Baby feeding and sleeping


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To all mummies here,

I need your advice. My baby girl who is 5 months old has some sleeping discorder I think. Every time when she’s tired and wants to sleep, she will cry and has to be cajole for a while in my arms sitting upright position before she can sleep.

For feeding, even if it’s time for her feed (every 4 hours), she will only drink about 50ml and until she sleeps, then I can gave her the remaining BM. Is like dreamfeeding. Only through this way, I am able to give her an average about 600ml a day. But I am worried that if she doesn’t sleep enough, then the milk intake will drop as well.

Any advice from the mummies here or you have similar problem ? Much appreciated.


Hi.. My baby abt 5 mths like also have the same feeding issue. I think is temporary one... They call it a period they sick of milk.. Now my baby 9mths.. She drinking quite OK now..


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My baby is 2 month old and she is beginning to be harder to feed esp at night causing mummy and daddy distress . She cannot decide whether or not to throw a tantrum or feed her hunger so it’s gettunf harder to feed her as she will struggles and cried a lot and cry more intense when I get the bottle out her mouth .
Any advice ?