Deep cleaning of mattress,pillow,sofa,carpet

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Great News!

We are professionals providing ala carte ad hoc services for deep cleaning of your mattress,pillows,bolsters,fabric sofa to extract and remove internal dust/dustmites/germs/bacteria from 14inches deep within your items. We also provide air sanitization services.

We will be using the Rainbow system to complete the dustmites extraction & air sanitization services. The Rainbow system is proven effective with various certificates for it's dustmites extraction & air purification/sanitization functions. It is also listed on NEA updated 20 Sep 2018 as one of the effective portable air-cleaner that is suitable for usage in times of smoke-haze, therefore rest assure that no dust/allergens will be emitted during the cleaning process.

Results of the cleaning will be visible immediately.


Single size mattress ($30 per piece)
Queen size mattress ($40 per piece)
King size mattress ($50 per piece)
Pillow/Bolster ($5 per piece)
Fabric sofa (2 seater $40, 3 seater $50)
Fabric L-shaped sofa (2 seater $40 + Chaise $15)
Leather sofa steam-cleaning (2 seater $40, 3 seater $50)
Leather L-shaped sofa steam-cleaning (2 seater $40 + chaise $15)
Carpet ($30-$100)
Air sanitization/Air purification ($10 per room)
Successful Stains lightening ($10-$40)
Successful Stains removal ($50-$80)

please quote our special promo code "Clean bed challenge 2018" to waive $20 transport charge.

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