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Angry and tink that singaporean are so selfish.............

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by ah_zi, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Sori just wanted to vent my anger.
    On Sateurday I went to Tiffany Cafe at Furama City Centre for buffet dinner with a Gf. When I was taking soup and was walking back to my seat, I slip and fall, as the floor was wet. You know what no one even bother to help mi up, althought alot of them did saw mi fall. All the people that saw mi fall just continue with their eating and the working saffs oso can't be bother.

    I was damn angry, can't they c tat a pregnant woman has fall and needed help. They are so SELFISH.........

  2. nelly29

    nelly29 New Member

    Poor u ! R U ok now ! Dont play play when you fall. Me too when I was pregant with my bb no one other to offer me seat in MRT train. I have someone commented saying .."Look at her tummy, she dont look like preg to me" when this commuter's friend requested him to give up his seat to me. I was damn angry. He can't even tell when I was in my maternity wear.
  3. oshiezan

    oshiezan Member

    Ya, we are in the same boat ladies. Not only does ppl dun give up their seats, Ive even experience ppl pushing me juz to get into the train! Some even stare hard at me, I think just to confirm their eyes that Im preggy. WTH! Since I dun want my baby to look like a sour grape when born later, I just try to calm my myslf & think happy thots...
  4. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Thanks. I am okay, did went to gynp the very next day. Everything is ok. Mi too when I was in train, no one gave up seat to mi. They just act blur, pretend never c u....
  5. besexymums

    besexymums New Member

    Hi Ah Zi, got a shock when read your case. Take good care ya! You shd brought this up to the manager and send your gynp's bill to them. It's their job to ensure the floor is dry for the sake of every customers' safety. Every fall can be dangerous some more you're expecting. Gosh, i'm getting so worked up as i typed! ; (
  6. besexymums

    besexymums New Member

    By the way my pregnant girlfren narrated this incident. She boarded the train and saw this man sitting on the priority seat. He closed his eyes the moment he saw my fren. After having a difficult day at work, my gutsy fren could not tolerate and immediately went up to this guy, tapped him and said, "Hi, I had a very difficult day at work. Now I'm feeling very tired and weak. Could you give up the seat to me?" The man has no choice but to give in. Kudos! Stand up for your rights, mothers!
  7. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Thanks Besexymums, I have complain to it to the manager, but he jus say sorry, tat all. My gynp did not charge mi $ as I have sign up package wit her.

    Wow ur friend so power, like her style. I dun dare lei, paiseh. Hai tis morning again no let mi have the seat. =<
  8. zhuzhu_bibi

    zhuzhu_bibi Member

    Some people is really selfish n inconsiderate ,there is 1 time when i was standing at the mrt i saw a old man around 70plus standing without a seat so i told a guy sitting at the piority seat to stand up n offer seat to the old man,first time in my life so brave n i can see tat guys is very pai sey but if im pregnant i dun think i have the courage to ask ppl give seats to me..

    Ah Zi,u should write in to the restaurant..its really very dangerous to have wet floor n cause a pregnant women to fall.
  9. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    oh i m so glad that you are ok ah zhi, fall down is very dangerous for pregnant woman, thank god everything is alright.

    Yeah when i am in the bus or mrt, no one offer me a seat. All the people sitting down will only stare at you and your stomach.
  10. besexymums

    besexymums New Member

    Hi Ah Zi, you're welcome! ; )

    I luv the food at Tiffany Cafe but now my impression of this place greatly discounted... tot hotels took part in GEMS? looks like no use to this hotel leh...
  11. besexymums

    besexymums New Member

    Hey Zhuzhu, you're very brave and kind to the elderly! applause....

    maybe when you pregnant next time you'll hv the courage to do it again, that will be for yoursef and your baby, even braver! ; )
  12. besexymums

    besexymums New Member

    Juz thinking aloud. why able-bodied pple close their eyes when they see pregnant women on public transport? cos they want to keep their seats but can't get past their conscience, finally choose the escapist attitude by closing their eyes??

    If that's the case, then shouldn't be too much of a problem to get them to give up their seats. if mothers are shy, why not start with those people on the priority seats? afterall the sign is already pasted on top for everyone to see. these people have no reason to refuse the requests, especially if the request is stated politely with a smiling face? we'll be helping them to ease their conscience and for all we know, they even feel good cos they accede to our requests! kekeke.... a group of birds kena hit with 1 stone ; )
  13. emilyxiu

    emilyxiu New Member

    Haiz, I've also encountered my fair share of "UGLY SINGAPOREANS" and it happened during the AM peak hours!!! Now in my 20th week, cannot imagine how to react when I'm in my 3rd trimester.. esp when I'm on my way to work (alone) and you'll see all those 'ugly singaporean' just suddenly turn and 'pretend to sleep' kinda of attitude when they see pregnant woman inside the MRT... it happening EVERYDAY!! :<
  14. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    When i was preggers up to my last stage, some people do not let me hae their seats too. But luckily for me, i am used to it, and will grab all i can to support myself should the bus halt. And sometimes i asked my hubby to fetch me home. I will be trying for a second one next year, hope i will not have to go through this again.
  15. jyeo48

    jyeo48 Member

    hi ladies, I think we can forget abt ppl giving up their seats for us preggy ladies. When they don't even give up sits to elders or parents w young children. I stay in the east bt work at jurong east. I had to wake up at 5 plus in the morning to go work as I thot mrt would have seats for me but I was wrong and there are ppl fighting for seats w me. So damn angry lor.
  16. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    my hubby said gotta put a "NO-SLEEPING priority seats" instead... ha!!!! but who cares, man?
  17. ecclesia

    ecclesia Member

    All these back to the parents who raised them oso.. if you see youngsters nowadays, they won't give up seats for elderly or pregnant ladies.. why.. because since young, they have been pampered.. some, perhaps, travel with their grandma/grandpa since young, and they have been given seats instead.. I was in a train once, where I saw this boy around 6-7yrs old, travel with his ah mah, ah mah so old have to carry his bag, he wanted a seat so much, he started hitting people who sat down, until the ah mah pai sei, when someone finally gave up her seat, we thot old ah mah would sit with him on her lap, but no.. he just sat there and kick his ah mah.. everyone on the train just stare with pity and disgust.. so mummies, remember to educate our children with the right values, so they don't grow up like those manner-less youngsters..

    I have given up the idea of getting a seat on the train, even I waited for the 2nd or 3rd train at B.Lay, they would still be people who suddenly squeeze and push me.. and in the bus from home to the station, I've been kicked violently by some China middle-aged auntie.. now I just walk slowly and avoid all these rude people.. for bb sake..
  18. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Yes, I totally agree with ecclesia. It's the youngsters who normally who won't give up seats for the elderly or pregnant ladies. I do meet some nice pple who give up their seats to me when I was pregnant, but not very frequently. Most of them are like in their 30s to 50s.

    It's sad, as I feel the younger generation are getting more selfish, everything is me first. I feel they are like spoilt brats.
  19. bekind

    bekind New Member

    isn't this heading misleading???!

    Who can gurantee that all you meet and see are Singaporeans

    There are a lot a lot of other nationalities who are same color as us :p
  20. naughtynelly

    naughtynelly New Member

    I was very naughty when I was pregnant and no one would offer me a seat, even though I was huge.. I got the idea from the posters on the mrt walls of a pregnant lady falling on a passenger who didn't offer his seat. The train would rock a bit and then I would 'accidentally' stomp on the foot of the person who was not offering their seat. These people would usually be young business people, or young ladies all dressed up. Even if they didn;t stand up, I would feel less angry..
    I also used to tell people to stand up for old people, other pregnant ladies and injured people. If a teenager was sitting I would use my best teacher voice or even just stare at them and they would get up. I have to say that since i have my ds many people have been very helpful with my stroller and entertaining him on the mrt. It is much more rare to have to stand with him.
  21. fl_loh

    fl_loh New Member

    I totally feel for all your comments. However, when I was pregnant, I would stand in front of those who were sitting in the priority seat and stand very closely to them.
    This way, my huge tummy will be jutting into their faces and they will have no choice but to give up their seats to me.
    I always take the green line from City Hall to Pioneer (both ways) and 8 out of 10 times I am always offered a seat.
    For preggie sistas who are too shy to voice out, you should try this too..subtle but useful.
  22. bb_hopeful

    bb_hopeful Active Member

    i guess not all youngsters are so rude. when i was jus 8 wks preggers, i was very bloated. this teenage couple actually realised i was preggers &amp; gave up seats to me. thru'out my pregnancy, the only ones who gave up seats to me are teenagers (those wif a heart) and Indian FTs.

    of cos, there are many times i was not offered a seat, hubby would be grumbling, i would jus tell him loudly dat we dun nid seats lor. if ppl have heart, wan to let preggers sit, they will. if no heart, no point doing anything.

    but now, when i carry my bb out, 8 out of 10 times, i wld be offered a seat. this is the same, even when we push a stroller. weird ppl!
  23. wasabee

    wasabee New Member

    wow, just came across this thread. the stories here are amazing.

    good suggestion fl_loh!

    i think we all have to start changing this trend by teaching our kids be to generous and giving.
  24. bluemoosesgm

    bluemoosesgm New Member

    same like Lin, i just come across this thread and i also have 1 story to share. this 1 make me vy angry.

    i saw an old man (ah pek) around 70+ (at least) that came up the mrt and it was vy packed. although he hold on to the hanger above his head (i don't know what is this call), he seems unable to balance himself as the mrt was jerking. he was quite a distance from my seat but i stand up and went to ask him to take my seat. before i know it, a young man snatch my seat as i stand up!!!

    i helped the ah pek to my seat and told the young man that i am giving up my seat for this ah pek straight at his face.

    he gave me a nasty look and stand up and walk away, the ah pek keep telling me its ok, he don't need as he going down in another 2 stations. i told him he should take the seat, young people can stand and he need the seat more than anyone. i also said loudly (purposely), that nowadays there are such people who are rude and uncourteous to other needy people, can't understand how they were taught and that once they are old or sick or in needy position, then they will know.

    that young man get off at the next station.

    when i met such people, i don't care about my image. i will act like big mouth aunty and purposely shame them infront of public.

    there are also alot of people who like to lean their whole body onto the metal beam which is meant for many people to have a hold on in order to prevent fall or balance themself in the mrt. what i ususally do is purposely pretend to loose balance and slip me hand behind the person's back to grab the beam. if the person still did not get his/her body off the beam, i would purposely use my bag to bump into him/her and pretend to fall and quickly trying to any how to grab the beam and make him/her notice of my grib. ususally this works.

    i the person is nasty, i will usually talk to my sis and tell her that 'remember, mrt's metal beam is to enable many people to have a grib on it in order to prevent fall and balance themself, not for no spine people to lean on it.
  25. september

    september Active Member

    i do tink how the youngster behave is how their parent teach them de....

    i still remember this incident on the train when i was pregnant with my no. 1. I board the train and was standing near the door and priority seat where a teenage gal is sitting on and was busy playing with her hp. beside her is a middle age couple, who saw me...then the lady beside the gal whisper to the gal....instantly, the gal 'fall asleep' and not playing wif her hp anymore......she only wake up, when someone else offer me a seat....so my guess is the couple is her parent and her mother must hv tell her tat if u dun wan to gif up ur seat to the pregant lady then pretend to zzzzz lor...
  26. jyeo48

    jyeo48 Member

    omg hw can the parents teach their child to behave like tat
  27. mrs_mugiwara

    mrs_mugiwara New Member

    Hi there,

    Chance upon this thread, just want to share my experience. i gave birth to twins, so my tummy took a looooooooong while to shrink..in fact i still look 4/5 months pregnant after i gave birth.. This is the part when i wanna share my "sob" story...whenever i take mrt rides - out of every 5 rides, i would say 1 - 2 kind souls still give up their seats for me, cus i still look pregnant (alamak!! sad rite?) So, i think not everyone is selfish and don't care attitude, there are still kind angels out there!
  28. star_wish

    star_wish New Member

    want singaporean to give up their seats ? think it is quite difficult..
  29. laila

    laila Member

    I have 2 stories to share, during my first pregnancy, i went in the train, the priority seat was taken up by a preggie lady and she was sleeping. i just stand in front of the nxt seat thinking that some one would give up their seat. know wat, all the rest either automatically fall asleep or those who's reading nvr look up n the rest nvr turn left or right to look ard. at last after a few stations, the preggie mummy wakes up n saw me n offer me her seat! i decline coz she's preggie too but she insist i took it coz she got 2-3 stops more to go.

    the 2nd one, 6mths during my 2nd pregnancy. the priority seat was taken up by a young working lady. those office, pretty, make-up type n she's listening to loud music. same thing, she was closing her eyes. the nxt person beside the priority seat give me her seat. after a few stations, another preggie mummy enter. her tummy was big, looks like she's 7 mths preggie. its crowded wif no proper pole to hold on to so i tap the gal on the priority seat. she open her eyes n look at me wif the 'y u disturb me' look. i told her to let the preggie mummy sit. guess wat? she sigh... then she say she's having headache! OMG! Got headache can dress up nicely wif complete make-ups and listening to loud music but cant stand in train for a while?? wat a shame...
  30. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    Was on LRT carrying my son (was a squirming restless bb then) and majority seats taken up by Sec school kids wearing same uniform. Around 8 girls and 9 boy. The girls tried to make the boy give up his seat when they saw us - he retorted that he cannot because he's feeling weak and did a mock-fainting + closed his eyes. 2 girls promptly gave up their seats for us, then went over to shove and scold their classmate for being "not man lor!"! The boy laughed and said, "but I really suddenly feel sick what!" Most school students are very kind and considerate, thankfully.

    Pretending to zzz (real/fake) is a nicer excuse than those looking very busy gaming on PSP and iPhone/iPad!

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