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Any Good Confinement Lady Recommend?

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by sean1122, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. sean1122

    sean1122 New Member

    Edd 05 June 2017, any recommendation for good and nice CL? Thanks

  2. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    Yes. Her number is 60172509785. Ah qing
  3. Jeslyn Goh

    Jeslyn Goh New Member

    I'm using STAR confinement agency because my own confinement lady put my aeroplane last minute say cannot come......so i think still agent more safe for me as I'm a 1st time mum and i just give birth on 3 feb 2017 and currently doing confinement. My CL very nice her name is fong jie....she will go extra mile to take care of my reflux baby. So sometime we cannot keep thinking of saving agent fee because they can ensure free replacement and on time services. This is what i experience just share, hopefully it help you to decide too.
  4. sally1212

    sally1212 Member

    hi..you can try ask my previous confinement lady from malaysia...0126905201aunty zhen
  5. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    Yes,my previous CL~
    Kam Lan, +6012-7288628
    She very experienced & patience.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2017
  6. Jen Shi Ting

    Jen Shi Ting New Member

    Hi Mummies, I'm going to deliver soon in July.
    Would like to know if anyone tried those confinement centre? Like Aixin confinement centre?
  7. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    Hi, I just finished my confinement with Aunty Kim Lan. She's so good we extended her second month. You can contact her at +60 16 666 9594 or +65 9890 7889
  8. chachacharine

    chachacharine New Member

    Hi! I'll like to share my personal experience with my confinement nanny i've engaged, with all mummies and mummies to be here.

    My confinement nanny is a godsend and i cannot be grateful enough to have met her in this baby journey.

    I'm a first time mum, ending my 28 days confinement soon and i'm super super glad to be able to engage aunty for another 28 days of daytime help.

    Aunty plans her daily routine well. She wakes up early to brew fresh red date tea, prepare ingredients for lunch, sun baby at 8.30am( as my LO has jaundice) and then bathe baby. It will be just in time that i'll wake up and Aunty always wait patiently till i wake and make me milo, so that i can have it while it's hot. After lunch she will do the dishes, wash baby and my laundry, multitasking to attend to baby if he cries, while i rest, and then prepare ingredients for dinner. It works for me as i love to have a system in place.

    I'm breastfeeding my baby and prefer to bath daily. Aunty will prepare herb bath for me, all ready in my bathroom before i wake up. As she's an experience nanny, she will give me valuable advices, however she never nags nor force any of them on me.

    Being a confinement nanny is never easy, she doesn't take it just a job, she does it with passion and always put interest of me and baby first.

    Aunty is very motherly and has the biggest heart for babies. As a mum herself, she is zen and full of patience when baby fuss and cries for long hours. Sometimes, fusses from 1 feeding time to another, which is approx 3 hrs. Once, i can no longer tolerate the cries and cried myself while feeding baby, i'm worried and stress what to do when nanny goes back after this. Aunty consoled me and encouraged me to be strong for baby. She will burp my baby after every feed and comfort him to sleep, so that i can rest. She is always full of smiles and that calms me well. She is one angel that i cannot ask for more. Her love and passion for babies is real.

    Aunty's cooking is superb and she will check with me on what kind of food i eat and don't( i'm a fussy eater). She is a talented cook and all reflects in her food! I must admit she had increased the list of food that i eat now, as she made all food taste really nice. My hubby and i will finish them all. Plus point, she's very flexible and not calculative, if my mum is joining for meal, she will cook bigger portion to accommodate all, even though it's not her job to start with. She always waits for me to have meals together, if i were taking a nap, she will wait patiently and not wake me up. I've told her to go ahead first but she waits. Her well-mannered made me feel so bad!

    She's very hygienic, another PLUS for me as i'm very particular. She bathes twice a day and always clean up the kitchen and laundry area after every use. She never fails to sanitise her hands before carrying baby as she observed me doing so myself on DAY 1.

    I'm relocating to HONG KONG soon and already asking her for her interest of traveling to HK to do confinement for me , if i'm having my 2nd baby there.

    Aunty accepts full confinement service, as well as day time service which is 10am-7pm or 9am-6pm.

    I am in no way related to aunty at all and actually found her contact through motherhood forum as the nannies that my friends recommended were all taken then.
    If you are interested in engaging aunty's service, you may reach her daughter Denise @98801042 to check for her availability schedules.

    i repeat, i'm no way related to aunty at all, this is through my personal experience and to share contact with all mummies that needs help, as there are a number of bad sheep nannies circulating. All the best in finding your confinement aunty and i hope all mummies engage one as good as mine
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  9. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    Ya likewise i also scared of taking recommendations. I have used a few recommendations here for pt helper and had quite a bad experience, so i am abit scared of some recommendations made here. Den again agency also need reputable ones.
  10. Gerii28

    Gerii28 New Member

    Hi mummies, I am looking for a CN. My EDD is end Aug. Anyone to recommend please?
    Thank you
  11. Vynne Joe

    Vynne Joe Member

    Thumbs up for my confinement lady. She really relieved me of all my worries. That's why I want to share this to all the moms-to-be out there. All your concerns will be gone if you engaged her. She's from Malaysia with 8 to 9 years experienced as a CL. Some CL are relatively cheap but I go for quality rather than cost. If any Mommy want to get more information of my CL, here's her WhatsApp or call to +601136539563 .
  12. Vynne Joe

    Vynne Joe Member

    Thumbs up for my confinement lady. She really relieved me of all my worries. That's why I want to share this to all the moms-to-be out there. All your concerns will be gone if you engaged her. She's from Malaysia with 8 to 9 years experienced as a CL. Some CL are relatively cheap but I go for quality rather than cost. If any Mommy want to get more information of my CL, here's her WhatsApp or call to +601136539563 .
  13. Gerii28

    Gerii28 New Member

    Just to update, I checked with aunty's daughter. Aunty is fully booked till mid Sept so those whose EDD are at the end of the year can consider
  14. yuzhen0309

    yuzhen0309 New Member

    Hi, care to share how good is your CL?
  15. Vynne Joe

    Vynne Joe Member

    First of all, she used to focus well on my baby. She's quite good in hygienic so you don't need to worried. And also her cooking skill not bad.. very nice and tasty
  16. yuzhen0309

    yuzhen0309 New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    Have anyone engage CL name Yu Lan with contact no. +60 16-792 5657. As my original CL cannot make it so she intro her friend. Did anyone engaged this CL Yu Lan before, can you please share your experiences with me.

    I cannot find anything regarding CL Yu Lan at all, hence I need mummies' help.

    Thanks & Appreciated.
  17. teddythots

    teddythots Member

    Hi hi , not sure if i missed it,,,
    can we have your CL contact? thanks lot
  18. ShirleneSQ

    ShirleneSQ New Member

    Hi, my EDD is in Aug 2018. May i check if she's available during that period? Can she still be reached by her daughter's contact number please?
  19. Marvelous

    Marvelous Active Member

    I would not hesitate to recommend my CL for my #2 - Wen Wen Jie (from batu pahat). She is in her early 50s, accomodating, not naggy & soft-spoken. I just finished my confinement with her, she is so good that I want to extend her but she is already booked in Jan.
    I have a terrible CL (Mei Jie from Batam) during my #1, her cooking is so-so, calculative, initially she even try to tell me eat bread for breakfast which I rejected. I told her my hubby will eat same food as her but she told me she eat egg+vegetables for lunch & dinner so will not cook for my hubby, she is so lazy to cook that she rather eat egg+veggie for 4 to 5 days a week. And she is over-friendly with my maid that after knowing I dun allow my helper to have handphone, she gave my helper her old handphone.

    I have been through hell the first time and I am so glad that i found Wen Wen Jie to be my CL for my #2.

    You could whatsapp/line her at + 6011-10895429 preferably in Chinese. She will be in Singapore in Jan 2018, you may be able to call or whatsapp/line her at 86279169.
  20. Starer

    Starer Member

    Bad experience with the current one. Looking for a good one. Any recommendation?
  21. Happy NN

    Happy NN New Member


    I would like to recommend one experienced confinement lady Aunty Au from Malaysia. She is patient and friendly, can taking very good care of baby and mummy with her great experience (over 9 years).
    She can cook very well and good knowledge in herb, will discuss with you what you eat and don't before she cook or buy the herbs.
    She is very tidy and hardworking, hygiene-conscious, will do the light housework and ensures safety of baby at all time.

    She charged $2700 for 28days and Hongbao at the start and end of confinement- at up to u.
    She is booked until mid June, you can call Aunty Au or her daughter if you want to booking the services from her.

    Aunty Au number : +65 93574783
    Her daughter : +65 84220465

    All the best.
  22. Jym

    Jym New Member

    Hi is aunty Kim lan contact still the same? I couldn’t get to her by calling or sms. Is there any way I can reach her?
  23. Loo Sui Chin

    Loo Sui Chin New Member

  24. You can contact STAR confinement or PEM confinement. So far both my experiences with them are good!

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