Any Good TCM to recommend for ECZEMA?


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Dear Mummies,

Wondering if any good TCM to recommend for successful cure of Eczema?

My boy is 19 months old now. He has sensitive skin since newborn and I personally had atopic eczema too.
Recently my boy's ezcema got worse. Keep scratching his body, forehead, ear, neck and back of neck area. Been waking up 3 to 4 times every night for the past few months due to itchiness. So shagged. The whole family can't sleep well.

Had tried all methods from washing clothes with hot water to changing bedsheets often, avoid allergy foods like eggs, seafood, nuts etc. Tried different shower gels & creams like physiogel, cetaphil etc. Still no improvement. Had consult a few PDs and they gave creams like Ezzerra, Atopiclar, Elomet but still doesn't work. Though steriod creams can help to control the itch but we feel it doesn't do good in long run.

Therefore think we wanna try out TCM but don't know which one to go to. Please advice and share if you have the same experience.

Thanks in advance.
hi apple1278, my mother-in-law actually bought a type of chinese medicine/herb from a small chinese medicine hall and boil it and add it into the bath water when bathing my baby.
after a few bath, my baby's eczema seems to have gotten better. maybe you can search online which type of herb to buy and try it also. :)
Hi apple1278. Though i admit steriods do help in the itch and flare ups, please do avoid it for your baby boy. Hes still so small! Maybe you would like to try some organic creams first before proceeding to TCM? I hv mild ezcema on and off (only if i come in contact with bleaching or certain cleansing products) but i'm very fortunate my baby does not have ezcema. You can go to Browse under Baby & Children category, ezcema care. If you would like to feel the texture or let your baby try some 1st, you could go down to their shops in Square 2, Mandarin Gallery or counter at Takashimaya B1. Try to keep your baby in airconditioned room during really hot days and during sleeping time might help too.
my son inherited eczema from me since 8th months old till now - 7 y/old .
seeing Dr Giam ( PD skin dr ) and took few times TCM medicines then the sad thing tt the flaring out is MORE everywhere on his body incldg penis areas :( though flaring out is good signs BUT his fingers are bz scratching till BLOOD !!!
My son & I seeing Dr Yang Guo Hua 杨国华 医师 TCM in Tampines Blk 248 " The Public Free Clinic " on Wednesday nites. All doctors there are volunteers basis so some wednesdays nites he's not working.
I'm happy to change his bathing soap to NABLUS MILK SOAP still after every bathings still nids to apply moisturisers and apply steriod creams when necessary .......
top pic showing eczema turns into bacteria infections, used for 3weeks + NABLUS MILK SOAP n it stops son's bz fingers .
NABLUS MILK SOAP though not cheap BUT worth buying and of course i still have to apply moisturiser cream ( ceredan / QV Flare Up ) every day after bath .
i bought from MJQueen in FB and she's BP seller in SMH . Here's the link :


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