Don't want child to be always playing or facing mobile devices during school holidays?

Hi Parents, I’m Wei Jun, centre supervisor for Enlightened Hand Learning Hub.

Don’t want your child to be playing the entire time during the upcoming school holidays, and looking for activities that your child/children can play, have fun, and at the same time learn skills and knowledge important?

Enlightened Hand Learning Hub welcomes children to join us for our November December Holiday Programme! With the theme of Harry Potter, each week, children will work on the subjects of English, Chinese, Math and Science, and their learning will be done with interactive activities including speech and drama, creative writing, solving mysteries and scavenger hunt! Plus, 2 exciting learning journeys are planned in weekly, allowing your child/children to immerse in discovery learning and expanding their knowledge horizon!

Now, your child gets to have fun, and importantly, learn at the same time!

So, register with us now, call us at 6600 7666 or email us at [email protected] to let your child/children play be awesome and educational!