Confinement Lady for Twins


Hi, I have a good and experience nanny to recommend. She attended the confinement nanny training course in KKH just few months ago. You can contact Mary at 97788522. She is currently a live in nanny at my house but Im able to make work arrangement to work from home therefore I do not require her service by end of this month to save some cost too. Helping to promote her service

Hazel Chang

New Member
Hi all,
I would like to recommend my confinement lady Aunty Xin Lan who is from Malaysia. I'm very satisfied with her service as she has taken very good care of me and my baby.
Best points about her:
1) she can cook very well.
2) she has great experience taking care of babies; can see from the way she handles and manages the needs of my baby
3) she shows genuine care and love for my baby, very gentle and patient handling her.
4) she is very tidy, hygiene-conscious and ensures safety of baby at all time
5) she imparts her knowledge on taking care of baby and continues to give after care service.

Her phone number is +078615513(home), +0177852978(Malaysia hp),
+6583874398(Singapore hp),
+6583239514 (her daughter's hp)

All the best and hope u will consider her service