! Any solutions for noisy PRC neighbours that affect our family plan?


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Is there anyone who is able to give legal advice on such matter? If I remember correctly, according to hdb, the house owners will go to the mediation centre and if it still fails, the complainant can opt for legal route by making a magistrate complain. Can I make the magistrate complain without going to the mediation centre?

For the past 2 days, besides the old noise like talking loud, dragging furnitures, chopping and etc, they also started to do skipping after 12am! For years, we've told them umpteen times, they're not supposed to create so much noise at such late hours, but looks like they're hopeless. I can feel that my major depression has turned worse, and doctor keeps telling my health is bad which she believes it has a lot to do with lack of sleep. I hope to seek legal help before I turn crazy... which I guess is the last solution available for me. Thanks in advance!


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U go cmc report this case first, to my understanding, once police case about neighbor dispute will auto refer to cmc one.
Ur case I am certain should have record with cmc, if not u can complain to police for non referral.
Cmc goes like this, it will proceed with mediations only when all involved parties are willing and voluntary if not u can go straight to court.


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I agree with laughing, if we are in a situation whereby we are at the mercy of such foreigners, we as sgs really should think of our future here.


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Hi All...

I am a mother of one & would like to know how & what can I do to send those PRC back to their hometown & revokes their passes here.

Why I am doing so because I found out that my hubby got a PRC gf after I gave birth.

I gave birth in Jul 2010 & went into depression after I realised he is seeing this PRC.

He left the family in Feb 2011 & rent a unit & stay with that PRC.

Since he left the family, he did not provide maintenance for me or the baby.All he paid is the utilites and the monthly CPF contribution.
I am the one that bring up my baby.

He went to the lawyer & want to divorce me. Now we are in the processing of the divorce case.

I want to cut short my story & get help from here & see how can I write in to ICA. I got her photos & know where she is schooling.

Does anyone here can advise me?


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hi all,
other than we r having probs wf PRC,i once faced problems from neighbours' maids.
I stayed in landed property fr years n my hse was surrounded wf "old" indonesian maids.When their employers not ard,they talked very loud,on the music very loud.
After tolerating for 7yrs,we decided to shift to condo.Finally,we could sleep in peace.

Nowadays,whenever i see maids,i reali find them irritating....esp.those Filipino maids who talk loudly in toilet.


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To add on,i went to police once to complain abt the maids.And police oso can't do anything,he advised we "make peace".But maids' employers oso "ka na sai",very proud.


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@Jojo: It must be hard on you. Is the PRC really here to study or just a way to stay here for long? If you have the extra money, you might want to consider getting a PI to check on her... I know someone did this, and found out the PRC woman has more than a married bf, she informed their wives to look for this woman, to give her some mess in life as well as to let her husband how stupid he was to dump his family for that PRC. I have been hearing these PRC girls' conversation everyday, they aren't shameful about what they're doing at all.


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Hi Maybe_baby, I am not sure what her intention. i got some details of her and would like to report this to ica. Do you know anyone that had done that? And how/what is the procedures to write in or go all the way down. My jerk post all his stupidity photos in fb and dump us since my baby is only 4mths old. And even abuse me in fb, it show that he is proud to divorce me and broadcasted in fb that he is goi to divorce me!! I really want to go all the way to report this PRC SLUT to ica. Pls help if anyone know how to.


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Dear all,
My neighbor opposite my unit oso play mj 5days a wk. The auntie is taiwanese and she is 7th mth getai singer. So except the ghost mth, the rest of the mth play mj almost everyday. And definitely after 11pm. Sometimes stop ard 2-3am.
I m really annoyedby this. I dun want my fon to hear the stupid mj noise everyday! I intend to call police whenever they play mj aft 11pm. I will call and call and call. Anyone try this be4? Effective?


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I really don't understand what's wrong with our Singapore men's brain. One of my single male friend who wasn't afraid to laugh at local uncles when he saw any on the street with their young PRC gf is now converted by a young Vietnamese prostitute. Ever since he knows her, he has been spending double of his monthly income buying everything she asks for. All his friends are warning him about this girl, but he refused to listen. Btw, not sure if you guys have noticed, unlike last time, nowadays the PRC girls go for both local old and young men. I think they know if they married the old men, most of them are unable to help them get the Singapore

@Jojo: I would also like to find out how our law here can do to punish these women, those above me are breaking more than at least 10 local families at the same time, not to mention the total number. One of them even tested water by telling my hubby (who has been very unfriendly and fierce towards them) she wished to follow him back home and get to know him better. This happened in the few seconds when there were only the both of them in the lift.

I suggest you save whatever evidences you can find between that PRC and your hubby, including what he posted on fb...just in case he really wants to divorce, you'll never know what he'll say to the judge in order to save in the alimony payment. Be strong, for not only yourself but also your baby...don't be defeated by the heartless couple.

@cutiemummy: have you spoke to your neighbor about this? Not sure about other area, but the policemen from my area is not doing anything at all. Taiwanese are generally much nicer people than most PRC, try to approach her in a friendly manner, avoid from making her think that you're just being hostile towards foreigners. I wish you success.


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Hi Maybe_baby

we are in the process of divorce now. I can't believe someone that i Love for 15yrs had treat me in this way. After i gave birth & left for the PRC..Even ask me to give him the care & control & the house for the sake of the child!!! He is not staying with his parent & want the custody of the child and want the house to be transfer to him so that he can bring the PRC home & stay? Wha a joke right?

I was once at suntec city & get irritated by the PRC voice tone..she is flirting with this young chap..think they're couple but the way they talk & action really give me the urge to walk to her & give her one tight slap.

PRC going for money? Status? & getting those man to help them get PR? They have ways to deal with old & young man here..& man here are just going for what? Sex & what else?

I am not sure how to report this kinda of PRC to ICA..Is there is anyone out there who can advise, pls pm me.

They are destroying social harmony in our country. Why they come all the way here to break up our family? My baby is just 4mths old & her stupid father just left us for a PRC??? What is happening here??

Can i go to MP for this kind of situation? I am really desparate.


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Jojo, I also can't believe a man can bear to ignore his own new born child, not for any reason but a PRC woman. Don't give in to his request, as a man he doesn't seem to feel sorry for his change of heart, not at least let you have the custody of your baby and let the both of you have a place to call "home". If he doesn't spare a thought for the both of you, then you needn't be too nice to him either.

I can understand how irritated you were when you heard the PRC voice. There was once I went to the guan yin temple and met 2 PRC women there, we happened to walk towards the same place after we left the temple. From their conversation, I got to know that they're with some married men, can still openly discuss how they cheated these men. What amused me is that they can have the cheek to face the god.

Our government doesn't bother about such thing at all, and I don't think there's anything the MP can help you in this, except that if you need your MP's help if you need to fight for your custody of your child and the alimony. If I remember correctly, someone had wrote to the straits times forum asking our government to set a law similar to Taiwan's, which the spouse can sue the adultery couple, but the reply was disappointing.


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Hi laughing sir, thanks for asking. We've planned to engage a lawyer friend for help, should these prc women carry on the noise. Lately it's only dragging furnitures, chopping, doing vacuum and others in the middle of the night. I don't know how people can drag furnitures or do chopping for above 1 hr each time, especially when it's after 12am. As there are quite a few of them staying in this unit, thus there will always be more than 2 sound going on at the same time. I believe the 2 most loud speakers have went back to China, as usual, all the noise will be back to usual once when they're back. We're still trying hard to look for a resale flat, but the cov is crazy high.


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Hi Maybe Baby

he is totally out of mind..since he had left us, he did not give me any maintenance..I asked for an interim maintenance of $500 for the child, he replied & say it too much for a 16mths old child.
During our mediation, he had proposed this $500 & now he say too much.

He is not looking after the child, he don't know how much I am payin for it.

$500 is also very little..as for a caregiver, i need to give $600 per mth. What is $500 to him???

He can jolly well spent money for the PRC slut & not providing for the child.....

In this century, U tell me whether $250 per mth is enough?

He is worst then a Bastard!!!


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Hi all, I'm glad to have found this site to seek some advice. i have a neighbour (whom i think are from S.L. or In.) They allowed their 2 sons (9-12 yrs) to play football! outside our house and at times well past 12 midnight.Besides that, they speak as if like they are shouting/fighting. We have asked them to keep the noise level down or stop playing since people need to sleep. After that, their father actually join in to play football with them when they play well past midnight - perhaps to stop the neighbors from complaining?!
Anyway, short of installing a sound decibel meter, I'm at a lose of what to do. The mother already gave us 'black face' whenever she sees us. As if!
Maybe its spiteful of me to think this way, but when my child is born and if they findthe noise unbearable, i will tell them to just have to bear with it! like what we had been doing for the last 6 years!


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I need some advice from you guys! I am moving my house from pasir ris to bedok and i have a bed,sofa,wardrobe and 13 boxes to move over.... never engage in house moving service before & i need help in this. My neighbor recommended me this Reliable House Mover Singapore , anyone tried before? good?


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Hi adeline/maybebaby

Will it help if you record the ruckus and make a report to the town council? You have to be prepared for more conflict/confrontation OR peace if the warning works.


Police can be rang when the noise starts but not sure police so hardworking to walk pass. I ever rang police, stretched my phone out of window to let officer hear how loud was the disturbance.

My case was downstairs playing guitar or football after 11.30pm. I recorded it and uploaded on STOMP as well as town council.... evidence!
Make sure the sound you've recorded is LOUD and CLEAR.


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Talk to them nicely?
Buy them a dinner and make them understand your feelings?

Rather that quarrel which makes things worst.


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Nowadays noisy neighbours are not only from China. They even come from our very close neighbouring country-M. This is my own experience, b4 my neighbour's son married this lady, their house is always peaceful, but ever since the lady moved in to stay with her in-laws (my neighbour), the lady and her husband is always quarreling. It is so loud till we can hear the details of their quarrels and it always happen for 3-4 times a week!!


I encountered a situtation before, where the neighbour is playing their music too loud, until the bass travelled to my room and cause me a headache.

After enduring for several days, I decided to speak to that neighbour. Cos I think perhaps they also didn't realized that their music is that loud travel to other people's house.

So after informing the neighbour about this issue and telling them my difficulties, they really did not continue anymore. I believe that if we can tell them nicely, people usually will also react nicely to u la.. mabbe you guys can try too.. Use the nice method first, if doesn't work then too bad, got to inform police wahaha..