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Best Stretch mark product

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by natalie50, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. natalie50

    natalie50 New Member

    Hi ladies,

    Just curious if anyone may advocate an honest band serum and cream/oil? I haven't used any yet as I'm only 13 weeks but prevention is better than cure & I want to start using one!

    I've had a look at dermelastic serum & bio-oil, price isn't really an issue as I'd rather pay more and reduce the risk!

    Thanks for any help

  2. MummieT

    MummieT Member

    Hello, you may want to try Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil (Stretchmark Oil)
  3. veetanz

    veetanz New Member

    Hello! I like Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter actually. Find the smell more tolerable. Mustela Maternite is good as well, but somehow Burt's Bees absorbs the fastest in my opinion. :)
  4. Floyd tom

    Floyd tom New Member

    Stretch marks can be very disheartening but at the same time it can be controlled...we sell the best beauty products ranging from lipsticks,make over kit,black spot cleaner etc....interested?...add us via email with elizabethtiti1987@gmail.com...we also do home delivery and massage services
  5. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    Stretch marks are genetic. Your genes will determine how obvious/deep/bad they are. Oils and serum can only moisturize your skin to help lessen their appearance slightly. The only effective method to get rid or dramatically reduce stretch marks is to go for Fractional Lasers like Fraxel or SmartX Microresurfacing after giving birth. Couple it with Venus Legacy or Ulthera to lift and tighten after your skin after resurfacing. Costly, but at least there is a way out. :)
  6. Carol Lin

    Carol Lin Member

    What happened if I leave it for 7 months later then only get solution for stretch marks? Can I still use bio oil for my marks?
  7. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    It will only lighten it slightly but it won't go away and it will still remain visible. There are no creams, oils or serums in the market that can get rid of stretchmarks. Go for lasers and skin resurfacing if you want a permanent solution.
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  8. Carol Lin

    Carol Lin Member

    Okay... thanks for your suggestion.. I will think about it☺️
  9. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    All the best!

    Personally I am waiting to be completely done with having children (this is my #2 and if all's good, I'm good to "close shop") and then I'll embark on my skin resurfacing and tightening journey. But I've seen real life results from my friends who have had the treatment and it does work.

    You need at least 6 to 10 sessions though so it can add up to be quite expensive. But once you've cleared it successfully, you don't have to go back again. The "new skin" is permanent unless you get pregnant again or stretch the skin again by rapidly gaining a lot of weight.
  10. Carol Lin

    Carol Lin Member

    Thank you my dear btw, is it pain for laser?
  11. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    No, they will apply numbing cream. And they will adjust the strength of the laser based on the condition of your stretchmarks. If you want to go for lesser sessions and can take more discomfort post-laser, they will increase the strength. But they will usually recommend you to take it slow, not because they want to earn more money as you'll go for more sessions (although they will be), but it's because it's better to let your skin resurface and heal gradually and allow it time to condition itself to the treatment. So that the healing process and healing outcome is better controlled as well.
  12. Carol Lin

    Carol Lin Member

    Okay, i think I will choose for laser... I even think of using tattoo to cover my stretch marks, for now I think I don't need to but just go for laser... ❤️
  13. Elaine__

    Elaine__ New Member

    Hi dear, did you go for the treatment in the end? And do u have any clinics to recommend for the lasers and skin refractioning? There are so many clinics in Singapore and I have no experience in this field.

    I am currently done with my second baby and would like to fix my stretch marks once and for all :(

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