Bad confinement nanny experience


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Hi everyone,

I have a very bad experience with this confinement nanny called Janet Foo (Ipoh). Her number is +60 12 593 0298. Im a FTM and its my first time engaging a confinement nanny. The one im suppose to engaged was stuck in malaysia. Hope my review helps if you are engaging her and be prepared mentally beforehand.

She quoted me $3.2k and requested for a minimum $50 开工 red packet and $50 收工 red packet. She said that if she does well i can give her more. Ok, if she is good i dont mind giving her more. She was supposed to work for us 2 weeks and said her friend will come for the next 2 weeks (Im going to talk about this later).

When she arrived the first day, she didnt do much except cooking for my dinner and was sitting at her room using her phone. She was also bad mouthing her previous clients which was already a bad indicator but i wasnt aware yet of what is coming. She wasnt initiative unless you tell her to do something. First few days she didnt do a wipe down for my baby or change my baby clothes into pyjamas before sleep, didnt apply lotion as well. Both my husband and i didnt know it was necessary until a few days later when our friends came by and mentioned. We asked her about it then she started doing. Next she said she dont hand wash baby clothes. Only use washing machine. I was firm on this and she reluctantly agreed. (But i found out later part of my confinement that she secretly use washing machine to wash my baby clothes and lied to me) Both my husband and i prefer baby to room with us, i thought this have lessen her workload by alot. But she dont even want to do the basic chores a confinement nanny does?? Thats plain lazy.

Thats not all. The food she cooked for me is always not served hot or warm. My vege was cold despite me telling her a number of times. And she doesnt even inform me when my meals are cooked. She pre fry the ginger slice and sesame oil and store them in containers. I dont know how long she has kept them. But its not suppose to be this way. The nanny is suppose to freshly fry the ginger slices. Not pre fry it and store for weeks. She doesnt listen even i told her i prefer my ginger freshly cooked. She neither cook for my husband nor wash his clothes/dishes. She only prepare breakfast lunch dinner for me. No tea break unless you request it from her. And you know what's best? She asked me if i want to eat hotdog or ham during first week. That's totally not confinement food at all. I realised she prefers taking the easy way out. And the soup? ... I doubt im drinking the correct soup. She has prepared the papaya fish soup wrongly. The colour was dark brown which was not supposed to be the case. She always cook the same soup, and another bland pork rib soup which taste like water. Always cooking repetitive meals for me and its not nice. Considering that im not too picky a eater, its really quite bad. My tingkat food im ordering now is so much better than hers!

And after one week, she told me very casually that her friend cant come already. Meaning we have to survive on our own for the rest of the 2 weeks. She didnt even apologize. But we were also abit relieved as i dont think we want her friend to work for us, she might be the same pattern. On the other hand, we also think that there isnt a friend to take over at the beginning. She probably has a 2 weeks gap and just took our job, giving us a false promise there is another friend to take over her.

What i really do not like about her bad attitude and laziness. She lied to me when I asked her why is the baby clothes in the washing machine. Her reply was that she is drying them!! My washer doesnt have drying function and i saw with my own eyes water coming out from the machine to wash the clothes. She even tell my mum that she will cook but my mum need to wash the dishes?? Also, she talks back often and is rude to my mum. When i ask her some things nicely, she gave me black face and talk in a nasty way. Thinking that we know nothing and she knows everything, not receptive of our opinions and concerns. I endured with it because she still handles my baby to some extent eg changing diapers and bottle feed her. My parents are easy going people but they were upset too.

I really do not want anyone to experience what i had. Its really a nightmare. Was really glad she didnt work the full 1 month. Just my luck to hire such a nanny. Now without her, we felt much happier and i dont think i will ever engage a confinement nanny again after this horrific experience.
Hi Ash,

seems like a tormenting confinement month for you. may I ask if you engaged her based on free lance basis or through agency?
Hi Ash,

Sorry to learn of your bad experience. I encountered similar problems with a bad nanny (freelance) for my first child too. Decided to play it safe for my second child and went with agency (Confinement Angels). Can really feel the difference and ended up engaging my nanny for an additional week (35 days in total).

I would recommend my nanny Maggie if you ever consider a nanny again and experience the difference for yourself! She's very hardworking, proactive and has a bubbly personality. She cooked really delicious meals for me and my whole family, and even prepared extra portions for my parents. She also helped me with household chores and always ensure I had enough rest. I was really amazed at how she could manage everything so well!

Best of luck with everything :)