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Diaper Bag

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ling76, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Can share which diaper bag to buy? Is it really useful? How long can we use it?

  2. sammi

    sammi Member


    Bought mine from Babetitude..thk its called Jujube or something like that...Its a sling bag, quite roomy with separate compartment for dirty clothes, bottles, and mummy compartment. Useful as a baby bag needs to hv the right compartment otherwise very difficult to find things esp when bb is making a fuss. A good diaper bag goes a long way coz my sister is still using hers for her 5 yrs old twins...for their clothings etc. This bag is quite trendy, looks like a normal sling bag, so i guess k u use like a ordinary bag as well.
  3. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Hi Sammi,
    Any website to take a look?
  4. daisybuttons

    daisybuttons New Member

    HI sammi, anyone you know bought the babetitude JP Lizzy bags before? coz i prefer totes but i not sure if the JP Lizzy bags have compartments? Thanks!

    anyone bought fanci free diaper bags and how do you find it?
  5. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member

    Hi All

    Would it really be necessary to have a diaper bag? I'm still comtemplating to buy or not to buy..In fact prefer nice havesack type of diaper bags but really hard to find leh.

    Got any good advice to share? Thanks
  6. daisybuttons

    daisybuttons New Member

    hi pa&ma, think haversack type is easier to find leh. babetitude have, allerhand (sold at mothercare or motherswork) also have. i find the nice tote ones are harder to find. [​IMG]
  7. sammi

    sammi Member

    Hi Ling76..Babetitude advertises at Motherhood Forum..go home page and click on.

    Hi pa&ma..havesack alot around..I bought one from Kiddy Palace brand "Precious" for $29..cheap good n practical..got 2 compartment, one for milk and one for clothings...not fancy lah but most of the time my maid uses it when we go out as she prefers to carry haversack. For nicer ones, Allerhand.

    Hi Daisybuttons...haven't seen the Lizzy bags before...but shd be ok lah coz their bags r usually quite roomy. Or u k call them n ask abt the exact size. I got mine from Motherhood Fair..so had an actual feel of it before buying.
  8. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member

    Daisybuttons and Sammi

    Reallie easier to find ar..I'm looking for someting versatile so that the daddy can oso carry if he's alone with the bb..got anyting rugged..Like those backpacking style one?

    the lizzy bags i wen in to see liao..i dun tink my hb dare to use if im out of sight [​IMG]

    Maybe i will check out allerhand bags..

    But den again..reallie necessary to have diaper bags? Will our normal bags do the job?
  9. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Think sometimes quite hard to find things in our normal bag, that how i feel. So that why thinking to buy diaper bag. But seem like most diaper bags are quite ex lei, most of it cost more than $100+. Anyone have the baby bjoure diaper bag?
  10. sammi

    sammi Member

    Hi pa&ma..I started off without a proper diaper bag..then had problems finding things and had to hv another small bag jus to put milk bottle and hot flask...so very ley-chay. I decided to invest in one..

    The haversack I bought in Kiddy Palace is blue n ok for my hubby to carry..not rugged tho..jus ordinary looking. I bought it at Parkway parade branch.
  11. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member

    Hello Sammi

    Oh ic..Still tot its cos of the keep warm compartment that diaper bags usually have. Like wat Ling76 says..usually all cost alot one ..exceeding 100+..Maybe i will drop by Kiddy palace this weekend and peep.
  12. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Anyone had baby bjourne diaper bag? Saw in the magazine that this bag have a lot of compartments to put things.
  13. sammi

    sammi Member

    Ya..Kiddy Palace one cheap n good [​IMG]
  14. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Seem like Diaper Bag not popular here. Not much comments lei.

    Pa&ma, hi. have you check it out. Went to parkway and tampines branch and cannot find it.
  15. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member


    I very blur leh, i went to Kiddy palace on Saturday at SK. But hor, wen i go there, i forgot my objective was to find the diaper bag. I went looking at Maternity wear instead. Sotong ball me.[​IMG]
  16. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Heehee... Me sometime aso like tat. [​IMG]

    Saw that you are looking for maternity wear. Does that means you have not deliver yet? When you due?
  17. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member

    By the way..does anyone know if motherworks at Great world, has any website?

    Ling76, Ya me still with the bb inside. Only will pop out in first week Nov. Still some time to go [​IMG]
  18. daisybuttons

    daisybuttons New Member

  19. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Where will u deliver your bb? Thomson / Mt Alvernia will give a small diaper bag when you leave hospital. Think it will be able to last till abt 7mths plus (heehee.. for my case lah) Maybe you want to try that first b4 buying one diaper bag. Like mentioned b4, not really cheap lor. My hb and me still thinking about whether to buy or not. But messy lah. Headache !! [​IMG]
  20. starlight74

    starlight74 New Member

    Hi Pa&Ma,
    I think almost every hospital will give diaper bag when u deliver there, but it is very basic one, not pretty kind lah [​IMG]

    Anyway, if u r contemplating, i think u can wait till baby is born.
    Those hospital gift diaper bag can be use temporary, meanwhile u see whether u need it or not.

    As for me, I used regular backpack, some brand like deuter.
    To make it organized, i use ziplock bag.
    One bag for fresh diaper, one bag for changing mat, diaper cream, wet wipes, one bag for clean clothes, hanky, etc.
    I found it easier when i wanna look for something.
    Hope that helps.
  21. papa_mama

    papa_mama New Member

    daisybuttons : Thanks for the link ...search till groggy oso cant find.

    Ling76: Me have not decided yet. Dunno which is better. I was aiming TMC den 1 of my frd who gave birth at KKH for first bb n TMC for 2nd bb complain that TMC very lousy in terms of their delivery suite. I have not gone for any tour yet. So dunno which one to choose. Yah i heard most hospital gives Diaper bag. but tot very "o-biang" one :D..so keep sourcing around.

    Startlight74: WA so many ziplock bag ar...den the bag must b very heavy hor. Do ur bring ur bb out alone with the diaper bag and den stroller huh? And most impt of all, take public transport one?
  22. starlight74

    starlight74 New Member

    Hi Pa&Ma,
    not many lah, only 3-4 ziplock lah plus bottle.
    for me, not heavy lah, just carry on my back, and both hands free to hold baby stroller.
    Can travel by MRT lah.
    Well, thats for me.. but of coz everybody has different preference.
  23. mumj

    mumj New Member


    I am currently using a diaperbag from Chickeeduck..saw its before at Forum near Toys R Us exit for S$29 (mine is a gift)..its really useful and I can store bottles and hot flask inside and diapers at the side pockets. One side I store my own personal items.

    However, I dun mind looking for a diaper bag too cos I looking for those with builtin cooler to put breastmilk but dunno can keep milk there cold for how long. Now I am carrying my medela cooler as well on weekend..sigh.
  24. milkmilk

    milkmilk New Member

    i'm also using a diaper bag, its from Carter's, only cost me $20+. also have a haversack too, but must get those with many pockets & storage space.
    i was from TMC too, but dun like the diaper bag, i find it too big. my friend used it for a few months and it give way [​IMG]
  25. mumj

    mumj New Member

    Hi sammi,

    What size did you buy for the sling bag? How many bottles can you fit inside? Looks good!! feel like buying the backpack but so ex. Maybe somebody will do bulk purchase of diaperbag..hee
  26. ling76

    ling76 Member


    Anyone bought the Lucky Baby/Samsonite diaper bags before? Is it good?
  27. MEinME

    MEinME Active Member

    I've 1 Lucky Baby's Bumbo or something, which I'm selling away. I bought it thinking it's a handy and carry-all bag but never used cos I TBF.

    I've compared the 2 (Lucky Baby and Samsonite) before i settled for LB.
  28. edena74

    edena74 New Member

    Hi, Ling. If you are looking for LB or Samsonite diaper bags, you might want to take a look at this website: www.taime.com.sg
    They are having warehouse sale today and I got my samsonite diaper bag at 30% off.
    Do call them to ask if there is stock 1st as there are limited pieces left.
  29. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Hi Edena, Thanks. I had bought a Avent backpack last month during OG sales.

    Is there a lot of stroller on sales at Taime warehouse? Was thinking to go down yesterday but couldn't make it. [​IMG]
  30. yell0wp0wer

    yell0wp0wer Member

    I use the Allerhand Combi Cooler. Got it from Mothercare for about $70. Its features are as follows:
    - One side with loads of pockets for diapers & clothing & keys & mobile phone & daily essentials etc
    - Other side hot and cold compartment for food and beverages
    - Special wet wipes pocket
    - 23 x 27 x 9cm

    It's smaller than the standard diaper bag. I don't like the idea of dragging around a huge bag, plus my baby's only two months old, and I don't bring her out for long, so my bag is perfect for now.
  31. pepperika

    pepperika New Member

    Looks like there aren't enough nice diaper bags to go around. How about lesports sac (which is a fashion bag) and use it with different pouches within? AT least they look good....

    I am also sourcing for one... but the choices are so limited...
  32. hunnylemon

    hunnylemon New Member

    I'm using Lesports Sac as my diaper bag.... Good size n I use the multipurpose pouch from the BP to hold my stuff, such as 1 for diapers n wet wipes, 1 for clean clothes, 1 as messy bag, etc.
    It works very well for me.... n not too bulky too.
    Design very nice too.
  33. etrangle

    etrangle Member

  34. bladers

    bladers New Member

    Can I ask..do u mummies prefer a large bag with no compartments inside (like centre dividers), or diaper bags with lots of compartments inside..? Which is better..?
  35. sarahmama

    sarahmama New Member

    bladers, most impt is what is your usage like and who will carry the bag. I got a few 'diaper bag' - a medium size tote bag from cute tink, a proper haversack diaper bag by eddie bauer, a Lesports Sac bag.

    Initially, I got the tote bag thinking that it would be just nice, after a few weeks I start to feel too tired to use it as it put weight onto my shoulder. Then I got the haversack which I use it till now. As for the Lesport Sac bag, it just nice for a short shopping trip.

    All my diaper bag does not have compartments inside, the eddie bauer's only got a slot for the changing mat. Infact too many compartments may not be a very good choice as it unintentionally take up space in the limited space of the bag.

    I use ziplock bag to hold different items - diaper & wet wipes, extra clothes, hankies.
  36. bladers

    bladers New Member

    thanks Geradine,

    Bcos my intention was maybe to get a large bag without too many compartments inside as I also did hear from one mummy that the compartments ended up taking too much space rather than organising the space.

    I think the weight of the bag (without anythng) is also impt, that it shouldn't be too heavy otherwise we wld be lugging like bricks on our shoulders.
  37. debbie

    debbie New Member

    Hi! Maternity Exchange carries the Fleurville Diaper Bag range from the U.S. They're really popular and have a good range of patterns and designs. You can check out www.maternityexchange.sg.
  38. ccc

    ccc New Member

    am desperately looking for a nice plain color diaper bag lihtweight and useful compartments...
  39. sweetieslover

    sweetieslover New Member

  40. suzie77

    suzie77 New Member

  41. blessed11

    blessed11 New Member

    Actually, a large bag with no compartment inside is best then u can throw all the sdtuff inside/ I got mine for $10 my mum bought fer me..as good as any other bag as it serves its purpose.
  42. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    how different is it for diaper bag n normal bag? is it diaper has more compartment?
  43. victorya

    victorya New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    i just come back from bangkok and bought a few Naraya brand new original bags which is v good for diaper bags... pls feel free to look at it .^^

    Victorya Naraya (facebook)
  44. sweetpeasg

    sweetpeasg New Member


    handmade with love

    Baby slings for modern mobile moms!

    Carry your baby handsfree with thebabysac! Go anywhere, do anything – with thebabysac!
    Suitable for use with newborns to toddlers.
    Tried & tested by a mom herself.

    thebabysac will free your hands for the indispensible diaper bag & baby toys. A must-have for travelling, shopping trips, casual days out or leisurely evening strolls. Baby & thebabysac make the perfect accessories for the modern mobile mom.

    Check link for designs.

    thebabysac promotes bonding, and is suitable for breastfeeding use. The swaddling effect of thebabysac aids to calm & comfort a fussy baby & helps baby fall asleep.

    Feel free to email for any enquires.

  45. mehui

    mehui New Member

    No need for diaper bags - just use a roomy bag with adjustable straps. Buy compartments from Daiso. Important thing is not to over-pack!

    2 bottles (already filled with water)
    Milk dispenser (enough for 3 feeds)
    Diapers (packed in recycled plastic bag)
    Handy toy

    I personally find diaper bags too heavy and cumbersome - end up with so many compartments to clean/clear. Short/kiddy backpacks are also good alternatives - can sling over stroller handles.
  46. piglet81

    piglet81 New Member

  47. tonypanier

    tonypanier New Member

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  48. houseoflove

    houseoflove Member

    I bought jujube diaper bag cos its so pretty.
  49. aussiekiwi

    aussiekiwi Member

    I have the Mimco baby bag and it holds both my baby and I's entire life! Lots of compartments, durable, inc. changing mat and wet bag ImageUploadedByForum1415770762.732953.jpg
  50. ms_silviana

    ms_silviana New Member

    Hi, my sister just used the normal Long Champ Le Pliage for diaper bag, think this bag is quite functional, light, and spacious to hold diapers :)

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