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Dr Heng Tung Lan

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by radiohead, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. radiohead

    radiohead New Member

    Wondering if anyone who had Dr Heng as gynae before can give comments? Thanks.

  2. lbs

    lbs New Member

    Hi radiohead

    I assume you are pregnant???

    I am currently seeing Dr Heng..

    I find that she is very bubbly lady & very friendly..She always made me feel relax & so far, I am quite comfortable with her.

    Though, hubby & I still 'browsing' arnd to make some comparisons...because we have other things to consider like, the hospital, package prices..etc..

    Dr Heng is attached to East Shore & I havent been to the hospital yet to have a look at the 'environment lor..
  3. radiohead

    radiohead New Member

    Thanks lbs,
    Yup, I'm pregnant...actually due in 6 1/2 wks time...=P I've been to the hospital for antenatal class, very cosy. Ya, I find her very cheerful and best thing is there's little waiting time but sometimes seems like she's too efficient and I feel my consultations are barely 5-10 mins! How abt yrs?
  4. lbs

    lbs New Member

    Hi radiohead
    Yeap..unless you go on weekends & is slotted in between the queue, the waiting time shld be fine..

    I think is rather common for most gynaes that their consultation time to be 'chop-chop' one ler.. Mine also abt 5-10 mins..
  5. absolut

    absolut Active Member

    Ha ha .., that's my only complaint abt her too but if she spends tons of time with each patient then the queue will be really long. When I went for my hospital tour, one of the nurses mentioned that Dr heng is like the queen of Eastshore maternity coz she's got so many patients.

    Kinda miss my visits with her since I gave birth 6 weeks back. had some extra visits after birth coz my cervix recovered too fast and closed too early and had to re-open my cervix twice to remove the blood clot and water. So sick ... thot the worst was over when I finally delivered.

    Radiohead, since you'll be on epidural... you'll prob enjoy your delivery process. Went on natural and had the injection when I really buay ta-han. By the time I was re-considering epi, I was already 5cm dilated so nurse advised me not to waste $$ coz only 2-3 hours more. Seemed like the longest time to me but actually after taking the injection, dilated very fast... could push abt 1 - 1.5hours after that.
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  6. radiohead

    radiohead New Member

    Hi absolut,
    Wow, never knew she's the queen of Eastshore maternity...heh. Oh dear, hope you're feelg better now and enjoyg yr bb.

    Anyway dec on epi coz my sis acted 'hero' 5 yrs ago when her boy was late and she had to be induced. Still she resisted hvg epi until last min when she can't tahan but by then they said too late so she ended up clawing her hubby. My hubby (then boyfriend) still rem tt incident n told me to take epi....=P So how was Dr Heng durg deliv? Hope I will rem what I learned during antenatal class and not panic!
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  7. lbs

    lbs New Member

    Hi absolut
    Congrats on your new born!!

    So Dr Heng delivered for you? She super busy one ler so I am worry if my turn, she not free, then how?
  8. radiohead

    radiohead New Member

    Hi lbs,
    That's wat I'm worried abt too....since she's Queen of Eastshore. Gosh! Somemore my sis is due just 1 wk apart frm me and we are both seeing Dr Heng...what if we end up hvg contractns at same time? Can't imagine it!
  9. absolut

    absolut Active Member

    Hi Radiohead

    Even if you have contractions at the same time as your sis, it depends on who dilates faster and the nurses will call her once you're ready to push. The nurses and Dr Heng are really funny upon thinking back. When the contractions came, they were like a cheering squad encouraging you to push but once the contractions are over, they all turn and watch TV etc etc. My hubby was quite amused. After the birth process, Dr Heng can still joke with me and say ... so the next one you'll use epidural?? Well at least I didn't claw my hubby or yell at him during the process, just requested for an extra pillow and buried my head in it.

    Dr Heng is still the same cheery person at delivery but she did threaten to use assisted delivery if I still didn't push properly coz she didn't want bb to be in the birth canal for too long. bb could have come out much faster but in the midst of the same, forgot that I had to breathe in and push immediately so I breathe in and out then push. In the end, bb went in more.

    When I was in the delivery ward, there was another lady also under Dr Heng and she came in earlier than me but in the end, she delivered abt 2 hours after coz her baby was bigger.
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  10. poontang

    poontang New Member

    I actually found her very insincere although she seems bubbly. She was rushing through my appt and I did not feel comfortable with her at all! She rushed to answer any doubts/qns I had and even got down to naming my baby which I found awfully rude! The waiting time was very long (over an hr) and I never went back to her again.
  11. cleo

    cleo New Member

    Would like to know more abt Dr Heng's stitching skills, pls. I'm thinking of having her as my gynae. I've a very low threshold for pain, so would like to find out more. Can anyone share their experience, pls?
  12. chime68

    chime68 New Member

  13. cleo

    cleo New Member

    Hi qwer
    Thanks much for the info. : )
  14. absolut

    absolut Active Member

    Hi Krissie
    Dr Heng delivered my first bb and I'm seeing her for my second preg now. She's good with stitching and didn't feel a thing. Wound also healed fast.
  15. iloveoreo

    iloveoreo Active Member

    I just gave birth to my 1st bb too and i can say that her stitching is good too! by the end of the 1st week, my wound had healed.
  16. cleo

    cleo New Member

    Hi Absolut & Oreo

    Thanks much for the sharing. Did you gals needed any assisted delivery? Or just normal delivery?
  17. amie

    amie Member

    Hi Krissie,

    Want to share too. Had Dr Heng as my gynae, I ended up having c-section, but didn't experience much pain too. I can come down from bed n walk on my own on the 2nd day. Friend told me she can only come down from bed after 5 days! My stitches were removed after a week. Definitely I would recommend Dr Heng too [​IMG]
  18. amie

    amie Member

    Anyone signed up for East Shore Baby Contest?
  19. cleo

    cleo New Member

    Hi Amie

    Thanks for sharing. [​IMG] Good to hear that you recovered so soon.
  20. siewlng

    siewlng New Member

    Is Dr Heng is indecisive at times?
    I was told a lot of female gynae are not so decisive n "zian" (aka stable) at emergency...
    And at another forum, it says female gynae are not as gentle as male gynae...
    Thinking to choose between male or female gynae
  21. amie

    amie Member

    Hi siewIng, I find Dr Heng ok leh.. not indecisive. She suggested I go for c-section when I had some complications, n was very fast with the whole procedure, neat stitching too. Personally I find her very gentle [​IMG]
  22. joychrisjen

    joychrisjen Member

    Hi siewIng

    No, I don't find her indecisive. Some gynaes won't allow you to eat during labor, but she told me she allows all her patients to eat as it will give them strength to push. She's quite accomdative to my preferences too.
  23. siewlng

    siewlng New Member

    amie and joychrisjen, thanks for your advise! Think I will arrange my next appointment with her...
  24. joychrisjen

    joychrisjen Member

    You're welcome [​IMG]
  25. linda_teo

    linda_teo Member

    Hi Siewlng,

    I was with Dr Heng when I had my 1st baby. Felt that she's very experience. She's the queen of Eastshore because she delivered the most babies there. Through my visits with her are short, but if I have any queries, she will spend her time going through with me. I will def go back to her for my 2nd baby!
  26. siewlng

    siewlng New Member

    Linda, thanks for sharing the info... I think I go to see her soon...
  27. fates

    fates Active Member

    Hiyee ladies! Any more feedback on Dr Heng?

    Thanks in advanced [​IMG]
  28. mahjong

    mahjong New Member


    Are you the one from SB Forums??
  29. fates

    fates Active Member

    Yes Matthew [​IMG]
    Are you the Matt from the 2005 wedding thread?

    Seems like no more feedback for Dr. Heng eh [​IMG]
  30. pearlein

    pearlein Member

    Hi, what is the contact no. for Dr Heng's clinic?
  31. calestia

    calestia New Member

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if there's any changes on Dr Heng's charges since the last update was last year.

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
  32. daec

    daec Active Member


    just wondering if DR Heng is pro natural birth
    and prefers to use episiotomy
    does anyone know ?

    thx a million
  33. groomie

    groomie New Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if Dr Heng also see patient whos trying to conceive? like doing a basic checkup to see if you are in the state to conceive and what you should note?
  34. summersnow

    summersnow New Member

    hi grommie,

    i'm w Dr Heng even before my preg to do a pre-preg chkup. i forgot hw much i paid for the chkup liao though... i'm now 9 mths preg! all the best to u! [​IMG]
  35. qqing

    qqing Active Member

    Christine wow u going deliver soon ..... are u with Dr Heng Now??
  36. summersnow

    summersnow New Member

    hi qingqing,

    sorie for the late reply, did not chk this thread often.

    yup, i'm w Dr Heng. next appt will be on next fri. bb now considered full term liao... heehee... me getting excited! [​IMG]
  37. filo

    filo New Member

    this thread is already inactive for so long....

    i need some info abt dr heng charges

    -may i know how much we have to pay per visit?

    -does she have package?

    -if so, how much is it and does it include medication/supplements and scan??

    - how much does she charge for delivery?

  38. bhb

    bhb Member

    Fsa, when I was with Dr Heng previously (2007 delivery) she had a package for 12 weeks onwards. It was $500 if I remember correctly, includes scanning and usual supplements. Should not have deviated much from then.

    I can't remember her hospital charges though.
  39. bhb

    bhb Member

    Oh one more thing.

    Dr Heng's clinic does not accept Credit Cards and I also realised recently when I went back for regular checkup that she has stopped accepting NETS! So inconvenient!
  40. filo

    filo New Member

    thanks BHB,
    her fees sound reasonable.

    anyone knows if east shore has any promo or additional benefits for the 2nd/3rd child born there. had my first one there, so wondering if they have any specials for 2nd timers.

    is the malay massage service still there?
  41. bhb

    bhb Member

    Massage service was there when I was there in 2007 not sure about now though
  42. teddybaby

    teddybaby Member

    I'm thinking of getting Dr Heng as my gynae as i stay in the East. Anyone knows if she is pro-natural?

    Fsa, I've just taken a brochure from Dr Heng's clinic. Her package is $600, incl consultation, urine tests, ultrasound scans & vit . Normal delivery @ $1000, C-sec @ $2000
  43. bhb

    bhb Member

    From my experience I think Dr Heng is pro-customer. Correct me if I'm wrong, she seems to be very receptive to whatever you want.
    But she has to be since she only intends to spend 5 mins with each customer.... not enough time to convince you to change your mind.
  44. qqing

    qqing Active Member

    I am with Dr Heng ..... I delivered in Jan 08 ... to me she is ok lah she is friendly .... Both me and my husband very comfortable with her .... [​IMG]
  45. sjc

    sjc New Member

    dr heng offer affordable rates for mummy to be.

    BUT, she is quite unethical as a medical professional.

    my personal encounter is she provide my personal particulars to infant formula company WITHOUT my consent. This is not allowed.

    when i recieve the "direct promotional" call from this milk company, i'm quite sure she got my number somewhere. As i have not fill up any "Free MILK" promotional card before, neither did DR Heng Clinic's nurse gave me any card to fill up to ENJOY such promotion offered by MILK company.

    I then managed to find out that, details was given out by Dr Heng's Clinic.

    Trust between patient & doctor is very important, i wonder what other information is given out without my knowledge to 3rd party supplier which i may not be aware of.

    such act is infringment of patient privacy.

    i'm not sure how many mummy to be out there is aware about this. But i think we should put a stop to this.

    After this incident, i stop visiting her!
  46. patek

    patek New Member

    Hi there,

    I am with Dr Heng during my first and now the second pregenancy. To be honest, I feel she is really nice and not those that will make you worry unless she notice something unusual or something that you need to take note of.

    Pertaining to the free milk thing... I sincerly believe there is some misunderstanding about it. As Dr Heng is not one who will even tell her patient or client what to purchase or what to use. She hardly recommend product.

    In fact if you stay in East Shore, they do give out free milk to mothers who deliver there and if I didn't recall wrongly, they called me up for only after a few month after I deliver.

    I believe there could be some mistunderstanding somewhere.
  47. bbq98

    bbq98 Active Member

    Anyone find dr heng very impersonal? She won't tell you how to take care of yourself or the baby unless you ask.
  48. hidora

    hidora Active Member

    Not really. I find her a very nice gynae. And if you are all well and fine, what is she supposed to tell you? If you have any questions for her, she will definitely answer it and not brush you off.
  49. yan07

    yan07 New Member

    I will be delivering soon but can i just check with u all how much cash deposit did u pay upfront and is urs a normal with or without epi and how many bedded. Hope u all care to share. Tks
  50. hidora

    hidora Active Member

    Didn't pay any cash deposit upfront if I remember...

    Took a 2 bedder, normal delivery, with epi and vacuum assisted, back in 2006. Paid $800+ in cash upon discharge, and $2.8k+ via Medisave.

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