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Best place to buy bulky items - cots/playpen/bassinet/stroller

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by bladers, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. bladers

    bladers New Member

    Can anyone recommend me the best place/s to buy bulky items like cots, playplens, strollers, bassinets..? In terms of variety, design and pricing..?

    Went to Toys r us, but not so much vaeriety only there were more strollers...

  2. delirioushome

    delirioushome New Member

    you might wanna try baby hypermart located at kaki bukit
  3. bladers

    bladers New Member

    thanks will check it out.
  4. veriblur

    veriblur Member

    Or u can wait for Great S'pore sale? Prices at shopping mall like John Little & Robinson comparable too.
  5. blueydoo

    blueydoo Member

    Can try Cheong Choon Store at Chinatown. Blk 34 Upper Cross Street #03-132. Tel: 65323855. Nothing much in the showroom, but they have catalogue, so you can visit departmental stores to check out what you want and let them know the model no. and they will let you know the price. I just ordered a Combi stroller for my friend and it is about $20 - $30 off retail price.

    They open Mon - Sat from 1.30 pm onwards until i think 6 or 6+ pm. Can call and ask.
  6. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    I got my baby cot from Kidsmall(IMM) and now they are having a sale. A cot at $799 selling for $499 now. Free delivery and assemble too. Cot made in Italy.
  7. spyder_696

    spyder_696 New Member

    hi bladers.. u might like to try OG (chinatown) or JL (opposite somerset mrt) when they are doing 20% off... i get most of my stuff from them... cheers...
  8. bladers

    bladers New Member

    thanks george will visit these places
  9. storeberry

    storeberry Active Member

    I second Cheong Choon as well, think the items are cheaper than baby hypermart. [​IMG]
  10. nabmum

    nabmum New Member

    i went to cheong choon before, like blueydoo said, not much in the shop but they have alot of cataloges. And the prices seem competative too hypermart too [​IMG]
  11. lstephie

    lstephie New Member

    do they have brnds like peg perego n maxi cosi?
  12. nabmum

    nabmum New Member

    if not wrong i think maxi cosi have (in catalogue) [​IMG] but the stroller not sure leh. Gotta go n chk it out 4 urself [​IMG]
  13. jem

    jem New Member

    there was a motherhood at around this time last year, so look out for it. may not be able to buy many bulky items there but you can buy stuff like baby detergent, shampoo, bath soap etc at pretty good prices.
    bought most of my stuff at kiddy palace with their membership card (10% discount) which you get free after spending $100, lasts for one year.
  14. jaschar83

    jaschar83 Active Member

    if u don't mind second hand stuff, there are lots of mummies selling good stuff. i bought some too but u'll need transport to collect from their homes
  15. nabmum

    nabmum New Member

    Also agree wif charlotte [​IMG] got my cot and loads of bulky toys from the mums at SMH. Now into my 3rd bby and still using them. Just bcoz it's 2nd doesn't means it's old n broken, some in super good condition, n can outlast ur bby's usage. BUT need to always be on look out for good deals lor...
  16. november

    november New Member

    hi there..i have a maxi cosi baby car seat for sale..totally brand new..nv sit b4 de..sellin at $220..contact me at 9685 4756 if interested yea..=D[​IMG]
  17. mother0f2

    mother0f2 New Member

    Can try baby Kingdom just two doors away from Baby Hypermart.... :)
  18. earl_grey

    earl_grey Member


    I recommend getting baby stuff like cot, stroller and car seat from Baby Avenue, the sister store of Baby's Hyperstore. I prefer it because the wares there are better organized and displayed, less crowded and therefore the staff have more time to attend to us. When hubby and I visited Baby's Hyperstore, we wandered around for half an hour and left without being served because it was so crowded that the staff had no time for us at all. But when we went to Baby Avenue on a Saturday afternoon, there were very few customers and a staff member was with us all the time, answering our questions and demonstrating how to use the items. We eventually bought a cot, a car seat and a Medela Mini Electric Pump package from them.

    I am generally satisfied with the service and quality of goods at Baby Avenue, the staff there are much more attentive and informative than those of Baby's Hyperstore and Baby Kingdom. Price wise, I paid $30 to become their member so as to enjoy members' discount and free delivery, hence I spent $288 on an Inglesina car seat (u. p. $338) and $298 on the Vanille cot with free mattress and 9-piece bedding set (u. p. $358). I saw the same cot with mattress and bedding set selling at $369 in Tangs and John Little later on, so I guess the $30 I paid for membership was quite worthwhile then.

    Baby Avenue website: www.baby-avenue.com
  19. alvee

    alvee Member

    I called Cheong Choon based on the number above & made a discovery for the number is the same as that for Baby Hypermart which I'd called earlier to enquire about the cost of Maxi Cosi car seat.
    And to me, its the same lady who had answered my call at BabyHypermart. I'm suspecting both are owned by the same people.

    First time around I asked about the car seat with Baby Hypermart, the lady had to check and return my call as I enquired specifically about a colour model. This time around, the lady who answered when I dialled Cheong Choon (note the number is the same) answered yes when I asked if this is Cheong Choon and she didn't have to check, but could answer me straight away on availability. I think she is able to do so as she has done the homework when I'd called her at Baby Hypermart earlier.

    I wonder if anyone can confirm my suspicion that both are owned by same people? Because if it is indeed so, then we mothers really can just treat these 2 places as one since I believe the prices should be the same.
  20. bdr80

    bdr80 New Member

    Hi.. don mean to intrude ur post..i seems to have problem creating new thread.... in case oer tts interested P3 in surf.. I have 1 to let go...CASH n CARRY from BEDOK RESERVOIR.

    Bought last year December. Pram is a spare pram.. I have 2 P3 n another tandem. Uses the tandem more often.Pram hardly used n look very brand new n well taken care. NO OBVIOUS scratch or stains.

    Original retail was S$580...now i saw at first few years selling at $640... I'm willing to let go S$340. This is a good catch for those who wants their value for money... but still getting a higher end product..

    Peg Perego are made in ITALY... thus u can trust the qualit n durability. Pram is very easy to manouver despite of the weight of 2 children..
    -suitable for newborn till up to 30kg
    -standing board for 2nd child
    -sun hood can be pull all the way down
    -compact umbrella fold
    -mum's cup holder
    -removable fabric tt can be wash
    These are impt factors tt mum should consider for a good pram...

    Interest n Serious buyer pls PM or contact me @ bdr_80@yahoo.com
  21. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    may i kow wat brand of playpen did u all buy?

    how much and where?

    does it comes together w/ mattress?

    wat to look out for when buying one?

    i know there r many sizes, the bigger the better?
  22. rykgirl

    rykgirl Member

    I bought my baby's playpen in JB (City Square) Cartoon Kingdom or something.. It's quite hard to see from outside cos they display all the way back in the shop.. Only @ RM198.. SUPER value for money! 2 levels with side pocket & mosquito net.. Very pretty also.. We love it till now..

    My yao yao given to us by my in-laws.. They also bought it from Parkson (They said near Holiday Plaza) for RM99..

    It's ok if u drive.. But if not, then it's not convenient le.. We were on budget for baby stuff, so we decided to drive to JB to have a look.. XD.. Lucky we stay woodlands and we drive also..
  23. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    ToysRus has some great bargains too. Graco playpen under $100 when I last went. Sometimes they have sturdy stroller/travel systems for under $200 for those on very strict budgets but want trusty American brands.

    NTUC Xtra at AMK Hub also not too bad 'cos they have Lucky Baby playpen at $79.90 at times and stroller brands like Combi. Good for those who want NTUC link points.

    Otherwise, Baby Hyperstore at Kaki Bukit has the widest price range 'cos they sell warehouse (old models) stocks.
  24. gbhfdlmum

    gbhfdlmum Member

    Hi mommies, I've a Maxi Cosi Cabrofix infant car seat just like the picture above for sale. Only it's blue. I used it only once. Selling at S$220 so pm me if interested.
  25. vyneenvy

    vyneenvy New Member


    I have a pre-loved Capella stroller letting go at $150 (neg). Used for about 10 times locally as a back up stroller to nearby places only. Bought about 6mths ago.

    Pls note that mine is red and not green as shown but it is exactly the same as the pics less the colour difference.

    Specs follow:

    - 5 points harness
    - Multiple recline positions
    - Canopy & very large shopping basket included
    - For newborn up to 15kg
    - Machine washable seat cover
    - Full canopy
    - Weight: 8.5kg

    One button, one handed folding system.
    Very sturdy stroller[​IMG]
  26. lydiatay81

    lydiatay81 New Member

    Almost brand new bassinet for sale. Willingly to let go at $60 and buyer will also get an almost brand new gym play mat for free. Willingly to deliver the bassinet to your place regardless of any location if required. Interested buyer pls email to me at lydiatay81@yahoo.com.sg
  27. lizzielu

    lizzielu New Member

    If your stroller has a detachable bassinet, you can also use this as your baby's first bed.


    Handy if you already have a bassinet as part of a stroller


    You may spend time taking the bassinet on and off the stroller base
    You may need to buy a separate mattress

    Parents' tip: Although your stroller bassinet is suitable for night-time sleeping, your mattress may not be, so check with your retailer or manufacturer before you buy to see if you will need to buy a separate mattress. A mattress which is suitable for night-time sleeping needs to be firm, not soft, to support your baby while she sleeps.
    Visit more : Moses Baskets

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