Any recommendation on Gynae in SGH???


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Hi MTBs. Currently seeing a pte Gynae at Gleagles, too high cost... thinking of changing to SGH.
Anyone having their Antenatal care in SGH? Pls share.

Saw in some forum bout Dr Yong Tse Tien and Dr Yu Su Ling.
How's the experience with them?

Andrea, my gynae is Prof Tay at SGH. He's very experienced & detailed. if yrs is simple case, queue will be fast. if complicated case, yr turn will be very long. i c him for both my pregnancies.


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I saw Dr Devendra for my pregnancy. He's very patient and reassuring. He's the labour ward consultant too and has a very good relationship with the midwives. the midwives have alot of respect for him and vice versa. that's very important esp when the midwives monitor labouring women.


Hi Jocelyn

I am seeing Prof Tay in next 2 weeks. Can check are there any scanner in his room? does scanning hv to be done elsewhere?
Hi Andrea, you may want to consider Dr Tan Hak Koon. I used to work in SGH, and a lot of staff go to him for pregnancies as he specialises in fetal maternal medicine and high risk pregnancies. He's not my gynae but I've heard good feedback on him that he's detailed and caring.


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Hi Andrea

My gynea was Dr Chua Hong Liang fr SGH. Through my personal experience, he is the kind that will give advice and suggestions if you have concerns and tell you all pros and cons about certain procedures, treatments, technologies etc. He is willing to partner with you in your birth plan so long it does not pose risk to the mummy and baby. He is careful and not a risk taker.


Hi mummies,

I had Dr Chua Hong Liang as my gynae to deliver my 1st child and I'm seeing him again for my 2nd one due in Jun. He is fantastic. Very patient. Answers watever queries u have in detail. Oso has a scanner in his room. When he delivered my 1st, he was very skillful. You know you are in gd hands. I strongly recommend him.


Hi blueblue,

there's no scanner in Pro Tay's room because he's usually running in 2 rooms, Room 7 & 8. Usually we need to scan first and see him after that. I'm seeing him currently for my 2nd bb.


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Dear Mamma——lemon,is it ok to ask for Dr Tan Hak Koon's contact details, n I am only 5 weeks preggy, seeking a nice gynae, completely lost as its 1st bb. cheers.
Hi Katrina,

I do not have Dr Tan's contact details but you can make an appointment with him through the main SGH appointment hotline. Hope this helps!


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i highly recommend Dr. Tan Poh Kok. He is extremely good. He is more than a doctor to his patient.

Personally i had seen Dr. Tan Hak Koon, Tan Lay Kok, Dr. Deevandra, etc....

among all I still prefer Dr. Tan Poh Kok, he is the best.


I saw Dr Yu Su Ling when I had my 2nd child. She's professional and I knew I was in good hands. Safe delivery with minimal tear, everything was smooth.


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Hello Bluesea. Where does Dr Yu conduct her check ups? How much also her consult fee? Meds? Does she do Ultrasound each time?

Hello Mummies. How much does your delivery cost at SGH and what was the details? normal?epidural?1 bedder?

Am 18 weeks but on high risk pregnancy and am thinking of shifting to a doctor at SGH coz I want to prepare for worst case scenario. Heard ICU cases for babies at private hospitals are too ex!


Hi Ocee,

She conducts chkups in SGH's O&G clinic. When I was seeing her in 2005, she did not do ultrasound scan for each visit. The first visit costs around $80 or so (but pls note this was back in 2005) and subsequent visit shd be around $55. All rates excludes scans and GST. If there's any scan required, she sent me to the ultrasound room and the scan would be performed by the sonographer.

This was a few years back, not sure if things hv changed now. My bill in 1 bedder was about $3k+, mine was a normal delivery with epidural.


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Hi Ocee Mom,

You might want to go for Dr Tan Hak koon as he is the head of Dept and handles high Risk Pregnancies.

I have given birth on 1 May to triplets, and stayed in hospital for a month with the help of a cerclage done by Dr Tan Hak Koon.

No Qns asked.. my fren consulted Dr Suresh Nair from Mt E and he commented that my doctor was an excellent doctor.

You need not fret if you are under his hands.


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I delivered in 2006 by Dr Chua Hong Liang. First consultation about 80+, subsequent about $45.00 including ultrasound (plus pic) on every visit. My first delivery was normal with just laughing gas no forcep no vacume and was staying at one bedded room. Total delivery cost (exlude consults) worked out about $2.1K (before medisave) + S$350 for baby. I stayed 3 days 2 nite.

Dr Chua is also a very good doctor. I remember sharing with him my birthplan and we had lengthy discussion on what are acceptable to his practice and to the hospital's policy and how to come to a preffered plan by both sides.


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Thanks moms for all your inputs.

Read a lot about Dr Tan Hak Koon. We're just worried about costings on ICUs.

Any idea how much usual normal delivery there now? And ICU per day?


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I would highly recommend Tan Poh Kok. He is extremely friendly and carely. He even called me during my confinement. He is extraordinary good doctor.


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Hi I planning to get pregnant this yr, however I have irregular periods, so m thinking of consulting with gynae at sgh for help... Noticed all the threads above are dated back in 2009, so any gd gynae to recommend at sgh?

Pls advice thanks lots


hi u go about making appointment with the doctor in SGH? not like private doctor in private clinic which u can just call n make appt. I'm abit confused. i'm referred to Dr Tan Hak Koon from SGH but I dont know how to make appt with him. I'm 5 weeks preggy. Wanna make first checkup appt.

Also whats the private ward in SGH like? Do they have visitor restrictions like normal ward? Normal wards got visitor restrictions to 4 visitors...i dont want such inconvenience leh.


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Hi Ann, if you wish to make an appointment with SGH, you may call our appointment hotline at 6321 4377. Alternatively, visit our website here for our clinicians listing,

We also conduct Ward Tour. Tours are available from Monday to Friday at 11.30am and 3pm. To sign up for Labour Ward tour, call us at (65) 63265920 or find us on facebook (

The usual 4 visitors restriction (infection control measures) still applies, however, if there are more visitors, you may request through our nurses.

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Hello mummies,

I was delivered in 2010, 2012 and 2013 by Dr Chua Hong Liang. Dr Chua is a very experience, nice and patient doctor. Highly recommended

Stephnie Lim

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Chua Hong Liang was very rude and aggressive, he won't even listen your concerns. I was so shocked and disappointed to see that doctor can be that rude, no human quality at all. Will never see such insecure creature again.