Any recommendations of renovation?


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I think what we should consider is not only about the price but the quality & the services, I more preferred to a reputable company like Evorich

Freely now

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Pls be careful!!!!
Believe many are fake ID coming here to promote Evorich Flooring. Don’t treat as as stupid pls


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I can tell you who not to use - Belfor property restoration. We had a flood in our building and the job of repairing our unit should have taken 6 weeks max, but ended up at 4.5 months. They never return phone calls, project managers never get back to you, never book trades when they say they will and the list goes on. The renovation project manager for our unit only picked up her phone once the entire time. Because I called from a private line. The other 30+ calls and voicemails were never returned or acknowledged. Bottom line don’t use them.