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Any M'sia mummy here?

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by Xxiaogua, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    Wanna know if you all deliver your baby in sg or m'sia?

  2. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    Seems like no Msian mummies here... Sob sob
  3. kim_turtle

    kim_turtle Member

    Hi,im malaysian here. I deliver my bb in sg.
  4. Clarence Foo

    Clarence Foo New Member

    Hi, my wife's Malaysian but delivering our baby in sg. ;-)
  5. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    I think abit too costly to deliver in Sg. Which hospital you all will go ya? Roughly how much to pay for delivery cost?
  6. Clarence Foo

    Clarence Foo New Member

    Cos my wife's gynae is only based in Mount E Orchard. No choice. Have set aside plus minus S$15k for the delivery as my wife most probably will be going for c-sec with epidural and I would like to be there for her, hence single bedder...... so it will cost me my arm and leg...hahahah....

    well it's ok lar... as long as baby and mummy are safe and healthy.... ;-)
  7. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    Wow...killing me man.
    I think should be around that cost. My friend c-sec at raffles hospital, billed 11k.
  8. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    Btw, any mummy going to deliver in m'sia? If there is any, which week will you all go back m'sia?
  9. Clarence Foo

    Clarence Foo New Member

    No choice lor... wifey only 1....baby 1st one.... as long as they are safe and healthy...that's all that matters.... ;-)

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2014
  10. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

  11. Fern22

    Fern22 Member

    Me, I working in sg. Travel back JB daily. Delivered in NUH. Wanted to try water birth but baby did not turn hence went for E C sec with spinal nerve blocked. Total bill abt SGD 6k for 4 beded.
  12. Sherry1986

    Sherry1986 New Member

    M'sia Mum here, My baby at JB.
  13. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    U deliver ur baby in JB too? R u staying in JB or sg?
  14. JeanieJean

    JeanieJean Active Member

    Hi I'm Malaysian here. Planing to deliver my baby here in Sg .

    Wow I didn't know mt. E orchard so expensive! My hubby want me to deliver there so I'm seeking my gynae at mt. E medical center . Haven't ask about the fee or anything yet.

    So is your gynae will let you know when it's the time to discuss or you have to ask about it? I'm first time mum :)
  15. u not trying for normal delivery mah?
  16. Clarence Foo

    Clarence Foo New Member

    Hi Jeanie. cos my wife most probably will deliver via c-sec... either with epidural or GA...and I insist that she take the single bedder so I can be with her.... Mount E Orchard has 2 bedder which is slightly cheaper... when is your EDD? have you done any maternity tour? our gynae is dr chia yee tien.... well if you need any info, feel free to let me know...cheers....

  17. JeanieJean

    JeanieJean Active Member

    My EDD is on 2 Jan 2015. I'm half way thru so kind of curious about it. We choose Mt. E orchard because we live in somerset when I found out I'm pregnant. My dr. recommended Dr. Chia yee tien and dr. Selina chua. By that time I called dr.chua 's appointment kind of full as I'm almost 12weeks so I go with dr. selina chua. I haven't do any maternity tour yet as I think no matter what I'm gonna deliver there. I would probably go for natural if possible and with epi. And my husband prefer single bed too.
    I did check the price on the website and saw some thread about the price like so big different. Wonder how that happen. Must be a lot add on then.

    Thanks a lot thou. :)
  18. honeydonut

    honeydonut Member

    hi, I am from msia working in SG..i delivery my no#1 last time in KL last 2 year ago.
    I was delivered via emergency c sec after failed to natural give birth as baby head does not engaged.
    that time I went back to msia around week 37/38 cant really remember it.
    The emergency c sec was cost about 8k++ ringgit. which compare to sg for same emergency csec would be cost 10-12k sgd which I heard frm other mummies.
    So if having #2 baby, I still considering whether to delivery in Msia as the cost of deliver in sg is pretty expensive.
    and some more I wish to have VBAC , if it's failed trying...the cost would be a bomb ..sigh.

    Any mummies here are deliver baby in Johore bahru ?
  19. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    i'm Msian mummy too..will delivery baby in Sg TMC in Dec...
  20. Summer_babe

    Summer_babe Active Member

    Hello everyone. . Same situation here. Edd in Jan but might expected in end Dec because of c section. I also will delivering in TMC and I am expecting to pay at least $10k. Wish that I can deliver in Msia but hubby doesn't allow me to me away too long from him. He rather pay more. . The worst is I supposed to hv insurance claim but not valid until 7 Jan. Finger cross that my bb no rush to come out until 7 Jan. Anyway we should be glad that sg do not the most expensive delivery cost. It costs at least HKD100k = SGD16.5 for natural birth.
  21. phine1977

    phine1977 Member

    i'm Msian mummy and will delivery baby in JB Regency Specialist Hospital with my medisave..
  22. yenting

    yenting New Member

    I am Msian Mummu too.. my LO is 3 months old... deliver in Msia, Columbia Hospital, my gynae actually plan the delivery date for me (natural birth).
  23. Clarence Foo

    Clarence Foo New Member

    Hi Jeanie,

    My wife delivered our baby boy safely on 4 Nov.... baby couldn't wait till 7 Nov... hehe...but as long as baby and mummy are fine, I'm ok..... Dr Chia was quite encouraging..... and delivered our baby via emergency c-sect.... opted for single bedder...and stayed with my wife for the whole duration.... we stayed 4 days 3 nights... but extended 1 night cause baby got jaundice and needs the light therapy for 2 nights... but Dr Chia advised us to go back as it can be quite costly if we stayed for one more night with our baby....anyway we can't do much.... so very reluctantly went home on sat..... and came back to bring home our baby on sun........

    jia you ya Jeanie.... ;-)

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2014
  24. rosnyus

    rosnyus Member

    wondering whether it is much cheaper to purchase the ingredients for the confinement tea in JB?
  25. Clarence Foo

    Clarence Foo New Member

    Definitely... ;-) as long as buy in Malaysia....it's cheaper.... my wife went back to her home town in Taiping to buy all the stuff in Aug....hahahha...

    rosnyus likes this.
  26. doublel

    doublel Member

    me,two baby both also delivered in JB.
    JB also have good gynea :)
    c sect
    2012 RM4400
    2014 RM4600

    And confinement service/food cheaper :p
  27. jocyip

    jocyip New Member

    Im msian, natural birth at columbia hospital near bukit indah in 2011 RM2200 2beded, my neighbour csec there around RM4-6k

    During confinement im stay at confinement centre @ perling in 2011 cost me RM4500
  28. pinkorchid

    pinkorchid Member

    hi any Malaysian mummy staying around orchard or river valley area? pladate sometime? my baby girl was born in Nov 2014
  29. lkycaden

    lkycaden New Member

    hi pinkorchid, i am moving back to RV end of this year maybe i will text you again ;) my son born in june 2014

    i delivered in KPJ one bedder E C-sec the shocking bill is RM 10k + but i still think is cheaper than in sg ;P
  30. Aaa222

    Aaa222 New Member

    hi all malaysian mummy, i just found this group today
    my baby gal was born in last year September, almost one year old by next month
    my baby is a singaporean, so cant born my baby in Malaysia else the documentation very troublesome
    i born in MAH, cost about 6k plus, i'm c sect as well

    any mummy bought in milk powder from malaysia?
    cheaper if compare buying in sg
  31. Jojo2014

    Jojo2014 Member

    I also buy milk powder malaysia as cheaper. Pinkorchid, my bb boy also born in nov 2014. :)
  32. Fern22

    Fern22 Member

    Aaa222, if born in malaysia can get malaysia birthcert and go embassy make sg citizenship. My neighbour husband sgrean,mum msian. Now their son in malaysia got birthcert like malaysian. Singapore got citizenship. I think like this is better
  33. Aaa222

    Aaa222 New Member

    not convenience go to Embassy in Malaysia as we are not staying in town as well
  34. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    Aaa222, my gal also born in Sep 2014. we bought milk powder from Malaysia.
    Malaysia mummies, wanna have play date? if interested, please pm me. i will try to arrange one.
  35. shirvlin

    shirvlin New Member

    any mummy stay in Tampines? wanna have playdate??
  36. missliaw

    missliaw New Member

    Hi, may I know which doctor deliver for u?
  37. missliaw

    missliaw New Member

    Hi, which doctor deliver for u?
  38. Fern22

    Fern22 Member

    My sister in law jus deliver in gleneagle medini.. really look like hotel. She delivered by Dr terence. Gleneagle and regency both can use medisave
  39. missliaw

    missliaw New Member

    Hi Fern22, What is her review about Dr.Terence? Is she c-sect or normal deliver? How much is the bill? Sorry for asking so many question.
  40. Fern22

    Fern22 Member

    not special review cos no compare. bill for C sec is 11k.

    normal is 5k
    C sec is 10k

    Not too far from the estimation cost than what they quoted
  41. TP Nusajaya

    TP Nusajaya New Member

    I heard Dr Terence Teoh dose not do delivery anymore. He only practice gynae now.
    Some his patients now go to Gleneagles Medini to see a resident gynae there Dr Zaharuddin Rahmat.
    Cost same.
  42. Anne Lim

    Anne Lim New Member

    I delivered under Dr Mohanraj from KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital at Johor Bahru by C/Section. In fact, I did my IVF/test tube procedure with him. The cost for a C/S under his excellent care was under RM 12,000. Even though I had to pay all this amount, I found that Dr Mohanraj's care and the hospital that he works in is worth all of it. Through out my journey of trying to conceive (IVF cycle, under RM 18 000) and care during pregnancy, Dr Mohanraj was very caring and gentle doctor. I would highly recommend him and his hospital for anyone trying to conceive or planning their delivery in Malaysia.
  43. Shadower

    Shadower New Member

    Hi Doublel, May I know which hospital are you going to?
  44. Shadower

    Shadower New Member

    Hi Jocyip, would you mind to share which doctor you looking for? Is he or she professional?
  45. Feltah

    Feltah New Member

    Hello everyone and I am glad to meet new people.

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