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Any difference between milk powder bought from Malaysia and Singapore

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by banazz, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. aquanark

    aquanark Member

    Just found out Similac Stage 3 "Intelli-Pro" sold in Johor Bahru contained 0.18g of Trans Fatty Acid for every 100g.

    Similac Stage 3 sold in Singapore did not indicate any Trans Fatty acid in it's label.

    Not sure if they leave out the information purposely since there is no law to say you must indicate any Trans Fatty Acid or there is really zero Trans fatty acid in Singapore version of Similac stage 3.

  2. jbbaby

    jbbaby Member

    Hi Mummy,

    Are u a Malaysian? I need help from Malaysian's Mummy to help redeem something on my behalf. Pls pm me if u are willing to lend a helping hand. Thanks
  3. frog

    frog Active Member

    It could be troublesome to carry in a motor - perhaps if he puts one or 2 in the basket it is okay. My colleague brings in for me up to 6 tins of milk powder each time (plus diapers, etc) with no problems. We re-stock every 2 months or so. I think the limit is based on value, i.e. not exceeding $150 if traveling out of SG for less than 24hrs.

    It also depends on how close you are with your colleague. If he is "tired of doing it"... sighting "customs" could be his polite way of declining further requests.
  4. frog

    frog Active Member

    If very close, he could bring 1 or 2 in the basket and say it is for his sister's baby, lah...
    Where do you live? maybe you can PM me? see what I can help?
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  5. Edwin Toh

    Edwin Toh New Member

    Is it possible to ship milk powder to Singapore from Malaysia using courier service? If yes, i might able to get some value price from the malaysia distributor.
  6. Jojo2014

    Jojo2014 Member

    I also buy milk powder from M'sia as is cheaper compare to Sg. Need to save $ as only hb working to support whole family.
    If anyone keen to buy,pls pm me . Currently I have similac 1.8kgs 2 tin.
  7. Mercury_Blue

    Mercury_Blue Member

    wat i know is msia baby milk formula and singapore baby milk formula is totally different
  8. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Im interested in buying FM from Malaysia. Anyone is provide the service to buy it for me, pls pm me, we can discuss about price and profits for you. Currently we are buying Nan HA optipro stage 1 at $60/ tin in Singapore thanks
  9. eliwang

    eliwang New Member

    i recently bought one tin fr JB Aero shopping mall at bukit indah about MYR112(900g) which is so much cheaper than sg.Its for my granddaughter, she's drinking similac stage 1 from newborn to 6 moths(blue tin) malayisa is the same colour just that it doesn't reflects "intelli-pro" on the outside and is for bbs from 0 to 1 yr;

    JOJO if u going in again pls let me know as i do not always go in to jb..whats the limitation like? any restriction on how many tins?

    Thanks in advance
  10. Jojo2014

    Jojo2014 Member

    Hi eliwang, pm u.
  11. sikerk

    sikerk New Member

    Hello mummy here...
    i am driving everyday from JB to singapore,
    also helping friend and colleague to buy product from JB to earn some extra money,
    if mummy in sg wish to get someone help to buy baby product related can PM me or email me at sikerk@hotmail.com
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  12. adhd.dad

    adhd.dad Active Member

    I am sure this is untrue. You mean to say they can sell Malaysians an inferior product? Singapore FM costs more because the costs here are higher.
  13. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    In my opinion, the quality of the FM in Malaysia and Singapore should be more or less the same, the reason they inter-change the ingredients is just to confuse us lol since not many of us can understand the "words" they use in the ingredients. There are a few reasons Malaysian's FM is cheaper:
    - They are subsidized by the Government, either these brands are paying less taxes, or no taxes at all compare to Singapore's.
    - Malaysian stores/ shopping malls are generally paying less rental and lower labor costs compare to Singapore.
    - Malaysian's population is a lot more compare to Singapore's, these companies earn more with the volume wise, also logistics parts they can ship more with the lesser cost. (if i book one container the cost is a lot higher compare to if i book 10 containers)
    - Generally, Malaysian's income is less than Singaporean, if they sell more, not many people can afford it.

    For me, if all the Malaysians who are taking these FM has been raising healthily and beautifully, so can my baby lol so i dont mind pay lesser to get the FM from Malaysia whenever i can.
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  14. adhd.dad

    adhd.dad Active Member

    Well said, coachy0203. They have economies of scale and other factors in their favor.
  15. aquanark

    aquanark Member

    Hi, please help check the country of origin for the similac stage 3 FM sold in JB.

  16. Baby2017

    Baby2017 New Member

    I think the country of manufacture varies. I take the similac mum and its the same- so i got it at 30rm instead of 33sgd here!
  17. 2100

    2100 New Member


    Apologies for digging out the thread, but this a perennial hot topic.....

    Similar question was posted in page 1, that post mentioned Malaysian packaged Similac Gain Plus/Kid Intelli-pro contains Trans Fats while Singapore packaged Similac does not list it hence is healthier (which is false info).

    Malaysian Stage 2, 3 and 4 (possibly stage 1 too but i don't have access to the stage 1 nutritional information list) nutritional info lists out Fats as well as break it up into Polyunsaturated, Monounsturated, Saturated and Trans fatty acids/Trans Fats.

    Singapore Similac merely does not break it up into the different fat groups and list out in detail while the Malaysian packaged one lists out the fat groups composition in deeper detail.

    And anyway, the trans fats in Similac Gain IQ is 0.17g per 100g = 0.17%. 3 scoops of powder (making 210ml) contains than 0.05g of trans fats while just a piece of snack like potato chips contain way more than that. So for the others - don't worry too unduly.

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