Any gynae to recommend?

2nd time mum

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Hi mummies to be, any gynae to recommend?

I previously gave birth at sgh. Thinking of private gynae for my 2nd pregnancy.

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Hi mummies to be, any gynae to recommend?

I previously gave birth at sgh. Thinking of private gynae for my 2nd pregnancy.
Dr Paul Tseng, his clinic is in TMC. Great bed side manners, doesn’t intervene if you have a birth plan, answers each question patiently, not pushy with vitamins and tests. Also very good looking and super charming. Proficient in natural labour without tearing. And if u opt for csec, his cut and stitch leaves no keloids. Makes every visit super pleasant.


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Dr Anna - Sincere Medical Specialist
Heard a lot of good review from my friends. Very gentle and heartwarming doctor.


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I was with dr Tan tc from KKH but he’s moved to mount E.... not sure if I should follow or look for another at KKH


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Dr Tan Kai Lit from Thomson. His clinic is at Toa Payoh. I am a first time mom, just delivered via c-sec last week. He is friendly, reassuring, gave me a warmth feeling and he doesn’t rush through his consultation. And i like the fact that he shared his mobile num for us. He always replies promptly even on Sundays.


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Dr HK Ho MT A. Wife just delivered by him csec our 2nd one. Totally impressed by his stitching. Did the op in the afternoon by nxt day morning, wife was able to walk with minimal pain not assisted. As compared to the first one by another gynae, wife was in pain for 2 to 3weeks. With the breast feeding ongoing and lack of sleep she almost went into post natal. But this time round, <1 week wife stopped taking pain killers and there was no pain on wound. She can concentrate on nursing the young one and play with our older gal. Yes, he may be expensive as what some say but hes a safe bet. Dr Ho discovered a tear in the womb (30weeks may result in premature) not too sure if its due to previous gynae but with Dr Ho advise and medication, our 2nd one delivered at 38weeks. If not imagine premature at 30weeks.


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Hi mummies to be, any gynae to recommend?

I previously gave birth at sgh. Thinking of private gynae for my 2nd pregnancy.

Try Dr Kelly Loi at Health & Fertility Centre for Women at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre. I had my first baby there and planning to get the second one too.


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Any one have any reviews on Dr Ong Xiao Hui from TMC WC?
Terrible experience with her.

I went to her after i tested positive with pregnancy kit.

During the consultation, she couldnt detect a sac and asked whether do i want to do a hormone test. I asked her whether is there a need to do it. She just replied it was up to me without telling why.

The following day, i started to bleed. I called up the clinic. The nurse from the clinic telling me that it was chemical pregnancy and there is not considered pregnancy at all. She said they couldnt verify because i refused to do the test. Even if i come to their clinic now, they cant do anything and will send me back home.

They asked me to visit her two week later as per scheduled and see whether there is any changes in my body. Right now, i can only wait for the bleeding to stop by itself

The nurse even raised her voice when i tried to clarify with her with what is chemical pregnancy and sound like i m making a fuss. At one point of conversation, i thought it was a fake pregnancy . In the end, i had to google and did research on chemical pregnancy online myself.

What i dont understand if she suspect is a chemical pregnancy, She could have raised up the concern on that and explained it to me. I would have done the test on the spot. However, when thing happen, she just point the finger and blamed me for not doing the test and the only thing i can do is to continue to bleed and see her two week later as per scheduled appointment with her

After that, i seek second opinion with madelaine tan clinic, the nurse saw the record since they are under the same clinic. . She arranged a consultation with Dr Madeline asap so that i csn have a peace of mind and know what is exactly happening to my body.

I went down to the clinic to have blood testing and detailed uterus scan (even though i was still bleeding). Dr. Madelaine also helped me to check and ensure my hcg is dropped to normal.

At least i dont have to wait for 2 week later to know the result.

The whole episode was quite traumatising. It might be very common for gynae to have cases of chemical pregnancy but it is not common for me.