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Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by oceans, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    May gal currently in K1 now and suppose to go Primary one in Year 2011.
    <font color="0000ff">2009 - Kindergarten 1
    2010 - Kindergarten 2
    2011 - Primary One</font>

    Sounds abit early to post here, but I learnt that if I wanna enrol my gal to my choice of Primary School, I need to start to volunteer my services to the school now when she is in K1.

    Jus went to read up from the website from MOE, i realised that for this year registeration for 2010 Primary One, the Parent must join volunteer before 31 july 2008.

    Goosh.... does that meant i am too late?

    Anyone here preparing ur kids for Primary One in Year 2011?

    Seriously, i am clueless about this primary one registration. Thot that as long as i dun choose super good school, anywhere that is near me will be ok.... [​IMG]

    Anyone know what we need to prepare them huh?

  2. momof2

    momof2 New Member

    To be exact, you need to registered for PV by this year. Different school have different "closing date". Some very early. Most importantly, your distant of your house to the selected school plays a very important part.

    I will recommend you to go to this forum...very very informative when comes to selection and registration for your child.


    Hope you will find this useful.
  3. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Actually, I have email the school, but till todate, no response... [​IMG]
  4. momof2

    momof2 New Member

    You need to be very pro-active. Don't wait for them, usually they will not call you. You have to call up after you email them.

    Check out the website... And hope u will have clearer pictures.

    All the best.
  5. ctrlaltdel

    ctrlaltdel Member

    Hi, most likely you have missed the cut off date for registration already. Most cut off date is end June, for more popular schools, it would be cut off way earlier.
  6. sweetheart

    sweetheart Member

    email sometimes does not work. the best thing is to go to the school and ask. better hurry, u just might be able to catch them as now P1 exercise is just over.
  7. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    The PV Cut-off is 30/06/2009 for P1 enrollment in 2011,
    it's better to go to the school &amp; enquire since it's August now.

    Which school are you looking at?
  8. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Yap, I actually email them again. This round they had replied liao, but i was shocked to learn that i had already missed the registration PV date.

    The closing date for 2011 Registration is actually Jun this year. [​IMG] Why so early...

    Am staying in woodland, so the nearest school to my mum place is Evergreen. Thot it is a new school, and who know, it is one of the popular schools here.... [​IMG]

    <font color="ff0000">For kids who are born between 2 Jan 2005 to 1 Jan 2006, pls note that you should start to register for PV sometimes in Jan 2010 if you wanna increase the chance of getting in school of ur choice.</font>
  9. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    yah, some schools stop taking PVs after they have enough intakes.
  10. baobei

    baobei New Member

    Any good recommendation of school in Jurong West Zone?
  11. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Leng Leng,
    I din expect it to be so early.... Thot still got time leh...[​IMG]

    The school told me so far, there is ballot for the past few yrs, and my heart sank.. [​IMG] Wonder if i join RC now can work or not...

    U may wanna look at MOE website for school. Nowsaday, find tat even primary enrolment is so competitive...
  12. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    I think join RC also have timeframe...
    Need to check around...
    Hiaz.. those interesting stuffs we can do for our kids...
  13. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    yep, agree with what TLL said.
    To be considered an active community leader, it is usually expected the RC member to be in the executive committee and the 1 yr will be counted from the time when one is in the committee and not from the time u join.
    Meaning once u have join RC, u will only join the meetings as an observer, after which if u have contributed enough, meaning in block parties, CC events etc. Then your RC may invite to join the executive committee.
    One also has to note that to fall under phase 2B, u must ensure your RC covers the constituency that the school u wish to put in. Meaning if u stay in Rivervale in SengKAng, u are not eligible for Nan Chiau becos Nan Chiau is under AMK GRC and not Pasir Ris - Punggol.
  14. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    I think so too... but there was actually nothing stated in MOE website on this time frame. It merely said join as RC or CC members....

    Urgh... seriously, i dun really have time to do this volunteer as been working late daily... but think cos the school is really within 1km from my mum's place, i jus wanna my gal to go there for convenience purposes.

    For me, think it is the same constituency under Sembawang. But think instead of RC, maybe need to join as CC member instead. Cos RC serves within the few block, while CC serves the wider community...

    So now abit confuse, dun noe which one i am suppose to join...
  15. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    There's no diff between CCC and RC in terms of constituency coverage. As long as the RC u are in is the same constituency as the school, then u will be under phase 2B.
    I suppose u can say the moment u are in CCC, u are considered active??? I'm not sure about that. And of cos u can serve in the CCC where u do not live in, unlike RC whereby u must be a resident in that constituency. For CCC, usually u need someone to nominate u to join too.
    That is as much as i understand from hubby.
  16. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Really? Need someone to nominate? Alamak... i only wish to join and do some community work since cant join PV now.[​IMG]

    Actually, my prefernce is to join PV, so that at least anything in school, i noe mah. Hehehe... [​IMG]
  17. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Btw, these are the phases of P1 Registration:-

    <font color="0000ff">Phases of Primary One Registration Exercise
    Phase 1
    For a child who has a sibling studying in a school of choice.

    All children registered under this phase will be given places in schools.

    Phase 2A1
    For a child whose parent is a former student of the school and who has joined the alumni association as a member not later than 30 Jun 2008; or whose parent is a member of the School Advisory/Management Committee.

    Phase 2A2
    For a child whose parent or sibling has studied in the school of choice; or whose parent is a staff member of the school of choice.

    Phase 2B2
    For a child whose parent has joined the school as a parent volunteer not later than xxx and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by xxx; or whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school; or whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader.

    Phase 2C
    For a child who is ineligible for or unsuccessful in earlier phases.

    Phase 2C Supplementary
    For a child who is unsuccessful in gaining a place in a school of choice at Phase 2C.

    Category 23: Children who are neither Singapore Citizens nor Singapore Permanent Residents

    Phase 3
    For a child who is neither a Singapore Citizen nor a Permanent Resident.</font>

    Should the number of applications exceed the number of vacancies in any phase, places will be balloted according to the following order of priority:

    Children living within 1 km of the school of choice.
    Children living between 1 km and 2 km of the school of choice.
    Children living outside 2 km of the school of choice.

    At the end of Phase 2A(2), 50% of the remaining places will be allocated for phase 2B and the other 50% for Phase 2C registrants in a school. In the event that less than 50% of the allocated vacancies are taken up at Phase 2B, the remaining vacancies will be carried forward to Phase 2C. ↩
    Children who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents and who have not registered at any of the earlier phases are also eligible to register at this phase. Registration in this phase will be done on a first-come-first-served basis. ↩
  18. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    if it's near your mum's place,
    I think there's a caretaker phase something leh...
  19. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    Yep, should there be more applicants than vacancies in phase 2b, the distance part oso come into place. So ensure u check the school's past registration records. Otherwise one could end up "wasting" time voulunteering.
    In some popular schools, they may not even take one in for PV if they think the child has a slim chance of getting in under phase 2b.
    If applying using caretaker's address, the person must sign off as the child's guardian and must sign declaration too, to prevent abuse.
  20. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Leng Leng,
    Yap, there is a declaration to be made, but at the end, will still be in Phrase 2C.... and under the footnote of 1km, 1and 2km, etc..

    Btw, u leh? Is ur kids going Pri 1 soon?

    Actually, i checked with the school. Under my current situation, I fall under Phase 2C. Which is why I wanna do PV... at least to be in Phase 2B2.

    The school already told me that for the past few yrs, there is balloting under Phase 2C. So, it appeared stay near also risky.... [​IMG] Tat's y i need to move my chance to 2B2... at least higher chance mah...

    Really dun understand why to get in the nearest Pri 1 can be so difficult....
  21. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    our #1 will be in P1 only in 2011 [​IMG]
  22. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    So, urs is born in Year 2004 right? Mine is going to be in P1 in 2011 too. [​IMG]

    Din know must "start work" now to secure a higher chance..
  23. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    yup, she's 2004 May baby. [​IMG]
  24. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    So do u need to do PV? Oic, so same year to enrol in P1. [​IMG]

    I thot i was early to prepare, but end up, i am late liao... [​IMG]
  25. 2sleepy

    2sleepy New Member

    My dd2 going to primary school in 2011. She's phrase 1 because dd1 is already studying in a primary school. I did PV [​IMG]
  26. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    signed up at Yumin Pri,
    they hadn't asked me to do anything yet...
  27. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    yawn yawn,
    So nice. At least now u can sit back and relax. [​IMG] Not like me now, trying to secure a place in the neighbour school...

    Wow, u so fast. [​IMG] At least u still got chance....... not like me now... under phrase 2C. The school jus tell me all vancies filled for PV... [​IMG]
  28. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    not all schools need to do PV,
    you can check with them. [​IMG]
  29. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Evergreen (i think[​IMG]) needs to do PV.

    Recently, jus realised they are one of the good schools. All along, i thot it is a neighbourhood school.[​IMG]

    Straggled... [​IMG]
  30. she_she

    she_she New Member

    hi ocean,
    how good of evergreen is? u mean along with the other neighbourhood schools or woodlands area?
  31. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    go to the school &amp; find out lor,
    no point guessing. [​IMG]

    If there are special things you can contribute,
    they may still be able to accept you...
    Like... donate a HALL? hehehe...

    No lah, like taking up a CCA,
    giving short course to students/teachers, etc... [​IMG]
  32. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Actually i dun noe how gd is the school. Jus heard it is one of the gd schools in Wdld. I dun noe as compared to the standard, how gd it is... [​IMG] For me, I jus wanna get my gal in that school cos it is nearer to home. [​IMG]

    School tells me already closed, so it is not guessing, but rather had checked. [​IMG]
    Me, DONATE A HALL? Hahhaaa... that will be nice.. too bad, dun have so much money. [​IMG]
  33. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    that's bad news...
    Need to source for better lorbangs liao... [​IMG]
  34. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Yar lor... had sign up of CDC via online. Dun noe will it work that way or not.... Enrolment to pri 1 also so jiat luck one.... [​IMG]
  35. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    hehe... Good Luck.. [​IMG]
  36. kohbohtua

    kohbohtua New Member

    How about preparing the child before P1? Has anyone used enrichment schools in addition to normal school?
  37. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    my child is also 2004 baby. If your child attend CC or kidergarten, i think u can rest assure on the core subjects. Personally i feel it will be good if u can culitvate your child to sit alone and focus on his/her task. That i find is the most difficult for my child. Get your child to complete a task e.g reading or fixing a jig saw puzzle for 15 - 30min and then slowly increase the time frame. I think most parents have problems getting their child to sit down to finish their work or concentrate in class at a stretch.
  38. shana_qita

    shana_qita New Member

    Hi all
    Reading all your entries has made me more stressed.. My daughter is a Mar 2004 baby and will be startig p1 in 2011.. I live in Woodlands but want her to go to either CHIJ Kellock or CHIJ Bt Timah. Because i'm not an old girl and it's not within 2km from my house, is that chances of her getting into the school very low?? I understand that the application to volunteer has already closed so what else can i do to increase my chances?? I am seriously clueless... And very stressed out...
  39. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    My daughter is also a 2004 kid. However, it is not a problem for her to register for P1 bcos my son is already in the school.

    I'm trying to get her to sit down beside her every night when my son does his homework. I've bought quite a few books of assessment books for K1, but pick &amp; choose topics which will be taught in the school syllabus. For eg simple addition, patterns, ordinal numbers.

    It's tough getting her to sit down to focus, but 15 min of quality time is more impt than quantity. When she gets restless, I will either do some colouring or read her a story.
  40. 2sleepy

    2sleepy New Member

    What about enrichment classes? is your child attending any, besides kindergarten?
  41. 2sleepy

    2sleepy New Member

  42. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    I agree with MomOf2. Have to be KS and call up the school to check status, ie if you have written in to be a PV. A very good friend of mine told me this. To a certain degree, gotta be thick-skinned too. Don't wait, the school will not call.
  43. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Another option is to b active community leader.... but hor, not sure if need to b at least 1 yr or not...

    The PV already close... i contact the school, but was told they no longer need PV.. [​IMG] Actually, i jus wanna a neighbourhood school that is near... haiz... din expect nowsaday primary school also can b so competitive...

    Currently, i had my gal learning phonics. Am looking ard for chinese class too..
  44. she_she

    she_she New Member

    which phonics class is your child attending? can he or she able to read now? TIA
  45. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    Ocean and Shana,
    Yes, to apply under Phase 2b, one has to be an acitve community leader for a year. To be considered active, they will expect the parent to be in the excecutive committee.
  46. oceans

    oceans Well-Known Member

    Actually am attending those classes by the RC. She was there for 1 yrs plus, since nursery. So far, can read those simple words and short sentences, such as "Pat has a cat." As the classes is abt S$12.50 per 2 hrs lesson, thot is ok since i too lazy to teach. [​IMG]

    Urgh... that's meant i not in time for the registeration next yr? P1 registeration likely to be on Jun 2010 leh... how... i will fall under 2C category... [​IMG]
  47. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    It's very competitive in primary schools now. My kids have not been to enrichment classes as they are rather ex (I am SAHM and only hubby is working).

    School called my hubby at the last min, to ask if he's still keen to be PV...PV hours supposed to be completed b4 the yr of registration.

    Will be starting my gal on tuition next year (K2) bcos her Chinese is weak. Also I have given up teaching Hanyu Pinyin.
  48. momof2

    momof2 New Member

    Yes, I agree with Janet. Infact most school even neighbouring schools are competitive.

    For Chinese, most enrichment school like Tien Sia or Berries... will do pre-preparation of Primary 1 Chinese and also includes HanYu PinYin too! But still if you have higher expectation of your child to excel in his chinese, it is important that you put in a lot of time and effort. Not only in writing but also daily conversation in mandarin. Cos' most school will "stream" the P1 kids usually in May where they have their "SA1" to see their grades in Mandarin.. Those with better result will be stream to take higher chinese or some called it "Enrichment" level. And those normal will take the standard "CORE Level. and those students who are weak will be stream into "bridging" level, which means more help from the teacher.
  49. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    Yes, now is a bit late for RC. They dun count the hours like PV. But one need to be sitting on the excecutive committee for 1 yr. I know of parents who joined RC for a yr and eventually are in the committee. However, they still did not get the privilege bcos they were committee members for less than 1 yr.
  50. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Some neighbourhood schools are using one another's exam papers for their students. For eg, the not-so popular school among that area (eg Choa Chu Kang) will use the best school for practice.

    My son's tutor kept advising me to speak to my kids in Mandarin, but after 2 sentences, the natural thing to do is switch back to Eng again.
    Son is 'streamed' every year since P1. Chinese as 2nd language only used at P5 when parents decide to switch.

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