Consecutive Miscarriage - Autoimmune Tests?


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Hi ladies,

I just miscarriaged in April 2022 and now facing another miscarriage again ie. No heartbeat detected at W7 and embryo not growing well. Somewhat similar to my previous case.

Gynae mentioned that it could be due to autoimmune disease, and he will schedule me to do some tests after this.

Anyone has experience on doing tests to identify autoimmune diseases or advice on the type of tests I should do to identify the root cause? I wanted more in depth testing to be done but gynae mentioned that it is expensive and usually only done on the third miscarriage.

Also, any tips or TCM to recommend to recuperate my body?

Thanks, is just heart breaking to experience two consecutive miscarriages in a span of 8 months. Was told by my gynae that I could try 2 months after my first miscarriage ie rested 3 months before trying but not sure why miscarriage happen again.

me too have 2 miscarriages.. 1st is blighted ovum, 2nd no heartbeat at 8 week.. after that my doctor asked me to do this test:
Anti B2 Glycoprotein Polyclonal IGG
Anti B2 Glycoprotein Polyclonal IGM
Lupus Anticoagulant Screen
SLE Panel
Cardiolipin Antibody IGG
Cardiolipin Antibody IGM

All came back ok except Cardiolipin Antibody IGM is a bit above normal, then they asked me to repeat after 2 months, and the result came back normal

now I dont know what to do... whether to try again, or do the expensive full test..

May I know how is yours?
Hi afihde

I done the same blood tests and results are normal as well. May I know what expensive full test are you referring to?

I am seeing KKH John Tee and he mentioned no further test required at this juncture. To be honest, I am also wondering if I should do any more detailed tests but unsure what tests to do next.

To be honest, I was hoping for an answer after the blood tests were done but alas, blood tests showed nothing wrong. Kinda apprehensive to try for third one but I am currently seeing TCM now to regulate my body. How about you?
I dont go to any TCM currently. I was seeing dr Stephen Chew NUH and he also said if this test all ok can try again and see if later happen again do karyotyping.. but i saw many people go to prof Choolani for detailed test which include karyotyping and many other objects to be tested and seems very expensive.
Me too feel apprehensive about trying again, afraid same thing will happen again. But also not sure should i spend much money on the detailed test that not guarantee find the root cause bcos the doctor said just try again..
Same here, I totally get how you feel. I discuss with my husband, once TCM gives us green light to try again, I might get second opinion from another gynae to see if other tests required to be performed.

I read some books, it could also be hormone levels during pregnancy, so this is something we can take note of to check during the third pregnancy.

Meanwhile, rest your body and try again when both of you are ready again. Is definitely tough for both of us, if my first could have survived, it would already been born by now, kinda teared when I realised that. In any case, I am here with you :) just DM when you need listening ear
Hi, I had 2 miscarriage within 1 year. Thus gynae sent me for autoimmune and thyroid blood test. All turn out ok. He said most probably chromosomal issues.