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Advise Needed on Milk Powder

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by marz, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. marz

    marz New Member

    Currently my boy is drinking Gain IQ Kid and I thought of switching to Grow. Any mums has any comments on Grow. Thank you

  2. superjay

    superjay New Member

    Hi marz,

    Y u 1 2 change, my boy is drinking Gain IQ too...
  3. marz

    marz New Member

    Bcos Grow has chocolate flavour, can let him try.
  4. jennessa

    jennessa New Member

    Hi friend,
    You can buy other type of milk powder from to market.
    Just like Anmum Lacta milk powder,DUMEX ALL-IN-ONE MILK.
  5. nicz

    nicz New Member

    My mom works in NTUC and she said most people buy Pediasure, Enfagrow and Gain IQ.

    Btw I'm using Mamex Gold as supplement other than breastfeeding. Anyone's using that? Any feedbacks? Do you think I should change? I forgotten to consult my mom before I bought the formula =(
  6. yenny79

    yenny79 New Member

    hi all,
    im currently feeding my 17 mth old 180ml of formula milk 4 to 5 times daily. is it too much??
  7. trx

    trx Member

    how much milk shld a 3 weeks old baby drink..?? i read frm the box of mamex gold it says 2-4 weeks 120ml (6-7 feeds per day) isit too much..?? sometimes she can finish n sometimes she cant.. how do i noe if she is full already..??
    n 1-2 mths is 150ml.. (5-6feeds per day)
  8. mnky

    mnky New Member

    If you want to calculate, a baby requires approximately 150ml/kg per day of milk. HOWEVER, this varies from baby to baby.
    Your baby may not necessarily drink the same amount at each feed so don't worry if he doesn't want to finish a bottle sometimes. Babies usually stop feeding when full.
    How to know if your baby is drinking enough?
    - pees and poos well... heavy diapers approximately five.
    - gaining weight well
    = Weight gain of 100-200g a week during the first month
    = 0.5 to 1 kg per month for the first six months
    = An average of 0.5kg per month one year

    It is helpful to plot your child's weight on a growth chart available in the health booklet. You'll may need a medical professional to explain the significance of the percentiles to you.
  9. samanthaloh

    samanthaloh New Member

    Hi there,

    anybody bb drinking Friso Gold 2. my #2 bb is allergic to this milk powder and had to change to HA NAN 2.

    Selling friso 2 and friso soy powder at 15% discount
  10. weishy

    weishy New Member

    hi joanne:humm ur boy not on solids meh?????4 to 5 times really alot le my girl only drinks twice and 250 ml each time looooo.morning wake up milk and night time b4 sleep [​IMG]

    or issit just his growing spurts again ?????
  11. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  12. ameliaxu

    ameliaxu New Member

    Hi Hui Li

    I cant send any personal message to you I am looking for Nanny to look after my baby after I go back to work. May I know where you stay? I am staying in Bedok area.

    Hi mums

    I need to switch to partial FM as I am going back to work. Like to seek your comments on the milk powder selling in stall.
  13. blurblur_mtb

    blurblur_mtb Member

    Errmmm.. anyone tried Mamil Gold or Friso Gold?
  14. cinnamon23

    cinnamon23 Member

    Hi mummies, does anyone of you here tried feeding your babies with japanese milk powder?
  15. poohbee

    poohbee New Member

    how to see if ur bb is allergic to ther milk powder....my son drinking similac step 1 ..he is 5 weeks old still got the rashes on his face....so is this heat rash? i am thinking of chaning to friso gold as to be inline with taking friso comfort as he got very jialak colic problem....recommended?
  16. purplecar

    purplecar New Member

    Hi, Evie. Yes, I did try Meiji 0-6 month to feed my baby. He likes it very much. The rashes on his face is getting better. I want to buy more but can't find it in Singapore. Does anyone know where to buy?
  17. thanksgiving

    thanksgiving New Member

    I've tried Wakodo HaiHai (for baby upto 9mths old). Compared to Similac (my son only had tried this brand), it has much lesser bubbles. I had bulk purchase of Japanese Milk Powder Wakodo from overseas when my son was 1mth old. But later I have enough breast milk, so I want to let go of one carton (8tins). Wakodo is the only Japanese brand found in few Japanese supermarkets here, that's the reason I chose this brand. 850grams/tin, Expiry date: end july 2010.
    Can find the relevant info here: http://cgi.ebay.ca/Wakodo-Baby-Food-Milk-Powder-HaiHai-300g-Japan-Original_W0QQitemZ180337066257QQcmdZViewItemQQptZFeeding?hash=item29fced4111&_trksid=p4634.c0.m14

    Free delivery if buying 4tins and above. Interested, please email me at thanksgiving719@hotmail.com
  18. serine

    serine Member

    My baby is about 43 days old . He is on breast milk in the day and Friso Gold at night. So far so good.
  19. serine

    serine Member

    Hi poohbee,
    My BB also have rashes on his neck after he is back from the hospital. I confirmed that its heat rashes as I on the aircon about 25-27 degree after 2 days the rashes got better. U may want to cool the room where yr BB sleep but not too cold too.
  20. serine

    serine Member

    Hi poohbee,

    If you baby have colic you might want to get Rid wind(about $6) from Guardian. It helps to reduce wind in baby tummy and it can be taken from as young as newborn. Or you can go see a pediatrician , he might precribe medicine like probotics to help. However, the charges for pediatrician is very high. I pay $100+ to see the doctor as my newborn was crying very badly every night.

    Dear all
    I am considering to change my baby formula to Goats milk formula as my baby has very heavy breathing. I heard that Goats milk is good for children who have asthma . Can i check if any one is drinking goats milk? And also Enfalac, I heard from a confinement lady that Enfa brand is good . Any advice ?
  21. naylis_mummy

    naylis_mummy New Member

    hi poohbee...
    when my baby cried non-stop last week... a fren of mine advice me to feed her with grip water. when i check with my old folks they agree. my granny said, she used to feed us that when we young.

    how do you actually know that your baby has asthma? my sister had goats milk when she was young. she has skin ellergy and couldnt take cow's milk. and up till today, she has stil astmatic.
  22. bca

    bca New Member

    I have two tins of Similac 1 0-6 months (900g) for sale @ S$37 each.
    Pick up from Sengkang / Potong Pasir.

    Interested please email enquiries.bca@gmail.com
  23. mrs_tong

    mrs_tong New Member

    Anyone know where can I get cheap Wyeth S26 milk powder? I need about 16 tins.
  24. hamteo

    hamteo Member

    There is a provsion shop at Blk 150 AMK which sells S26 cheaper than NTUC/ Shop & Save by $2/can - not sure of name of store but there is only 1 provision store - next to coffee shop
  25. win_mum

    win_mum Active Member


    U can try getting it @ provision shop, much cheaper[​IMG]
  26. ladyminx

    ladyminx New Member

    Hi, any mummies organizes bulk purchase for Similac 1 (900g) milk powder? I have a pair of twin boys to feed and am looking to save some $$$ in the long run.
  27. shirley_lee

    shirley_lee New Member

    Hello mothers,

    I am a SMU student working on a project to find out more about how moms and dads think about infant milk formula.

    Could u kindly help me to complete a short survey... Please do not answer if your kid is not drinking infant formula.

    Please click on the URL link to start the survey. The link is as follows:


    Thks alot!

  28. serine

    serine Member

    Hi aida (naylis_mummy)
    I am not sure how to judge if baby has asthma. But my husband say that he used to have a bit of asthma when he is young and his mum let him drink goats milk which warm his body and now he is OK. No sure how true also ... But he strictly cannot take cold water.
  29. serine

    serine Member

    Hi aida (naylis_mummy)
    I also feed my baby grip water after he is one month. Cause the instruction state one month and above ... so newborn I gave my baby Rid wind.

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