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Any recommendation for gynecologist in Thomson Medical?

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Febulove, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Febulove

    Febulove New Member

    Hi mummies!!

    I'm new to this forum and need some recommendations from ya!!

    I just tested positive for pregnancy and now looking for a gynecologist in TMC, anyone has Good recommendation to share? Thank u in advance!

  2. apr_gal

    apr_gal New Member

    Hi, i had my #1 at TMC with Dr SF Loh from O&G clinic. He is an experienced dr and i feel safe in his hands. The only thing is that his clinic is at TMC itself and be prepared for the waiting time. Usually about an hr or so.
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  3. finesse9702

    finesse9702 Active Member

    Hi Febulove, if you haven't found one yet, the gynae at TMC level 3, TCL clinic, Dr Eunice Chua is very good and friendly. You can try calling the clinic :)
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  4. MotherlyAffection

    MotherlyAffection New Member

    Hi febulove
    Congrats. Even I have tested positive for pregnancy.I am looking for a good gynaec in the east. Are u staying in the east ?
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  5. shine low

    shine low New Member

    Hi febulove, Congratulation!!
    My clients says TMC Dr SF Loh, O&G clinic & TMC, TCL clinic, Dr Eunice Chua are good. You can give it a try.

    I am a very experienced local Chinese Confinement nanny. I obtained Certificate in Infant and Toddler care and work as an infant host teacher in 2 locals childcare centre. I offer Ac Hoc / Day confinement services and Night babysitter (10pm to 6am) at my home. (Serangoon)

    If you are interested you may contact me my HP: 97873674 to arrange for an appointment.
  6. Jeslyn Goh

    Jeslyn Goh New Member

    Hi you can try Lawrence Ang.....he is very good i just give birth on 3 feb 2017 and if is not him i guess i need to C section. I just change to lawrence Ang on my last 3 month of pregnancy. His clinic opposite SEMBAWANG mrt.
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  7. missiebaby

    missiebaby New Member

    hello apr_gal! possible to share your experience for delivery under Dr Loh? I'm also seeing him now, but i've mostly read about his ivf skills, have not read much about delivery...
  8. apr_gal

    apr_gal New Member

    He was very pro and i guess his stitching skill must be very good as when i go for checkup and things other dr will ask if my previous delivery was natural or c sec!
    My 1st delivery i was admitted in the middle of the night and was due for labour immediately. All the midwives told me im too late for epidural! And gv me only gas! The pain was unbearable and i took control of the gas. Dr Loh must be staying nearby that after he was called, he arrived in less than 15mins! Immediately told them to arrange for epidural for me! I was so relieved by then. After that i was put through labour again and Dr Loh came back an hour or so. Told me he will not want any more danger and vacum out my girl. Guess im poor at pushing! And luckily his experience safe my girl. She was tangled with 2 1/2 times with her own umbilical cord around her leg and neck! And excessive pushing would hv further tighten it!
    The stay at TMC was good and i was discharged the next day after Dr Loh checked i was ok. But baby needs to stay for a few days for phototheraphy.
    All in all i had a good experience with him. Usually we will see that he is the bochap type during checkup but when you have a serious concern he will answer you very seriously and professionally. But whats most important is his role during our active labour.
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  9. missiebaby

    missiebaby New Member

    thanks so much for sharing!!! really helps a lot :) now i feel even more assured as i'm due very, very soon.

    and yes, he always seems bochap during check ups, to the extent i thought i might be asking too much or overworrying lol. but i've always felt safe under him ever since he did laparoscopy for me.
  10. apr_gal

    apr_gal New Member

    Dun worry too much. He knows when to be serious. His bochapness mean we are juz over worried. Thought tis is my 2nd preg, i still cant help being overly worried. But juz hv trust in him ok. U will be safe in his magical hands! Have a smooth delivery!
  11. chubbyfacexxx

    chubbyfacexxx New Member

    my gynae is Dr Benjamin Tham, having my second pregnancy now. he is very nice and friendly! and very open to answer all your questions. he is also very pro natural and a bit strict on diet & weight gain. :)
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  12. Febulove

    Febulove New Member

    Hi, actually i did my IUI with Dr Loh last yr(it was a failed one). He is a v nice doctor but i find his wait at e clinic really long n he dont seem to be on time for appt. N i read online, there will be physical check up like Dr checking our breast, where i dun feel comfortable so im thinking of finding a female doctor this time round.
  13. Febulove

    Febulove New Member

    Thks finesse! Mayb i k try to call. Im 6 weeks now but havent seen any gynae yet :(
  14. Febulove

    Febulove New Member

    Hi MotherlyAffection..im staying in the west. How many weeks r u now? Im 6weeks today. :)
  15. Febulove

    Febulove New Member

    Okay can! Thks for recommendating :)
  16. Febulove

    Febulove New Member

    Thks Jeslyn. I will go online n google more abt him :)
  17. Febulove

    Febulove New Member

    Thank u for sharing,chubbyfacexxx. Im considering a female doctor first but will oso keep in view of these recommended male Drs :)
  18. apr_gal

    apr_gal New Member

    Hmm so far im with him, he is quite punctual. Except that maybe sometimes he has emergencies.
    But if u r not comfy wif male dr, mayb u can switch to a female one. Good luck!
  19. Sansan_8

    Sansan_8 Member

    Hey babe, how do you know how many weeks are u at when u haven seen a gynae? You went GP?
  20. kelly07

    kelly07 Member

    Recommend Dr W K Tan..
  21. Mom1991

    Mom1991 New Member

    I'm with Dr Benjamin Tham now. He's clinic is really busy and he spends quite a short time with you, but my friend who's a nurse says that he is very popular and experienced. However, he is really strict on diet which i don't really like, but maybe it's good for me.
  22. babybunny02

    babybunny02 Member

    I'm with dr wong Heng fok in tampines thomson women clinic
  23. Hibun

    Hibun Active Member

    Im with DR Geraldine at Katong Thomsom. So far so gd:) anyone has their delivery package to share?
  24. Jojomokor

    Jojomokor New Member

    Hi I am contemplating to switch gynae from TMC at 21 week of my pregnancy, preferably switching to another gynae from TMC as well. Can share about your switch? Do you request your medical tests/reports from the initial clinic to be forwarded to the new clinic? Thanks.
  25. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    I recommend Dr Adrian Tan Chek Jin. He is my gynae for all my 3 pregnancies.
    I feel completely comfortable when talking to him. He is easy to talk to, takes time to explain things to me. I always leave feeling like my concerns have been addressed. And furthermore, I don't feel like I'm just a patient to him.
    Dr Adrian Tan never rush thru appointments. Usually, the waiting time is 15-20mins.

    We are so forever grateful and blessed to have found Dr Adrian Tan.
  26. Starer

    Starer Member

    Dr. Tho from Jurong East. Good Gyn.
  27. Cherissy

    Cherissy New Member

    Hi is Eunice Chua good at stitching both natural and csect?
  28. Cherissy

    Cherissy New Member

    Hi is Eunice Chua good at stitching both natural and csect?
  29. J.GOH

    J.GOH New Member

    Hi, i am staying at the west. Is there any Gynae from TMC with clinic at the west side?

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