Dr Benjamin Tham & Dr Lawrence Ang


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Hi mummies, could you advise on the review for those who are using Dr Tham at TMC & Dr Ang at Sunplaza ?


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I have been with dr Lawrence Ang for my 3 pregnancy. I think he is a very cool doc and he knows wat he is doing aka very experience.
He is someone with very little words but if u ask him, he will explain to you in details.
However his clinic is always very full and the waiting time is quite bad. Even with appointment still need to wait for at least 1 hrs.
If u are someone who needs a very patient doc who can talk to you for 20-30 mins per consultation, then he is not for you.
His stitches also very good and I will be healed within 1 week from delivery as in no pain at all.
Hope this helps.


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Agreed with Verluv, i am delivering my #4 via c-section with Dr Ang coming 25th Aug.

#1 C-sect by Dr Lawrence Ang
#2 C-sect by Dr Lawrence Ang
#3 C-sect by Dr Adrian Woodworth (Reason is water burst before choosen C-sect date and Dr Ang is out of town, Dr Ang already pre-alert me i might deliver when he is not in town.)

IMO, Dr Ang is a super nice guy, he is very patient and honest. I don't need superb customer service nor long talk with Dr during each visit, he ensure what i want to know is answered and most importantly his skill is there. I recovered well, no infection nor incision opening. I walked once epidural weared off and look after my infant all by myself.


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My two girls are delivered by dr Ang . If you are looking for a very assuring kind of gynae.. Then don't choose him cos his consultation is v v short. However he is v experienced and I m in good hands during my complicated delivery for my no2, which he described as " first in his experience " or something that will happen once every ten years. If not for his experience and calmness , I might not successfully deliver naturally to my no2 with cord ard the neck and in the op theatre ( initially wanted to go emergency c Sec but baby can't wait.. So normal delivery in op theatre )


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I have to agree on his stitching skill . I can poop / pass urine / walk normally the next morning although I gave birth previous night at 11 pm.
For no1, i was not stitched was no cut given

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Hi mummies, could you advise on the review for those who are using Dr Tham at TMC & Dr Ang at Sunplaza ?
Hi mummy
I had a wonderful experience with Dr lawrence Ang.My first boy and second are 15 years apart.I always have complications in my pregnancy.For my first one his umbilical cord went around his neck and his heart beat was slowly decreasing.I was too young and wanted a normal delivery.Dr Ang saw the baby heart beat was decreasing he pushed me for C section.I was so thankful if not my boy would be dead.His experience and guidance help save my first son.Second baby:I already had multiple miscarriage and one still birth in KK. I went to Dr Ang and told him my experience.Most of the check up especially for heartbeat check of the baby he never charge me.I planned a C section to take out the baby early about 3 weeks as my body was showing complications like high BP.He cooperated with me.Now both my sons are alive and healthy all thanks to Dr Ang!!!!! I am truest thankful to him.I recommend him as he is gynae with experience.A man with few words but you can trust him.