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Changes in household with two under 3 years old

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by Sunnydaysagainz, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Hello mummies, I'm due to deliver my number 2 in September and the thoughts of managing a household with 2 children under 3 years old is stressing me out. Hence I would like to ask for some tips! Currently, my no. 1 goes to preschool, I will prepare him for school, bring him back from school about 4.30pm and prepares dinner for him. Daddy and I will take turns to put him to bed. I'm working and on the days when I end late (beyond 4.30pm), my MIL will bring him back, cook dinner and bathe him.

    I'm thinking to get a confinement nanny to help my post partum. The issue is who will help me prepare my no.1 for school and cooks his dinner? My MIL can help but I don't really want her over everyday as it will be too overwhelming with so many people at my house. After the nanny leaves, I intend to hire a helper who can help me with the household chores and meal preparations. This is, if I can convince my husband we need the help and I get a good helper. There's only one spare room for the nanny, hence I don't think I can have a helper at the same time too.

    As I'm may need to do c-sect... I really don't know how understanding my no. 1 will be. When he sees me around, he wants me to carry him, eat with him, bathe him and read to him... Just imagining this makes me stress.

  2. mismulu

    mismulu New Member

    if u are getting a helper, i think best to have her here before u give birth. that way, u n ur no. 1 will have time to get use to her, u have time to teach ur helper n u save the money for the confinement nanny. helper can help take care of the bb under ur watch. if u worry about confinement food, u can order.

    i think best to have most changes happen before no. 2 arrives. else, too many changes, ur no. 1 will have a hard time adjusting.

    from now to sep, u have time to choose helper. if don't like, can still change.
  3. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    Similar situation as me but I'm very glad to have my parents & MIL to help cos I know I can't do it all by myself. I let anyone to take care of my number 1 now so she doesn't just stick to me. I started that when she was just few months old so when I went back to work, she didn't just look for me. She is ok with any close care giver.

    I brought my no. 1 to see my gynae together so she knows she is going to have another human being at home with her.

    I also have a helper to help with household chores so the elders just need to look after the children. If you have plan to get one, hire her at least 3 months before you 2nd one is coming out so you have time to train her. They need time to adjust and if you don't like her or for whatever reason you need to change her, it takes another few months.

    So if you are feeling overwhelmed that your MIL comes everyday, learn to let go and be glad that she is willing to do that. You will appreciate a lot when you really need the help.
  4. Thank you mummy. You really can let it go and let others help you. :) Guess that's one thing which I have been quite insistent on, to do as much as I can because I'm the mummy. Haha... Now i have already tried to let go more as compared to the start.

    I also think that I need to hire a helper early but my husband feels that we need a confinement nanny to help... Have to see how it goes then. We are quite scared of handing newborns... and a nanny will help us to great lengths
  5. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    I will have a confinement and nanny to help at the same time. When it comes to help, there is nothing called too much help.

    And if I don't let go, there are a lot of things I can't do and I can't focus at work. Outcome will be disastrous and I really don't want to get there. When I go home, then I attend to my child so we are still doing what a mother needs to do. We just have more roles to play these days.
  6. mismulu

    mismulu New Member

    have to let go, else we will go crazy :)

    jia you

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