Are organic vegetables safe for babies?

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs there is. Starting from what we feed them to how we dress them, what values they imbibe from us, what we teach them and so on. Every little thing we do has an impact on their growth and development. For a newborn nothing is better than breast milk, after 6 months along with breast milk give your baby purees made up of organic fruits and vegetables. Organic baby food is the best option for babies. Organic food means foods that are grown without artificial pesticides or fertilizers.​
  • 100% organic means exactly what it sounds like, it is made up of 100% organic ingredients.
  • Organic means made with at least 95% organic ingredients
Organic food products are the best options for babies and toddlers in their formative years and beyond.
Now let's see some benefits of giving organic vegetables to your baby​
  • Organic food contains fewer herbicides and pesticides
  • Organic food is GMO-free
  • Organic food is fresh
  • It is rich in nutrients

When it comes to babies, there is no compromise all parents want to give their babies the best that they can give, be it clothes, food, lifestyle, or standard of living. Babies should be given purees made up of organic fruits and vegetables, you can also give vegetable soup to your baby, but do not add salt to it as babies need only 1 g of salt a day, and which they already receive from mother’s milk.
Its very important that babies get all the essential nutrition which they need at early stage like the vitamins and minerals. Which they can get from fruits or vegetables like apples, mangoes, bananas, pears, sweet potato , spinach. ragi can also be given as that can provide for iron and protein which baby needs, protein help in muscle growth . ragi also keeps the baby full for a longer time.
organic vegetables are the best choice for babies. as these vegetables are grown without any artificial fertilizers. organic vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. some of the baby food brands in the market like plum, happa food, tiny spoon provides organic baby food purees.