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Babysitter at Senja Road

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by unicornwithlove, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. unicornwithlove

    unicornwithlove New Member

    Hi all,

    My mum is an experienced babysitter with over 10 years of experience in caring for new born and toddlers.

    She provides day-time babysitting service to Chinese families at Senja Road.

    Do reach out to me for more details.

    Thank you!

  2. Deblin

    Deblin New Member

    Hi Unicorn

    I'm staying at Senja road , looking for experienced baby sitter next year June..6 months baby. Contact me lpflinda@yahoo.com.sg
  3. ycthen

    ycthen New Member

    May i have your contact? please contact me at 90282233
  4. ycthen

    ycthen New Member

    Hi, did unicornwithlove reply u with her contact no? thanks!
  5. Kanchongdaddy

    Kanchongdaddy New Member

    I am looking for baby sitter at Senja area. Is your
    Mum still looking for baby?
  6. unicornwithlove

    unicornwithlove New Member

    Hi, my mum is babysitting now.
  7. babyfats

    babyfats Member

    I have PM-ed you :)

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