Convert your spare mobile devices into Baby Monitors! Free Community Service!


Hi Mummies,

just to share this free service. Use one mobile device to monitor baby, another device to receive broadcast. Useful whether you are working in another room and want to check on sleeping baby, or working at office to monitor what is happening at home. Personally I was watching over primary school kids doing homework. Hope it will be useful to you.

This is a very bad way because everyone in the world can see your house. This website also has your phone information and 1 day it will hack and sell your details.


Hi BerryStraw,

thanks for highlighting. Yup, no system is free from hackers. But doesn't those IP Camera which you view the video using App have the same issue? When I used this, only a couple of hours each time, with different name and password each time. Hopefully nothing interesting in my house worth the effort of the hackers.

Also, not sure how my phone details will be leaked? I didn't need to enter any phone details, and typically using tablets with no mobile plan. Layman here, would appreciate if you can enlighten. Think fellow mummies here just want a suitable tool with reasonable security controls.
You are very wrong, there are system free from hackers. But your posted of system do not need hackers at all and free to watch from anyone around the world using handphones to desktop computers.
Your SO CALL cameras are those cheapo cameras from doggy and Catty stores which have so old system that never updates. Those REAL APP cameras does not function as you described. It is a pity that you never have the chance to play with them. Even few years ago cheap $30 cameras from online had good password protected synchronized to home routers.
A lot of people said "My home nothong to see and has nothing" but when being robbed or raped, then they cry for years with complaints. Low crime does not mean no crime and you are inviting crime here.
Now you did not place sim here but one day you eventually itchy lazy and will use your phone.

Conclusion, do not act like those aunties that go far away shopping just because of 1 cent cheaper, ignoring the cost of transport. I have few neighbours went to JB because of cheap things and meals but ended up being robbed and even lost cars!
Even the police there wants money! Nobody will pity them but will laugh at their stupidity and greediness.
So invest a little bit to secure your family. It not about $500 camera, just $10-20 more expensive.

I think you still did not receive my first message real meaning. I posted that to prevent anyone from being hurt from this bad suggestion. The administrators and moderators of this website are no longer active here and will not prevent nor care anything here. This website is almost dead but still run because there are still incoming money from sponsors advertisements.
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