 New Member

    hi, is this chat still active?

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