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Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by cpoon, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. cpoon

    cpoon Member

    I need a day time confinement lady in Dec 2010.

    Can anyone recommend?

  2. honeybunch

    honeybunch New Member

    Hi all, please beware of CL auntie Kiew. I'm currently engaging her as my CL and so far the experience is very bad. I hope to share my experience here so nobody will continue to employ her. She is not fit to be in this line.

    She claimed that she has 5 years experience as CL but she doesn't cook the traditional confinement dishes.

    Has anybody heard of eating fried bee hoon or fried rice during confinement? Has anybody heard of drink leftover soup from the night before for confinement? No! And when my MIL confronted her of such absurdities, she was very defensive and claimed that what she cooks, I should just eat. She also said that others before me also just eat whatever.

    Not only that, she is very stubborn and refuses to listen to others opinion. When we specifically told her not to add such and such ingredients into my confinement food, she still put. When we confronted her, she claimed it is ok and refused to just follow our ways.

    She is also very sneaky when it comes to money. Can you imagine, so far we have spent close to $400 on food marketing when it is only day 8 into my confinement.
    Day 1: She went with my husband to get some groceries from ntuc as market was closed. Not sure how much she spent.
    Day 3: She used up close to $150 to buy 1 week of food.
    Day 6: she claimed that the food can only last a day more so she needs to go to market. When asked,"Haven't you already bought a week of food the other day?" she claimed that because I requested her to cook hearty breakfast and lunch so now not enough food. So I gave my sis-in-law $300 to accompany her. In d end she used close to $200. When I asked her what she bought, she just said, fish, meat, and vege. I asked her how long the food can last. She said about 6 days. I wonder how come food for 1 person for 6 days can chalk up $200? She still said fish not enough need to buy somemore in 2 days' time?!!?

    When my MIL asked her about the bills, she grew very aggressive and heated argument with my MIL. If she has clear conscience, she would have just told outright exactly what she bought...

    She is also very lazy just want to do things easy way. When I first suggested use cloth nappy for my boy she gave many excuses, say poo will cause bum to rot la, diff to wash the stain off cloth nappy la, etc etc. So we ended up using disposable diapers. But my MIL wanted me to insist she use cloth diapers so I told her to use. She gave me a black face. Even then, she doesn't check on baby regularly to monitor poo or pee. I always have to check and then tell her myself. She doesn't wash up the dirty cloth nappy immediately or even when she has time. She will soak to the next day afternoon to do the washing. Sometimes she will just throw in the nappy together w my laundry into the washing machine, no doubt to have easier job...

    Other cLs will cook hot soupy food for breakfast and confinement set meal for lunch and dinner. But she expects me to eat bread and milo or cereal for breakfast. And lunch she will cook one dish of friend rice or bee hoon, or just a soupy noodle dish. No doubt easy job for her, but hardly confinement food...

    So pls beware of employing her. She is a glib talker but doesn't do as much as she talks. Now I have to send her back and look for other plans, barely a week into my confinement. Pls dun walk in my shoes...
  3. reverie_island

    reverie_island New Member

  4. lusciousash

    lusciousash Member

    Hi, im looking for daytime confinement lady for Mon-Fri only. Location Bukit Panjang. Pls pm me if you have one! Thanks!

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