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Any Comments on Dr Ang Huai Yan of Gleneagles

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by luvv, May 31, 2007.

  1. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    Hi all,

    my fren reccommended the above gynae for my pregnancy, has any one used her before? any comments?


  2. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    HI Luvv,

    she is good and i used her for my 2 preganacy. I even introduced my fren to her and my fren also used her for her 2 pregnancies too. No regrets and i can say she is very very careful and always make sure that we go through the standard series of test to ensure our babies are okay.

    You can mention my name Jolene and she will definitely remember me.
  3. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    Hi Jolene,

    Thanks! Feel more at ease now with your reassurance.
  4. cheers

    cheers New Member

    hi Luvv,

    i'm with her again for my 2nd pregnancy.
    feel very comfortable with her..
  5. spagoh

    spagoh Member

    hi Luvv

    me too, with her for my 2 pregnancies
    i delivered recently.
  6. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    hi spagoh and cheers,

    Good to know that you're also under her professional care. I'm just concern about whether she's professional enough for her judgement in terms of emergencies and her skills (i.e. stitching)

    Did you ladies deliver at Mt Alvernia or Gleneagles?

  7. spagoh

    spagoh Member

    hi Luvv

    i really have to give her a thumb up for her stitching skill.
    she did a small cut only thus the pain after delivery was minimal and i dun need any pain killer, was able to walk ard after i recover my energy.

    i delivery at Mt A.
  8. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    Hi spagoh,

    Thanks! great to hear that, Glen E is out of my budget, so i decided to go for Mt A. Will sign up with Dr Ang at 12 weeks.
  9. spagoh

    spagoh Member

    wish you a smooth delivery and a pleasant experience. :D
  10. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    Hi Luvv,

    I delivered at Mt A and Gleneagles. At Mt A i had normal delivery and Gleneagles casearean. Both times her stitching skill is very good especially for casearean i can walk fast and around on the second day after they removed my drip. IMHO, i find services at Gleneagles much better than Mt A. My friend who delivered at MT A and Gleneagles also felt Gleneagles services are better.
  11. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    thanks spagoh,


    How much cash did you fork out for the c-sect at Gleneagles? I'm only afriad that they cash outlay will be too much to bear.
  12. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    Hi Luvv,

    for my c-sect at Gleneagles, total cost of package ($2.5K)+ gynae vistation ($100 to $200 per day)and pd check (about $150 per day)+ baby nursery + all other charges( like pain killer, diapers etc)total $5k cos my c-sect is totally under GA.I claimed about $3K plus from medisave and therefore in cash payout about $1 or less. I remember surprisingly we din pay out a lot in cash cos of deduction here and there. Cant really remember cos that was 5 months ago.
  13. totodilez

    totodilez New Member

    Hi ladies,
    Glad that I actually found a thread on Dr Ang.. Hee.. I was so worried abt her services too.. kekeke...
    Me delivering in Oct. What abt u Luvv? I'm a bit hesistant abt the charges too.. but sigh~ just start saving now lor...

    Was also thinking of arranging a hospital tour.. wonder if they have this kind of service.
  14. luvv

    luvv Active Member


    So cheap! My friend paid $1000 in cash after deduction from Medisave. Hers was natural with epidural. That's why i don't dare to take Gleneagles, thinking that C-Sect will cost a whole lot more.


    My EDD will be in Jan08, actually Dr Ang's charges are not that high comparing to other gynaes in Glen E. I think hospital tour are avaliable, why don't u call them to find out the timings?
  15. totodilez

    totodilez New Member

    Hi Luvv,
    Congrats!!! How's ur first trimester coming up? Ya.. I think I might when my hubby returns to Singapore for my next appt.

    Hee.. I never go round checking the charges.. I am quite a blur queen actually. Checked that I was pregnant and just smsed all the mothers in my contact list for a female gynae.. and just sticked to Dr Ang afterwhich. Like u, I was also quite worried.. as no one on the forum seems to have her as a gynae... But she is very patient and nice gynae.. now just worried abt delivery.. kekeke..glad that I got some consolation from this thread.
  16. spagoh

    spagoh Member


    I delivered my 1st bb in Glen and 2nd bb at Mt A.
    At Glen, the delivery suite was better than Mt A and for normal ward, Mt A is better.
    Just to share my personal experience as i heard that Mt A also depends on which ward u rest... the services differ a bit...
  17. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    Sorry should be $1k or less. typo mistake
  18. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    I went for the 2 bedded in both Gleneagles and MT A and somehow felt Gleneagles better services.But at least the 2 bedded ward like hotel room where the tv is in front of u and you can switch the headphone to the highest volume so that you can just lie on the bed and listen without putting the headphone on. For Mt A the small tv is hung up high and have to strain my neck and must put on headphone cos volume very small. Also Gleneagles room not so cold unlike MT A i still remember freezing cold until have to put on sweater.
  19. mamijoan

    mamijoan New Member

    Larkspur / spagoh,
    just chanced upon this thread on Dr Ang. I'm also with her. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and have opted for Gleneagles coz more convenient for me and since her clinic is there as well. I was admitted 2 weeks ago for monitoring and found the rooms a little old but glad that u mentioned that service is good.

    for charges, it really depends on whether u choose Single Room or Dbl room. I have the latest package list with me. Elected Caesarian with single room is $3,463 and dbl room is 2,415. This is the basic if everything goes smoothly. If baby needs to stay longer, there will be additional charges and if u want to stay longer tog with baby, even more charges. U can ask Julie, Dr Ang's nurse for the package which was revised on 1/5/07. Also, for single room, hubby can stay with u at $70 per night with meals provided. There is a sofa bed in the room for him to sleep. I chose the single room when I was admitted 2 weeks ago and I liked the privacy.

    And Luvv, she has 4 kids herself, so has lots of first hand experience. I also find her very careful and attentive. Previously when I had a miscarriage, I sought a second opinion from another doc whom my friend recommended. However, that doc was always in a hurry and I had a feeling she was chasing me out of her room. In the end, I went back to Dr Ang.
  20. mamijoan

    mamijoan New Member

    Oh yes, hospital tour is available at Gleneagles. U can ask Julie to arrange but don't need to go so soon lah. I was supposed to go today but cancelled the booking as I hv already seen the labour ward when I was admitted. The midwife told me when I'm due just go directly to labour ward and they will monitor me and call the doctor when I'm ready, don't need to go to the registration counter. Also, I heard that they have limousine service which may be useful for those who don't drive.
  21. totodilez

    totodilez New Member

    Hi mamijoan,
    Thanks for the advice. So roughly when will be the best time to go for the hospital tour?
    Hee.. didn know Dr Ang has 4 kids.. that's a lot. Thought she has only 2 boys, from the pic i saw in her office.

    Anyway, how are u? U were in Gleneagles for monitoring?

    I was thinking of getting a single room too. Do we decide on the day of deliver or before hand. Very worried that my bb will come out earlier than expected.
  22. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    Hi Larkspur & Mamijoan,

    Seems like you'll have better experience with Glen E, i will check with Julie for the prices before deciding, thanks!


    Can get Julie to arrange for you for the hospital tour. When are you going to see her again?
  23. luvv

    luvv Active Member


    I think you have to decide before hand whether you want a single room. Why worry about bb coming out earlier, did Dr Ang mention about it?
  24. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    Hi Mamijoan,

    How are you now?Yes i used to have a lot of questions for Dr Ang. I still remember for my first pregnancy, being first time mummy so quite kan cheong, dun dare to try those facial products, so used to bring all the facial products like cleanser, moisturer in one big bag to her and she would slowly go through every thing and told me whether can use or not. Sometimes i would carry powder products to her to verify can drink or not....at least she never show her impatience to me.

    I know Dr Ang has 4 kids heheheh cos i saw the photo of her family. Think she has 1 girl cos she told me her girl very close to her unlike boys who tend to "run away" with their wives when they married.hhehehe

    I never bother to go for hospital tour cos very lazy. To me as long as the room is not so old until it is going to fall apart,it is fine for me. I just dun like room that is too cold cos after delivery, it is best not to be in a too cold room cos i tend to follow confinement rules strictly. For the limousine service, i used the service and quite comfortable. Dun know if they maintain the limousine well, the interior is very new
  25. totodilez

    totodilez New Member

    Hi luvv,
    Keke.. My Situation is very special. My hubby is working overseas. So he can only come back for a certain period of time. For now, he flys back whenever I have an appt.
    So I'm going to go for induction, as to plan excatly what day my hubby must come back. However, if bb decides to play a fool and come out earlier. Then, he cant rush back in time and it might be useless for me to take single room also... Sigh~ Oh, my next appt is in mid july.. will probably asked Julie abt it.. then maybe have the tour in Oct. keke... Just in case, I have to go to the hospital on my own, I know where to go...hee..hee...

    Hee... yesterday I told my hubby Dr Ang got 4 kids.. he also says he knew it.. from the pic in her office.. hmm.. I wonder why I am not so observant.. hahaha..

    And I think girls are better too.. Haha... going to show larkspur msg to my hubby tonite. BTW, I also have a lot of qn to ask Dr Ang. But everytime I go into the clinic, I forget everything liao.. hahaah
  26. mamijoan

    mamijoan New Member

    Dear all,
    thanks for your concern. I was having frequent contractions which Dr Ang says is not normal and I could end up having preterm labour so she put me on medication to reduce the contractions. Still on MC but seems ok. Going to see her again next Tue.

    I think hospital tour can go around 7th/8th month. Even if u don't go for the formal tour, I think it should be ok. Just familiarise with the route to the labout ward, that is most important. If u have visited friends there, u'd know how the rooms look like.

    I agree with Larkspur, the aircondition is not too cold. In fact, it feels a little stuffy in the day but just nice at night.

    Any comments on the food? They gave me porridge for dinner the last time which was quite disappointing. Breakfast was also not nice. I really hope the confinement menu is better.

    when you do your pre-admission registration, they will ask u for an indication whether u want single or double but u can always change when u r admitted subject to availability. In fact, my friend wanted a single room but was not available when she delivered so she was given a double room.
  27. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    Hi Grace,

    For my first pregnancy, i used to pack all my facial products into one big bag and put at the main door so that in the morning, when i went out of the house, I would see the bag. For my second pregnancy, i din have much questions for Dr Ang and in fact she had questions like where to go for prenatal, which agency to used for confinement lady etc cos she said she can inform her other patients if they want to go for the prenatal yoga.

    Hi mamijoan,
    You will need bed rest and in fact try not to walk at all except to go toilets or meals. For my first pregnancy, I have contractions in my 8 months plus and worse thing was that it was in dec and Dr Ang was going for holiday. ended up i have to be in hospital for injection (to maturalise the baby's lungs) and medication to stop contraction from Dr Ang. Bed rest for 3 weeks until i get a go ahead and walk from Dr Ang and who knows my girl comes out the next day. My girl is early 3 weeks from my EDD. At least i carried my girl to full term.

    Confinement food is good and the porridge i had for breakfast is good and for dinner i dun know cos i never had porridge for dinner. But then din eat much porridge cos people told me porridge will cause wind after delivery so eat a few mouthful. Din take the chicken too cos mine is a caserean and worried that my wound would have complication .
  28. shbbnhb

    shbbnhb New Member

    hi all,

    may i knw Dr Ang package?
  29. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    hi faith,

    Dr Ang prenatal package starts from 12 weeks and cost $600 excluding blood tests + detail scans (normal scans are included).

  30. fen38

    fen38 Member

    Hi All

    I just found out that i'm preg. Have not been to any gynae before therefore abit lost now. Happen to come across this thread n after reading, i'm considering going to Dr Ang for my first check up. Can anyone share her details with me. Thanks in advance.
  31. dongzzz

    dongzzz Member

    hi fen38,

    im from MTB Aug 08 and is with Dr Ang... what kind of details you need? Im not too sure if i can post her contact number here... you want me to email you instead?
  32. fen38

    fen38 Member

    Hi Dongle

    Thanks for ur reply. I have make an appointment with another Dr already.
  33. dongzzz

    dongzzz Member

    hi fen38,

    you are welcome...
  34. faintz

    faintz New Member

    Hi, Dongle

    You got mail...
  35. mamboneo

    mamboneo New Member

    hi dongle,
    can you email me the package details and contact for Dr Ang?


  36. dongzzz

    dongzzz Member

    sorry ladies for the slow response cos i seldom check this thread, im over at Aug 08 MTB or can PM me after posting here...
  37. jollycow

    jollycow New Member

    hi dongle, can I have Dr Ang's contact pls?
  38. newnewmum

    newnewmum Member

    dear all,

    i have just deliver my gal on 01 feb by Dr Ang. I must say, she is really caring and her package is not that expensive, compared to other gynae.

  39. pastillies

    pastillies Member

    hi can i also have Dr Ang's contact?
  40. mrs_lam

    mrs_lam New Member

    Hi! Can I have Dr Ang's contact too?

    Thanks in advance!
  41. earnestmum

    earnestmum New Member

    Dr Ang Huai Yan's contact no is 63232266 at Clifford Ctr (morning) and 64736626 (afternoon) at Glen Hospital.
  42. moontee

    moontee New Member

    Hi all,

    Chanced upon this thread...
    Just pregnant and looking for a gyne.

    According to your experiences with Dr Ang, is she the type who will volunteer information and advises to you (like what food is good, what to avoid, what to expect...) or she will only explain if you ask? I am a very careless person. Would like to look for a gyne who is more proactive. Just wondering if Dr Ang is like that?
  43. jyeo48

    jyeo48 Member

    Hi mummies, may I know how much for delivery at Gleneagles?
  44. cheers

    cheers New Member

    she's definitely proactive, who'll spend time to advise you on any issues.
  45. tealeaf

    tealeaf New Member

    I use Dr Ang as my gynae and def recommends her!! She is a very caring doctor and doesn't rush through when seeing me. I have diff pregnancy and am thankful have found her, who is always reassuring.
  46. 1st_time_dad

    1st_time_dad New Member

    Hi all,
    Happened to stumble upon this forum while finding which gynea or package should my wife and I take.

    We are contemplating in having our 1st baby delivered at Gleneagles and read quite fair bit about Dr.Ang.

    Just wondering would anybody be able to sharing the package by Dr. Ang and the cost for delivery at Gleneagle? What are the hidden cost or miscellenous cost that we need to be aware.

    Appreciate your advise and blessing to all parents and parents to be [​IMG]

  47. janiz

    janiz Member

    does dr ang prescribe fish oil?
  48. swm

    swm Member

    yes, she does. I think the brand is Natalplus.
  49. janiz

    janiz Member

    thanks SWM. when will she prescribe the fish oil? in the later stage?
  50. swm

    swm Member

    can't really remember. i think around 2nd trimester.

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