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Desperate cry for help: Jobless husband now getting depression and other health problems

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by darlingbabe, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. darlingbabe

    darlingbabe New Member

    Hubby has been out of a job for 3 years now and has started showing signs of depression, panic attack, and health problems. I believe that his self-esteem as a man and provider of the family has been dealt a huge blow now that I've become the sole breadwinner. We have 3 kids. He had been a Human Resource Manager prior to his jobless state and has been searching in vain for the same position and even same pay. Many people have told him and me to tell him to adjust his expectations, etc. but the outcome is still the same. Hubby is approaching 50yo soon.

    Please reply only if you have any recommendations or openings for an HR manager/director post. I thank any kind souls in advance.

  2. gladjo

    gladjo Active Member

    Hi darlingbabe

    Sorry to hear your plight but what you husband is going through is what alot - baby boomers are going through. So the situation is not him per se. I had many friends MBA with no jobs also and one is even a Presidential Scholar. All of them have family & kids too.

    Just bear with him while he tries to figure out to get employment. You can help lessen his burden by doing your part to bring in the bread. When my sis hubby was retrenched in SIA, he cannot accept it because he was a Director and he is used to firing and hiring people. It was hard times and like every wife, my sis took 2 jobs to help the family income. Though he couldn't get the similar position, he finally accepted the economy isn't what it used to be and the higher you climb the harder your fall, sad to say. He went into a period of depression and became abusive even. So, these kinda of situation do happen to every one of us. My brother in law is out of depression having accepted himself and seek any job that comes. He's a happier man now though he's isn't some big shot Director and he don't shun away from his ex colleagues when he meets them outside nowadays.

    So, provide him the encouragement...it's difficult but it's riding the waves of life and we have to accept and make the best of it.

    God Bless

  3. Eppy

    Eppy Member

    Yes, Going thru change is difficult. It teaches us humility and that we are not bounded by a TITLE of a company that defines us. He needs to go out and get a job any job to keep him occupied first. Your encouragement is impt.

    Take care its going to be a long road
  4. Sky1980

    Sky1980 New Member

    to be honest, with your husband age, i think he will have problem to get a job even with 50% pay cut. This is the nature of the employment market in Singapore. The only thing he can do now is to change to another career or start his own biz if he can. If he is not a risk taker, then you can consider to drive UBER or taxi. Let go of ego then he can get a new life.
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  5. darlingbabe

    darlingbabe New Member

    Dear Gladjo,

    I really appreciate your encouragement and words of wisdom :)))

    I’m still holding on well and depending on God’s strength, not my own. Really appreciate your kindness and care
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