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Confinement nanny recommendation

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Ertata, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Ertata

    Ertata New Member

    Hi everyone

    I would like to recommend my confinement nanny if anyone is looking for one. Her name is Evon and I think there have been other posts recommending her but I would like to post a recommendation as well.

    Aunty Evon has been helping me for the last five weeks and has taken good care of me, my baby and the rest of my family too. She cooks very well and you can tell she really enjoys cooking to make people happy. She also cooked for my mum and my husband even though she didn't have to and that was really nice of her.

    She is very pleasant, jovial and kind. She is exceptionally great with babies and was often able to comfort my baby when no one else could. She patiently taught us how to look after the baby e.g. How to bathe, how to comfort, how to bottle feed etc to make sure we will be ok after she leaves. She has even left some extra sauces that I like in the fridge for me :).

    Aunty Evon looked after my baby during the night so that I could have a good rest and that made my recovery so much better and faster. If you would rather breastfeed at night then Aunty Evon will bring the baby to you for you to breastfeed and she will help you to put the baby back to sleep so you can rest.

    Aunty Evon has 10 years of experience so she really knows what she is doing but she will also respect if you would like to do things your own way. We will really miss her when she goes.

    Aunty Evon can be contacted via WhatsApp. Her number is +60 16330 8664.
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  2. Geline46

    Geline46 New Member

    What's her cost?
  3. Ralia87

    Ralia87 New Member

    My confinement nanny is superb.. She all the way bought the wen tong ginger for me frm malaysia.. She cooks one day 2-3 soups for me, plus papaya fish soup, as I am a bfing mom.. My cl insist on going to the wet market which is 3 lrt stops away 2-3 times a week to get fresh meat n veggies for me, saying that during confinement, we shld nt be eating frozen meat.

    Everyday she wakes up, first thing is to sweep and mop the floor.. I hv vacuum cleaner and mop, yet she doesnt use, she tell me very noisy will wake baby up.. She uses broom to sweep, and hand mop with towel.. My floor has nv been so clean, auntie super hygiene, she make sure mo strand of hair is on the floor, and washes both my toilets 2 times a week. Not only that, each time she sees hair on the floor, she will pick it up.. She say got baby, must be very clean. Handwash my baby's clothings each time after he showers (baby showers twice a day).

    She daily sun bath my baby during the first 3 weeks of his birth, due to high jaudnice level (makes it worse when I bf). I shower everyday. She will prepare the wen tong ginger n lemongrass, she will pound them n boil it for me to shower, which is alot better than the 大风草. She even monitors how much I pump daily, whenever my supply shortfalls, she makes sure I am drinking enough red date tea, chasing me to go nap, ensuring that I rest and eat enough.

    She will always disturb me say why I dont wear socks during confinement (indirectly asking me to wear). Making sure when I am out with her to bring baby to polyclinic checkups, I am properly dressed and well cover up.

    After every pumping session, she will be the one helping me to wash my pump, trf the bm into bottles for next feedings or freezing them in my bm freezer for me. She always standby another bottle of bm after each feed, as my baby gives no warning on wanting milk.. He demands for milk every 1.5-2 hrs. She will always be the one bottle feeding my baby, burping him and talking to him during feeding.. During baby's shower time, she will ensure the temperature is right, close all the windows in the room, before undressing my baby. Then will tell my baby during shower, 我们洗眼睛,洗脸,抹嘴巴,洗屁股,洗耳朵,etc.. My baby has nv cry once during his shower time.

    Aunty loves children.. Her 3 kids are all grown up, her eldest grandchild already 17. She is only mid 50s. Super nice lady, very systematic and detail. Very thrifty, always tell me dont anyhow spend money, got money must save. Then make sure we always eat alr, then she eat (she paiseh to sit tgt with us and eat) then always keep fish and chicken for us, (keep telling us, you all eat.. Auntie always go temple eat vegetarian, nt use to eat meat). Then will make sure everything is cleanse well after everyone finishes.

    If anyone is keen, I am glad to share more.. :) I am just a well-served client of hers.. With lots of gratitude to her. This is my second birth, the first pregnancy I didnt do a gd confinement, I had extremely bad backaches for 10 years, after this confinement, I no longer live in such torture.
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  4. Marvelous

    Marvelous Active Member

    I would not hesitate to recommend my CL for my #2 - Wen Wen Jie (from batu pahat). She is in her early 50s, accomodating, not naggy & soft-spoken. I just finished my confinement with her, she is so good that I want to extend her but she already booked in Jan.

    I have a terrible CL (Mei Jie from Batam) during my #1, her cooking is so-so, calculative, initially she even try to tell me eat bread for breakfast which I rejected. I told her my hubby will eat same food as her but she told me she eat egg+vegetables for lunch & dinner so will not cook for my hubby, she is so lazy to cook that she rather eat egg+veggie for 4-5 days a week. And she is over-friendly with my maid that after knowing I dun allow my helper to have handphone, she gave my helper her old handphone.

    I have been through hell the first time and I am so glad that i found Wen Wen Jie to be my CL for my 2nd delivery, even my #1 like her.

    You could whatsapp/line her + 6011-10895429 preferably in Chinese. She will be in Singapore in Jan 2018, you may be able to call or whatsapp/line her at 86279169.
  5. BubbleB

    BubbleB New Member

    Hi Ralia87, would you mind to share your confinement lady contact please? Thank you
  6. aeagean

    aeagean New Member

    Hi, may I ask if you liaise with the CL directly or through agency? If go direct, any tips need to take note? For eg, do we need to sign contract or pay deposit or apply work permit for her? Abit not sure about how it works and hope to hear your advise! Thanks!
  7. Babylyn123

    Babylyn123 New Member


    Can I have the contact details of your nanny?

  8. Sjessh

    Sjessh New Member


    Does she cook good confinement food? Thanks
  9. HMin Tan

    HMin Tan New Member

    Hi, may I request for her contact number?
  10. Yan Lin

    Yan Lin Member

    Hi. I have engaged my confinement nanny, Auntie Susie for the second time as she is very caring towards infant. My girl has never had colic before and she has grown well under her care. She boiled yummy and nutritious soup to boost our milk supply. Main reason is her powerful herbal tea that she brew everyday. Or else I will not have been conceive after 2 months I stop breastfeeding. In short, she is good.
    She is light sleeper too. She hears every single noise baby makes and I rest really well.
    She is working in Australia as confinement nanny till July 2018 and is returning in August 2018.

    Ger contact number 91229385 and +60126489568.
  11. CheEu

    CheEu New Member

    Hi, may i have the contact for your CL please.

    Thank you.
  12. icyger86

    icyger86 Member

    Does she need to sleep in air con room at nite? Particular about food? Or like dun mind eating bread n jam for breakfast....n how is her usage of water like coz my previous CL keep on the air con in the afternoon n whole nite n use my dryer everyday for just a few piece of baby clothes n then she will comment on food like hint shd get her better food N lastly supportive of breastfeeding? I have issue with Baby latching so I hope she will be patient and try to cupfeed or syringe feed Baby n not keep asking me give fm n with bottle

    Wat are her charges for 28 days?
  13. icyger86

    icyger86 Member

    Does she need to sleep in air con room at nite? Particular about food? Or like dun mind eating bread n jam for breakfast....n how is her usage of water like coz my previous CL keep on the air con in the afternoon n whole nite n use my dryer everyday for just a few piece of baby clothes n then she will comment on food like hint shd get her better food N lastly supportive of breastfeeding? I have issue with Baby latching so I hope she will be patient and try to cupfeed or syringe feed Baby n not keep asking me give fm n with bottle

    Wat is her charges for 28 days?
  14. Wyu

    Wyu New Member

    Hi, mind to share her rate?
  15. Wyu

    Wyu New Member

    Hi, mind to share her rate?
  16. gishan

    gishan New Member

    Hi, may i have her contact number and do you mind to share her charges? thank you :)
  17. wasedr

    wasedr New Member

    I would also like to recommend my confinement nanny.
    1. Food / slimming
    She cook healthy food (fish, veg, egg, pork, soup) and she removes all the pork fats, hence, i was able cut a good 5kg after the 1st month. She cook nutritious soup for every meals and she knows what soup enhances breastmilk, hence, help me to improve my breastmilk supply.
    2. Baby
    I feel she genuinely likes infants, she has lots of paitence with the infants. She can bath my baby on the first day and my baby never cry, im impressed. She keeps me updated of my baby character and how she handled her so i will know after she leaves (very impt in my point of view). I feel safe that she takes care of my baby.
    3. Cleaning
    I dont expect her to do house cleaning, but she helps to wipe the floor when she is free. She also hand wash baby clothes because she thinks its overkill to use the washing machine to wash it everyday (need to wash everyday esp if have milk stain) .

    Im not getting any commission from recommending her, anyone looking for confinement nanny can contact her directly. Whatsapp Aunty Siew Kim at +60163075628
  18. Ralia87

    Ralia87 New Member

    Hello, she does not sleep in air con at night. And mostly she is eating more vegetables than meat or fish. She is pro-breastfeeding, she encourage alot and also cooks lots of soup to make sure i have enough water intake.
  19. Chanee

    Chanee New Member

    Hi dear, can you share the CL name and contact with me? Thanks.
  20. Ralia87

    Ralia87 New Member

    You may contact Skylene - 90281488
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  21. lynn01

    lynn01 New Member

  22. lynn01

    lynn01 New Member

    Hi, do u mind to share the charges for ur CL? TIA
  23. Ralia87

    Ralia87 New Member

    Hello Lynn, I was charged $2800. I think it depends on the edd period.
  24. Ashley Koh

    Ashley Koh New Member

    Hi Ertata, did you have to apply for work permit and pay levy for Aunty Evon?
  25. Joleeandbean

    Joleeandbean New Member


    Can you provide me her contact number? Thank you.

  26. FTmummy123

    FTmummy123 New Member

    Hi Ralia87, contacted Skylene and found out she runs a confinement nanny agency and isn’t your confinement lady. May I know what’s the name of your confinement lady? Thank you!
  27. CHuiLing

    CHuiLing New Member

    hi.. i want the contact of confinement nanny
  28. wonderlust LC

    wonderlust LC New Member

  29. mikimooster

    mikimooster New Member

    Thanks Ertata for the recommendation.
    Currently I am engaging Aunty Evon as my confinement nanny, and I must say that she is really taking very good care of me and the baby.

    She is vey jovial and well knowledge about taking care of baby, I have learnt alot from her. And she cooks pretty well and she even cook extra portion for my husband too. I believe if you take care of the nanny, the nanny will take good care of your family too. She make sure I have enough rest because she says to have more breastmilk, i need plenty of rest, taking care of the baby at night so that i can rest well too.

    Agree with Ertata that she is very experience and patient with baby, and she love taking care of my baby too! I think its my good fortune to be able to engage her as my nanny and would definitely recommend her to anyone else who is looking for one especially first time mommy, you will definitely learn alot from her.

  30. Goldenkobe

    Goldenkobe New Member


    Do you mind sharing how much does she cost, how long did you engage her for? Also her contact number? Thank you.
  31. Candear

    Candear New Member

    Hi Miki, can I check if Evon requires a deposit before she starts or do u pay her on the day she turns up? Mind sharing how much deposit? You can PM me. thanks.
  32. Loo Sui Chin

    Loo Sui Chin New Member

    Alternatively, you can try to contact Homey Confinement Agency. They have experienced & good nanny. :)


    Whatsapp +65 93923100

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