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Hi all,

anyone looking for a confinement nanny for 2021? I would like to recommend my current confinement nanny auntie evon. She’s from Malaysia and had over 10 years of experience. She is a great cook and take care of baby well. During my initial week of confinement where my wound still hurts, auntie was the main person taking care of baby and only bring in baby for latching so I could have the maximum rest. She is pro breastfeeding and provide decent advice to take care of self and baby. She suggest to latch in the day and bottle feed (breast milk) at night so mummy can have sufficient rest. But if you only want exclusive latching, she would also help.

her style is to advise the best method based on her experience and provide the rationale so but if you have other belief, can feel free to discuss with her and she will follow suit. She is also a great cook and has provided nutritional meals for me and hubby. Towards the end of our engagement, she shared with us the little tricks to bathe, looking at baby cues and change diapers. They look simple when she does it but when you hands on, it’s a different experience. I recommend you start early like last 10 days of the engagement.

She is currently in Singapore and available for jobs for 2021. Please contact her via WhatsApp +60 16 330 8664 to check with her on the 2021 rates.

regards, mummy of baby jarius

Hi Alyols, thanks for sharing your recommendation about Aunty Evon. Possibly to share with me more - is she more modern or traditional? Any challenges or was it a smooth working relationship throughout? Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you. :)
Here's my experience of hiring Evon during June 2022: In short, I would recommend her to my friend.
In terms of knowledge and experience for baby and mother care, she's very good from how to read your baby sign for feeding to advising what Mummy should/shouldn't eat (depending on whether it's natural or C sect)
In terms of style, she's quite flexible/ easygoing. Like a doc, she gives your her honest opinion and then let you decide. For example,
1) I didn't go for the diaper that she recommended as it's out of stock for physical store around me. Then when my baby have diaper rash, she kindly remind me that I should consider the brand she mentioned
2) Similar story for air con, at least i opt-ed for no air con for my baby (to train up my baby boy), but then heat rash appears... Evon advised me but let me decide.
3) The same applies other thing like use of pacifier...

for mother care portion, as long as you give Evon the $ to buy tonic, you're in good hand. Evon buys from Hock Hua and knows what to buy. My wife who had C sect recovered very fast compared to her fibroid surgery (which is equivalent to C sect).
She's quite accommodating for other household errant as well.
Hi all,

Auntie Evon was my confinement nanny in December 2022. She is knowledgeable in her field and knows how to take care of our baby. Most of the time, baby will be left alone with her and we do not have to worry.

As first-timers, we just want the best for our baby and were unsure of what we should do since baby came. Auntie Evon came and structured everything that we needed during our confinement.

She brought us for grocery shopping and was quick and decisive on what needs to be carted. In the face of salesperson up-selling chinese herbs/tonic, she was firm to reject on behalf of us and only bought what was needed in her opinion.

Auntie Evon is also a very good cook. I’m a very picky person when it comes to food, but every meal that she made for us were delicious and nutritious, not salty or too sweet etc.

Through our conversations, she also gave advises on what I should and should not eat, how we can care for baby, how to sleep train baby, and how to observe cues from baby if he is hungry or etc.

During the later part of my confinement, we also slowly transited to full parenthood and Auntie Evon taught us hands-on how to bathe baby and let us try sleeping with baby during a long weekend so that we can observe baby cues, that helped us prepare ourselves when her service had ended.

After her service ended, she would still check on us from time to time, and would answer our questions when needed.

I would highly recommend her service for anyone who needs a responsible and professional confinement nanny. You may call/WhatsApp her at +60 16-330 8664 if you’d like to find out her availability and rates in Y2023.

yours sincerely,
Mommy of baby evander
Aunty Evon was recommended by a close neighbour of mine. Though she brings on a wealth of 20 years experience when assisting me for my confinement, her approaches are more modern as compared to what some of my peers experienced during their confinement.

While knowledgeable, she respects my preferences, empowering me to adjust to the new lifestyle seamlessly.

Her amicable and easy-going demeanor eased things around the house, especially with visitors. Aunty Evon willingly prepared extra portions for family gatherings and assisted with the dishes. When caring for me, her gentle reminders on self-care for mothers made the process feel less like a chore.

Toward our baby, she's caring, gentle, and, I must say, loving. Her adept handling of challenging circumstances is evident, providing comfort to the baby. I highly recommend Aunty Evon for those seeking an experienced nanny who reciprocates positive gestures.

Contact her at the numbers below:
+60 16-330 8664
+65 8301 2911
Would like to recommend our confinement nanny, Evon.

We had an enjoyable 28 days with her. While it is evident that she has vast experience in this field, the added bonus is that she is flexible and does not force mummies to follow her beliefs.

She is a great cook and goes the extra mile to cook for our family members.

More importantly, she takes care of our baby well and offers tips and good advice to aid us in caring for our baby independently. Even after her period of service, she reached out to us to follow up on how baby is and how we are coping

You may reach out to her at via WhatsApp at +60-16-330 8664 should you be keen to engage her.
Hi all,

I will like to recommend my experience with nanny Qing Jie for my nephew.

Qing Jie is very knowledgable & experienced in this field. Qing Jie patiently taught ways how to soothe when he cry, why he cry etc, how to bathe. I like that she keeps us in the loop on his feeding time & feeding amount. Which we told her she don’t have to, but she mention it will be good for us to know.

She bought my sister to grocery shopping, whipped out good dishes, express interest in cooking & knowledge with lots of recipes. Despite the hectic schedule, she helped out with some household chores which she doesn’t have to at all. What I deeply appreciate is her taking the initiative & cook us all 八珍汤, 莲子百合雪耳糖水, 猪蹄莲子白果猫耳朵花胶. (Yes I copied the name from her message but they are good stuffs which is very thoughtful of her)

She is constantly ready to share, understanding, patient and offer us to reach out to her should we need help. At the same time, she respect our space and privacy. She is modern in her approach yet equipped with lots of knowledge. She is also easy going & flexible. The day before she left, she provided us with lots of tips to help us cope without her. Kudos to her for being so nice & kind in her replies and attitude. I seriously do not know how she keeps up with such limited sleep!

Our family & I are grateful for her service and will highly recommend her ! You may WhatsApp her at +60 11 5112 3281.
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