Amazon #27 - raf plc/sembawang


Please advise is eligible for free shipping, if is not eligible how much is the est shipping costs and est when shipment arrive?. Thank you so much.

Collection: Registered mail

Item 1
Item Name: Annoying Orange 4" Talking Pvc Figure Wave 2: Set Of 8
Quantity: 1
Price in USD41.39

Item 2
Item Name: The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange: Escape From the Kitchen (Vol 1)
Quantity: 1
Price in USD5

Item 3
Item Name: Play Visions Fresh Squeeze Talking Plush (Styles May Vary)
Quantity: 2
Price in USD1.49 x 2 = USD 2.98

Item 4
Item Name: Catchy AIR Kendama - Teal and Gray
Quantity: 1
Price in USD17.99


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Thanks! Can you help me order one each.. What's the rate to use? Need to settle my previous overfunding and ON orders, too..


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Driftigcloud. Pls provide colour n size as some r not sold by amazon so not elig foc shipg

Bugz: trf @ 1.42

Amninlileer: oni item 2 elig foc shipg. Estd vpost for #1=$30+-, 2=$10+- & 4=$8+-

Shar79: estd vpost is $12+-


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batch 200 (FX rev to 1.45) ready for collection:
-pammy: excess $1.09
-fish: top up $1.42
-tjaine: top up $0.60
-tomatoes: top up $0.76
-sac2000: top up $1.64
-rain_toh: pls trf $21.03
-justnew: top up $0.44
-astromum: top up $15.95

batch 201 (FX rev to 1.45) ready for collection:

-choker225: top up $0.57
-jeso: top up $0.33, collect mode?
-lynnet_mama: top up $0.98
-juz_me: top up $2.44

-either wed 1.15pm outside 7-11 near raffles mrt gantry
-either tue 6.45pm woodlands mrt
-either tue 7pm sembawang mrt
pls let me noe if u can make it
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Driftingcloud: noted

Ugly_duckling: current price for this model is considered lowest le. It ever move up to 40+ bfore. Let me noe if u r keen


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Driftingcloud: sorry but yr crocs oos. Haf replacement or wanna refund. There is 20% off some shoes designs now for veteran days


Please note this transaction number for your records: 15809767184

Recipient Name

Transfer Currency and Amount

transfer for toys and socks


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gaohuian: item elig FOC intl shipg & extra 20%, pls trf so i can submit for u

bridetob06: item elig FOC intl shipg & extra 20%, pls trf so i can submit for u


Hi Qi,

Collection: Raffles Place Mrt

My order:

Item Name: Blueberi Boulevard Little Girls' Knit Striped Dress Jewel Necklace
Size: 6X
Qty: 1
Price: USD13.22 x 1.42 (FREE Shipping to Singapore)
Total Amt: SGD18.77

Thank you
Hi, Qi

My order price dropped a bit. :)
Price: USD10.77 x 1.42 (FREE Shipping to Singapore)
Total Amt: SGD15.30

Transferred amt SGD15.30
Transaction number for your records: 15813981493

Thank you :)


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batch 199/202 via vpost ready for collection:
-blossombelle: top up $32.10 [shipg $21.02 & cost $11.08]
-teawhirls: top up $6.88 after deducting shipg $30.89 agst excess ($24)
-gerene: top up $39.96 [shipg $16.65 & cost $23.31]

-either fri 6.45pm woodlands mrt gantry
-either frm 7pm sembawang mrt


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Please assist to order the following items (FOC international shipping).
Collections @ Raffles Place MRT.
Please let me know how much to transfer to you. Thanks

Vital Baby 5 Pack Soft Tip Baby's 1st Spoons, Blue
Unit: 1
Price: $4.49

Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys
Unit: 1
Price: $3.85

Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons, 4 Count
Unit: 1
Price: $5.99

Munchkin Love-A-Bowls Set
Unit: 1
Price: $5.87


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Smurfette80: item not elig foc intl shipg. Theres a intl shipg fee but i cant combine wif foc batch. So estd vpost shld b 16+- for the item