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Any mummies with low weight baby?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by cheesycake, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. cheesycake

    cheesycake New Member

    Hi mummies,

    My girl weighed 5.9kg at 8mths+. She only gained 100g over the 3 weeks in nov. I guess it is becoz she was down with fever for 4days in nov. As usually she will gain 500g ever since she was born. She's a small baby at birth, 2.35kg. I am lways very upset over her low weight. My girl is under weight for her age. But she is gaining more for her height. Just to check how to let my baby gain more weight? The thing she is eating quite well. She is having half a bowl of porridge and 130ml of milk 6x per day. I wonder why she never put on much weight despite that she is feeding quite well. Have spoken to my PD many times, she keep telling me my baby have to eat more. I intend to change my girl's PD. She kept intro my girl Vitamins supplemetn. I never give my girl that as I think she is so young and I do not wish to start her with supplement yet. My PD is not much of a help. Any mummies can share with me how do u handle if u're facing the some problem with me?

  2. caira

    caira New Member

    Hi there,

    I understand how you feel - both my babies were only 2.1 kg when they were born!

    Since your baby is eating well, you actually have less to worry about. What I think you may want to do is to reduce the amount of milk and increase the amount of solids you are feeding her. I think this is what your PD means, actually.

    You may also want to amp up the nutrient content of the porridge e.g. use brown rice, not white; boil it with ground ikan bilis or chicken stock etc.

    8 months IS a bit too young for supplements but that may not be a bad idea when your girl turns one and you are still worried [​IMG]
  3. popay

    popay New Member

    mine is also underweight..but when she reached 7mos i tried to give 2 solids perday (1 cereal and 1 porridge) on top of 4x milk @ 180ml
  4. bethmom

    bethmom Member

    My girl is also very small - 7.2 kg at 10 months. She's below 3rd percentile. But her pd says so long as she's developing well it should be ok so i'm not too worried.
  5. hweeling

    hweeling New Member


    my son oso same same. 18mths at 9kg. Haiz.. I been wondering why is he not putting much weight and try to let him eat more. PD recommend Pedisure because contains more calories. In fact my son don't really like milk but likes to eat solid and adult food. Does baby who don't like milk tend to be smaller size ? Any one can advise ?
  6. beethoventm

    beethoventm Member

    Hi, wld like to activate this thread again [​IMG].

    My boy is 18mths at 9kg, same as hweeling's boy. I am also worried. My boy not too keen on solids and at the meal time, he will eat the most half a small bowl of porridge only.

    He is now taken care by my MIL and she is not giving him snacks in between. I try to pursuade her that PD said to introduce 3 solids at his age, but she always said becos he is born small in size. She said the PD anyhow said, do not listen to them.

    I am frustrated. Wat can i do to increase my boy's weight? thks.
  7. bethmom

    bethmom Member

    Did you try Pediasure? My girl is only 8.8 kg at 17 months. She's got small appetite - eats only quarter bowl for each meal. Since she's been on Pediasure, she's gaining weight more quickly. The Specialist at KK also prescribed an appetite booster that consists of the amino acid lysine and vitamin b12. It's called Appelin B12 syrup. May be available in pharmacies. You can check it out.
  8. beethoventm

    beethoventm Member

    Hi Bethmom,

    Yes, i feed him Pediasure since Jul, every morning and nite feed. Rest of the day he is on Friso3. No weight gain too. Last Thu my PD prescribe Appelin B12 for trying. How many ml you feed yr gal in a day? thks.
  9. bethmom

    bethmom Member

    Hi Mochi,

    I give my girl Appelin 2 - 3 times a day, 5ml each.
  10. bethmom

    bethmom Member

    Sorry, i made a mistake. it's 2.5ml each time.
  11. jojet_70

    jojet_70 New Member

    well..my boy was 1.8kg at birth; now he is 8yrs of age and weighing 18kg...very underweight and small in height... there are others (not many) smaller than him [​IMG]
  12. shuigal

    shuigal New Member

    my ger is also underwt. she is 5.8kg at 8 mths.
    i am little worried coz she doesnt seem to like milk.. she oli drink 80ml each time. haizz. i tried to give 2X cereal if possible.
  13. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    Hi My boy also underweight despite feeding well
    11.5 months 6.4 KG. Birth Weight 2.18 KG
    Wonder how are those babies from this thread doing now? Any hope for him to catch up?
    He totally refuse Formula of any kind, only breastmilk, he eats everything else like a champ tho, not sure why he isn't gaining weight.
  14. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    Me, looks like he is, but his big sis is normal size. And both of us pretty tall 159(Mum) and 180 (Dad).
    He just have his first 2 teeth now.
  15. yixuan

    yixuan New Member

    Hi babes

    My son has been around 5percentile in terms of height n weight since birth. My sister son who is 2 months junior than my son is 90++ percentile.. I used to b very sianz about it - one fat n one skinny and both r very extreme.. But as days n months go, I sincerely understand that what's not important to me:

    1, ignore those ignorant young n old pple who comment on ur child's weight, height, Eating habbits, how other children's weight, height, how much others eat blar blar. Ward them off if they persist - let them know u r not exactly pleased.

    2. Children will catch up n even if they don't, there is nothing to worry about as long as they r active.

    3. It's not how much they weigh that matters most, it's how healthy ;)

    4. Focus on other more important areas like motor n social development.

    For the longest time, I can never get over the fact that my son is so so much underweight. But when he reaches 20th month, he is back to 50 percentile! From 5percentile to 50 percentile.. A big surprise.. He don't eat much, drink much but I super kiasu, till now I don want to stop his one time wee hrs nite feed.
    What I am pleased about is he loves reading which I read to him most of the nitessince young n it has been smtg which I m proud of. He is now 22 month old n is doing good.

    U can see him at my blog

    he is loved by many and I hv stop worrying about the percenilw thing.
  16. rorokidul

    rorokidul Member

    Thanks girls,
    Especially yixuan. I'm gonna let them know I am not pleased.
    I always cry about this, it's sensitive issue for me. Glad that there are others too who can understand the same problem.
  17. lavmum

    lavmum Member

    Hi all, I have a underweight baby girl at home too. She is 12months old weighing at 6.5kg. Very very small. I am very worried cos my PD said she is very small and will like her to see specialist who might introduce us to take hormone jab which is super expensive. ANyone had such experience?
  18. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    Hi Lavonne, what is a hormone jab? Compare to mine she is not that bad, mine 18 months now 7.6 KG.
    He is now walking unaided for 30 steps max.
    Is it the growth hormone u talking abt? Any side effect?
  19. lavmum

    lavmum Member

    Hi Lia, I am not very sure too. The PD said the jab can help her to grow taller. The PD estimated that my girl will be shorter than 150cm. And might have difficulty delivering baby if she remain this short.. But hor... the jab is super expensive, few thousand a jab.. I dun tin i can afford..
  20. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    Hi Lavonne,
    I am a skeptic when it comes to hormone can make person grow taller, it will be popular amongst basketballer and models wannabe. They can pay off the Jabs cost in no time.
    I think Dairy, swimming, ballet, can stretch limbs. All depends on the genes not hormone.
    Short people can still deliver babies, look at "little people" series from Home and Health channel.
    I am always concern about my son's growth too, but his sister growing normally, so I am not so concern as long as he can catch up on all the milestones.
    Maybe u should ask another PD's opinion, all the doctors and PDs I talked to says he is fine as long as he is active and not withdrawn.
  21. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    hi, tis forum is interesting. when you mentioned your babies are small size and light weight, does your baby gain weight every month? mine, born at 2.45kg, gain 200g but for these past 3 months, doesn't gain weight at all, stagnant at 10kg, 23months old now. from a 25% growth drop to 10% now. anyone of you have this experience and can share with me? anyone put your baby on Nutren Junior formula? what's the feedback, any constipation? what is your baby's daily meal ingredients like to pump their weight?

    weight is as important although we always say healthy and active comes first. i've lost my mind how to pump my bb's weight now. dietitian says my ingredients in her porridge is rich enough of nutrients while many people say, only rice instead of porridge will make a child gain faster.. what's your experience like?
  22. shuyan_chen

    shuyan_chen New Member

    Hi, my bb is also consider very small bb,his birth weigh is 2.01kg, now at 8mth plus he is weighing 7.66kg only, he is short only 68cm,many people comment that y is he so small. According to PD his weight n height is within normal range, but he has small head circumfrence, this worries me.any bb here who is underweight n small head circumference?
  23. wonder_baby

    wonder_baby New Member

    Also, whn my dd reaches 1, will it be better to gv her pediasure? Or fm for low weight babies? Currently tryng to supplement with fm for low weight babies
  24. wonder_baby

    wonder_baby New Member

    Oh no my previous post disappeared!
    My dd was born 2.3 kg. Currently at 10 mths old, she is 6.2kg and 67cm tall. Fully breastfed. But doesn't drink much. Rejected bottles. But currently trying to supplement by cup feeding ebm and fm. At times, she will accept but most of the time she will spit out. Doesn't seem interested in solids either and seem to have small appetite.
    Pd mentioned that whn she turns 1, she might prob needs to see a nutritionist and also run some tests to see whether she has any probs eg heart, lung, kidney prob. He also mentioned something abt doing a hormone growth test. This is really making me very worried.
    She is otherwise healthy and cheerful and meeting her milestones on time.
    My elder dd was bottlefed fm fr birth and is also thin. But at least her weight was always onthe chart at 25th percentile. Her height was 90th percentile all the way.
    Any advise? Thanks in advance
  25. davian

    davian New Member

    Hi all,

    My son was born small too. 2.17Kg. At coming 21mth he is 10.5kg only. I had include Nutren Junior formula milk once a day for his last feed at night around 11pm+ but he had not gain much weight. Tried Pediasure but he dun like. I will cook stock for his porridge but he dun seem interested in eating porridge or drinking milk.Haizzzzz i am running out of idea already.... Anyone can advise.
  26. assamjam

    assamjam Member

    hi davian, cont with nutren junior - gain a bit still better than he dislikes pediasure..same here with me, my gal dislikes pediasure too sweet. your son must have wanted solids that's why such disinterest in porridge. try replace one porridge meal with a solid to see if it works..
  27. davian

    davian New Member

    Hi all,

    My boy now coming 28mth. He weighs around 12.5kg. still small size. Height i think around 92cm. I start to be accept the fact that he is small size.......what about all yours?
  28. Hi all,
    My boy weighed 2.5 at birth and now exactly 3 months old weighing 6.4kg. He is exclusively bf, but pd has given him growee drops suppl 3ml every day[​IMG]
  29. rorokidul

    rorokidul Member

    Better than mine. 25 months and 9.5-10kg. Height 80cm. Still refuses to eat, likes to drink formula only. If he does eat, only want plain white rice. Everyone and some doctors are alarmed but they will never know how broken my heart is thinking about my stunted growth fussy baby though I act calm. I stop stressing him during eating time and feed supplements whenever he's really bad.
    Surprisingly, he is smart and a bundle of energy (where did it all come from, not eating?)
    I'm optimistic though, I know he will grow up eating variety of food and when he's teenager, he will most probably eat like a horse and catch up all the missed growth spurts. By then I will definitely stuff him hahaha...

    Till then, let's continue supporting each other in this thread. [​IMG]
  30. lavmum

    lavmum Member

    Hi, my gal is 30 months. Weight 9kg, height is 80cm, pd suggested to bring her to hormone specialist to check the reason she is not growing. I refused to bring her there. I seek Chinese physician help recently. Physician asked me to cook Si Shen soup for her twice a week. I am starting this week. Hope it help...
  31. wonder_baby

    wonder_baby New Member

    my girl will be 2 by end of this month. and she weighs less then 8.5kg. did the tests mentioned in my previous post. negative for all. organs all functioning as normal.but so poor thing to have to go thru the tests.
    what is the si shen soup for? i did give her si shen fen for EYS for sometime previously but it not increase her weight
  32. shin_yan

    shin_yan Member

    Mine weigh 10.8 kg at 32 months and had been hovering at 10 plus kg since 28 months old. I look into the weight vs age chart and he is below 3 percentile! nearly dropped to 0 percentile.

    He look like a malnutrient child, tall and skinny but hey, he is eating all sorts of junk food...sweets, chocolates, biscuits and have his regular meals on top of this. I didn't ill treat him at all. Well i guess it is all due to the genes. The PD never mention anything abt his weight too...maybe since he is happy and eating well, weight doesn't really matters.
  33. forgetful07

    forgetful07 New Member

    Hi all,

    My boy 35 mths+ weigh 13Kg only nia... Now i no longer concern... in fact nowsaday i serve food more than 20 minutes if refuse to eat throw away liao... He had been picky since young so already get used to it...Tired of every meal had to coax him...lol bad mummy hor...
  34. rachel12

    rachel12 New Member

    Hi all, my kid use to be quite a picky eater too . After switching to pedisure for about 3 months plus I noticed there's slight weight gain [​IMG]
  35. ch3ryllian

    ch3ryllian Member

    Up this thread!

    My boy going 21mths at 10.5kg Ht abt 85cm. 50 percentile but everyone saying he too small size..

    Eat 3 main meals & 2 snacks per day. All home made. No junk food. Still on BM as n when he likes.

    I guess he doesnt gain much weight bcos his metabolism good. U can see him being active 24/7 if time persist. & also been on BM since young. No FM. But he is super healthy. Immune system very good.

    How abt the rest at 21mths?
  36. lynzie

    lynzie Member

    Hi..my lil one is turning 22mo n has always been in e 25th percentile max for weight n height varies from 10th - 25th..on bm n normal meals thou he loves his snacks more. N yes, he is very active also n seldom fall sick so I'm not really concerned with him being small sized as long as he is healthy. Guess thats what matter most. :)
  37. luvagape

    luvagape Member

    My 30mths boy is 11.5kg, 3rd percentile. But he eats and drinks like a horse and has no picky eating habits. He rarely falls sick and people are shocked at how much food he can take. I'm slightly irritated by his pd who did the rubella jab on him cos every visit, he'll comment i don't feed enough. thank goodness he has done all the jabs and i don't have to face the pd anymore.
  38. ch3ryllian

    ch3ryllian Member

    Thanks Mummies for the replies.. Yeah my boy eats alot as well but pretty small size guess bcos he is too active..

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